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Katie introduces her friend to various penises.

Your ass tightens over and over on my now softening cock, which forces the load of cum to begin leaking out from around my cock.

"Oh fuck, Oh god, Oh my fucking god," you curse, as your body pulses with pleasure.

As my cock continues to lose its erection, the tightening of your ass pushes it out, and as it finally slips out an ooze of cum follows it, which slides down over your taint, then your pussy lips, before dripping off your clit onto the bed.

Still kneeling behind you, I lean down, laying my head on the small of your back while I catch my breath. After a minute like this, I force myself back up, untie each of your bindings while being very careful to not hurt you, and gather you into my arms. I carry you to the next bedroom over in our suite, where the bed is clean and fresh, and then I light some candles so that your favorite scents fill the air. I lay you on the bed, crawl in beside you, and pull you into my arms, holding you and whispering in your ear how much I love you, and how you were a good girl, repeating myself over and over as you fall asleep in my arms feeling loved, cared for, exhausted, very well used, but most importantly blissfully happy that I am proud of you for being a good girl.


You open your eyes, taking in the beautiful spring morning, and stretch out in bed. You look around the room, at first wondering where I am, then remembering I was staying at the hotel last night. You pull the light blanket aside, taking in the crumpled sheets that dried under you from our fun before I left, and giggle at the freshly growing wet spot under you now. You move your hand down to your breasts, wondering if they have changed, as you pinch your nipples a little making sure they are nice and hard.

Once done there, you let your hand wander down over your stomach, pausing to give a slow circular rub, before moving down to your mound. You feel carefully, making sure that the waxing you had the afternoon before is still perfect, with not a single hair left, even going to far as to reach around to check your ass for any stray hairs, moving the string from the anal beads this way and that as you look.

You smile, knowing I would not have sent you to someone who could not do the job perfectly, and then let your hands wander. One hand moves to your clit, touching gently as first, and then rubbing a little more roughly as your pussy grows excited. The other hand moves around to the back and gently, but slowly, pulls on the string attached to the stopper on the anal beads. As you pull, the beads slowly come pop one at a time out of your ass, each time causing you to moan.

Once the last of the beads comes out, you feel your ass begin to close up, and quickly coat your index finger in juice from your now dripping pussy and slide it into your ass up to the second knuckle. As you finger slides in, you let out a shiver and then moan as you slide your index finger of your other hand into your pussy. You slowly move them both in and out, letting your pleasure build at a soft, pleasant pace. You slowly begin to speed up as the pleasure you feel begins to flicker and spread throughout your body. You hear a click and look up, gasping as an attractive blond looks down at you from the door as your fingers are buried in your holes.

"Sir will be pleased that you are starting off today nice and wet," she says.

She walks around to the side of the bed you are facing, and kneels down in line with your mound. You look down at her, pleading with your eyes, until she lowers her mouth and begins licking and sucking on your clit. You go back to fingering your ass and pussy, trying not to get in her way, and quickly build to an incredible orgasm. You let a loud moan out, as you begin to squirt while your body shakes with pleasure, barely missing the blond. As the last wave of pleasure you scream "Oh yes!" before collapsing in a heap on the bed.

Your fingers slip out of their respective holes and the blond gives a last kiss to yo

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