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Young woman betrays her fiance to protect a friend's secret.

Eyes down, she shuffles between Marcus' thighs as he sits.

"May this whore greet you properly sir?"

Marcus looks wide-eyed across at Jordan, up at Daddy.


The blond nods...kneels up, slides fingers to Marcus' slacks, undoes his belt, his button , pulls down his zipper. Marcus' slender soft black cock falls out.

Eyes still down, she asks softly, "This white whore loves black cock sir, may it please taste yours?"

His eyes wide, mouth open, Marcus mumbles, ", bitch."

Nodding, the blond bends down, wrists behind her back to make it more difficult, head twisted, like a bird, gobbles Marcus' cock, twisting and turning her mouth and head to swallow him.

"H-h-m-m... h-h-h-m-m.... h-h-m-m-m-m," she groans, her soft warm mouth suckling Marcus.

He leans back in his chair stiffening, "Oh-h-h-h...Christ! OHHhhh... fu-u-u... O-O-O-oh-h-h...fuck!"

He reaches out, cups the whores blond head, fingers entwining in her carefully coiffed hairdo, and pulls her mouth down on him.

"O-o-O-O -O-O-o-o-o-o- oh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h f-f-f-f-f-fuck."

His hand gripping her hair tightly, he begins pumping her face on his cock, her jaw and mouth loose and slack to allow the quick movements, the cock sluicing thru her soft red lips, the cock quickly thick and swollen in the whore's mouth.

He yanks her head off him, gasping, looking around the room, his chest heaving, mouth open, gasping air. Her head dangling, by his hands, she softly speaks.

"Please sir... may this whore have your cum? Please sir? The whore needs to be fed."

"O-oh-h-h yeah..." Marcus pumps her head back down on him...with both hands pumping her face on his cock.

"Uh-l-l-p... uh-l-l-l-p... uh-h-l-l-p... uh-l-l-l-p... uh-h-l-l-p... uh-h-l-l-p... uh-h-l-p."

"OOOOOoooohhhhhhhhh fffffffuuuuucuccckkkkkk!!!"

Marcus leans back groaning, his body stiffens, back arching, hand barely able to keep a grip in the blond mop of hair, and then, he spasms, shooting his cum into the whores mouth.

"Uhhllllpppbbbbllllll," she rocks back on her haunches, her cheeks puffy with Marcus' cum.

"Ulllppp," she swallows the mouthful.

She swallows again.

Then, she kneels up, eyes down and softly says "Thank you, sir, for your feeding. The whore loves black cum."

She leans forward placing his cock back in his slacks and zipping him back up. His head still lolled back ward in delirious pleasure.

Pushing her hair back, she swings her gaze around the room, the leering Jordan, immense, fat, staring at her.

"D-don't I get greeted too!!?!?!" he babbles, bouncing goofily in his chair.

"Oh yes! He gets greeted also. Doesn't he bitch?"

The blond nods, then, crawls on all 4s to Jordan, until her blond mop is between his legs.

"May this whore greet you properly, sir? This whore loves black cock."

"OH-H... yeah. You fucking whore......suck maah cock you lil' bitch'n hurry up too!"

She nods, kneeling up, fumbling with his zipper and slacks, his immense fatness making it difficult. Finally, she succeeds in freeing his slacks, tugs them down and pulls out his stiff erection.

She lowers her head, but, as she does, his excited hand grips her hair and pushes her mouth down on him. Holding her face in his crotch with both hands, his cock pushing into her cheek in his wild excitement, he thrusts it wildly inside her mouth.

"ULp... ULP... uLLLP... ULllp... Ulllp," her head bobbed into his crotch by his strong arms.

In his excitement and fatness, he stuffs her face into his crotch, trapping and suffocating her. Her arms behind her back and outweighed hugely, she is powerless to do anything more than be bobbed around, the short fat cock slobbering in and out of her mouth, thrusting into her cheek inside her mouth, thru her lips and out, up in to her eye, across her nose, back thru her lips, and so on.

The long earrings drag across his thighs, driving him further into madness.

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