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Tutor test and teases college student.

"Fine, Sir. Just came over to spend some time with Kristine." "That's fine. You're young so enjoy it. You two have plans for the night... or did you do something earlier?" "No... we did nothing.. I think I should be going home." He turns almost at a run as he passes me. I stand there puzzled and seeing he had left his belt behind on the counter. Shit... I think I better bring it up to you so I don't forget. As I walk up the stairs I hold the old belt in my hand and see your door just ajar with a dim light coming from inside.

I push open the door and my breath escapes from me without allowing words to follow from what I see.

You are on your bed naked for all but a pair of very high heels that make your calves seems to stay in a permanent flexed state. A blindfold over your eyes and at the same time holding back your long blonde hair framing your face. Your wrists are loosing tied to your bed posts in binds that I know you can get out of but you playfully rolling your wrists in them. Knees tucked under your belly and ass up high as you turn your head in my direction.

"What took you so long? I have been waiting baby"

I can't even speak as I take in what I see.. your curves shown off even more by the long deep shadows produced from your lone table lamp. I take a step in and the floor creaks...

"baby, you said you were gonna try and take care of me.. I am waiting.. don't take so long.. don't tease.."

your ass goes up a little higher. "my cunt is soaked... it needs you to taste it.

Looking at you I see that your mound is smooth.. recently shaved and I can see your lips just parting. My cock reacts and stiffens quickly.. but I hold still.. What is the greater evil.. shaming you or letting you believe that what you are doing is fine and letting you feel good. As I work through the answer I realize my tongue is in you already. my eyes closed and trying to not moan but I taste your tender walls and push in deeper with my tongue... I feel your hips push back on me... grinding against me and I pull your ass cheeks wider and probe deeper... Tongue wide in you. Eating you rougher and rougher as you purr from my lick and bites.. Sucking against all of you and making you rock back and forth as you try to match my pushes to get deeper into you.

Your sighs and pants making me more eager and rationalizing that you are enjoying it and it is nothing bad. Then you pull a little forward and away from my mouth giggling

"no fair you get to eat alone... can I have some of your cock...? You pause and giggle "Sir..."

The Sir putting me over the edge... The way you said it sending a tingle through my entire body as I look up and see you with your face turned back towards me and smiling but the blindfold still on. My cock so hard... and throbbing I unzip. Holding it in my hand I crawl over to the head of the bed on my knees. the bed springs creaking and giving in to my weight and then releasing as I move to the next. You turn your head towards me on instinct but just a little off in the wrong direction and I grab you hair a little and adjust you. hearing you moan as I do I watch my cock vanish inside your mouth. watching you start to bob up and down even though you are in semi-restraints. Your eagerness to suck my cock making me pant and moan but holding still as you do all the work. Milking my cock for any of the precum that escapes.

Trembling as I hold back my load... cock so hard. You pull away for a moment and smile..

"I told you trying something new would help... You are as hard as a rock.. fucking huge tonight, baby."

Looking down at you I almost shoot as I hear to talk dirty. I just moan and gasp my agreement as I feel you take me back into your mouth. A playful bite follows a frantic sucking that brings me to the edge of exploding and you pull away.. I exhale almost in relief.

You lick you lips.

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