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She asks him to go skinny dipping with her.

We were standing at the nursing station talking when Mr. Sex on Two Legs walked by, even Janice stopped talking and looked at him. I couldn't get a good view of his employee badge, damn, he was walking through with one of our long time security guards. I am going to have to hit up Ray and asked who this guy is, Mr. Sex on Two Legs looked my direction and smiled but then they were walking down a hallway away from me. Damn, I need to find out who this man is.



After the big meeting this morning to tell the big wigs why they are paying me to be their head of security and why they have to shell out more money to fix some security issues. I had one of the older security guys walk me around to see the place. I like talking with the older guys because they have been around, they know what issues have come up and if they have been fixed or patched with band aides.

That is when I saw him, it figures he is a doctor driving a beamer, he is more than likely compensating for something. I smiled at him, but was quickly turned down a hallway towards a possible security problem. At least I know where he works now.



I stopped one of the security guards when they were walking through, Janice was nearby. "Hey Carl?"

"Yeah Doc, what's up?"

"Who was that guy that Ray is walking around the hospital?"

Carl looked disgruntled, "Yeah, they brought him in from out sister hospital in LA, supposed to be some great security consult, but he took on this job as head of security. Guess he is going to make some changes here. Let's see who has a job in a few weeks."

"What's his name?"

"Tobias Smith."

"Thanks, Carl. I am sure it will be ok." Carl just smiled and walked away.

Janice walked over and grabbed the chart that I was holding, laughed and walked into the next exam room. I walk in, kid is crying with its hand wrapped in a kitchen towel with the mother white as a sheet, a dog bit him.

Believe it or not I like the ER, I tried to do straight Doctor work but I found that too boring, at least with the ER, it is a different situation each time and it never gets boring. I still can't wait until my shift is over, it will be nice to get home to relax and think about Mr. Sex on Two Legs.



I sat in my office for a bit before I got ready to head home, I looked at all the security monitors; I focused in on the ER. I was watching the doctor for a bit, he carried himself well; he was short like I thought he would be. I might have to make it a point to see what he is like. I turned off all the monitors and grabbed up my bag and suit jacket and headed out.

I needed to stop at a grocery store and a few other places; I just drove out here with just a few things in my car. I rented my condo sight unseen and I was glad it was actually in a nice neighborhood. I left everything with Charlie my brother, I didn't care what he did with the stuff. I had what mattered to me.

As I was walking out to the parking structure I found myself walking behind the doctor, wow did he have a nice ass, wish he would turn around, but he didn't. He was walking out with the nurse that was with him most of the day, they walked over to the elevator to head up to his floor, I don't take elevators when I can walk. I walked past them and headed to the stairs.



"There went the new guy." Janice informed me.

"Where?" As I turned around to see him walking towards the stairs, you could tell he was in shape, shit did he have a nice firm ass in those pants of his. His suit jacket covered his ass earlier, now it was slung over his arm. Damn I need to make it a point of meeting him.

"Wow, do we have a crush at first sight?" Janice asked. "You are staring a little too hard there Jake."

"He is nice looking though, isn't he?"

"Yeah he is for a gay guy."

"How do you know, my gaydar hasn't even gone off yet."

"Honey, your gaydar never goes off. Trust me, he is gay." Janice laughed at me.

The elevator opens and we get on, up, off and head to

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