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Theresa gets her chance as Nick finds her a boy toy.

When I walked back into my office she was standing by the smart board, and had changed the biology movie to just the media player screen pulsing to the music she had found on my computer. She was facing the board and was slowly gyrating to the music, and my pride immediately became swollen. Damn she looked so good.

She was barefoot now, and had taken off her tank top and shorts. She stood there in my office dancing in her sports bra and thong, as I enjoyed the view of her lovely ass as well as the rest of her.

"Damn it girl!" "You sure know how to get me going. I love the backdrop; the colors really make you look hot!"

"Thank you daddy, I thought you had the same way on your mind to spend the afternoon as I do." She moved toward me slowly. "Sit on the sofa."

I was not going to argue with her at all. The only thing I did do was to take off my shirt, my slacks and moved to the sofa in just my boxers and with a boner.

"Mmm, this is gonna be nice." She said as she stepped between my legs and stripped off her bra.

Her fabulous breast spilled out right in my line of sight, her nipples where hard; you could see small goose bumps all over her areolas, just like my wife's. Her nipples themselves stood rock hard at attention and I leaned forward to taste them. I reached my hands around her and placed them on her butt cheeks and drew her to me waiting tongue. I took the tip of it and began to barely lick her hard nipples, teasing her by just licking the end of each nipple. She took her hands and began to run them all over my bald head, grabbing my ears with urgency for more than just being licked.

I looked up at her, she was looking at me and our eyes met and locked and we smiled. I stepped up my attention by placing small kisses all over each breast the entire time massaging her ass. My own hormones began to kick in to overdrive and my small loving kissed became full blown French kissing see just how much of her nipple and breast I could get in my mouth. I pushed them together so I could get both nipples in my mouth at one time. That did it.

"Oh DAMN, that feels so incredible, do that some more!" I know my wife loves it so it made sense her daughter might like the same treatment.

She took over awhile from that point. She put her thumbs under thong sides and slid it off. She leaned forward and gave me a deep hard kiss; I swear I could feel her tongue on the back of my throat. She kneeled down in front of me to get a good look at my poor restrained cock. We again locked eyes and this time she had the bigger smile.

She leaned forward and wrapped her hand around my cock through my boxers, then leaned forward and began kissing it through the strained fabric. She ran her hands around to my sides and grabbed the waistband, I raised my hips and she pulled of my boxers to deposit them on the floor by her thong.

"Sweet girl, I have had you own my mind so much." I told her as she was wrapping her hands around the base of my cock and was doing to it what I had done to her nipples. She was just barely licking the tip as she was stroking the base.

" I know what you mean, daddy, I have missed touching you, and tasting you." She said as she took the head of my eight inch cock in her mouth and went wild. What she was doing is hard to describe.

My first thought was, "Oh SHIT!" After that I really became speechless. She took her hands off and began working my cock with just her mouth, I was in total ecstasy. I watched her head bob and weave all over my hard cock. She would pull off and I would see only a string of saliva connecting us, just as she would dive mouth first back onto my cock.

"Baby, you are going to get a mouthful if you keep that up."

"I have a mouthful." She giggled, "Know I just need you cum in it!"

Almost on cue, I did.

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