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She stood up, allowing me to see those beautiful firm tits settle in their natural pose, perfectly sloped towards those two firm tips. Penny grinned at the attention, shot he twin a sly glance then hooked her thumbs up under her short skirt and drew her small white panties down her legs.

Caroline gasped as she stepped out and kicked them at me. I just missed catching them.

"Hey, just getting ready for bed as modestly as possible, sis," Penny quipped.

She sat back down with a lovely sexy smile, tossing her blonde locks. I realised she'd be facing me, no panties on. She kept her legs closed, though and smoothed her mini over her thighs. The damn tease. But the sparkle in her eye promised more fun to come.

"See, Andy," Penny" said, "Caroline's chickenshit around guys. . ."

Caroline denied it, looked mad. Penny teased her mercilessly about her lack of experience. And finally added her 'chickenshit' insult again.

That was the last straw. Caroline stood with a challenging glare fixed on her twin and swiftly unbuttoned and dropped her hotpants. The shiny material hit the floor. So did my jaw. What a fine pair of legs, so smooth and shapely. And an unfettered glimpse right up her long flanks to a perfectly-moulded butt, tight cheeks split by a thong string. Only Caroline's blouse hem concealed a clear view of her glorious hips and flat belly.

She was still mad at Penny and offered me a little twirl just to show her sister she wasn't the prude she had her perceived as. When she spun round face-on to me the front of her blouse lifted slightly to reveal her crotch -- a tiny white 'v' of her high-cut thong. She had white bits -- a wider bikini-white mark than the narrowness of the thong .

Only served to make her revelation more thrilling. She was in unchartered exhibitionist territory here, and judging by the flustered look of . . .arousal? I hoped so; judging by that, she was finding a modicum of excitement about the whole scenario.

Penny laughed, gave a small clap. Then dared Caroline to sit on my lap like that before she sat back on the couch.

Adrenalin shot through me. Caroline hesitated. I smiled, shrugged, offered, "Well, call out your sister then. . ."

Then she took the two strides over to me and I felt the glorious soft warmth of her unclad legs and ass through my jeans. I'm sure she felt the glorious clad heat of my hardon as well; she wiggled a bit, not entirely uncomfortably. . .

"Woo-hoo!" yelped Penny. "Now a kiss!"

Caroline choked. I felt those hot hard nipples -- big they were -- press against me as her breathing got heavy. She shuddered. I slipped a hand onto her thigh; felt awesome. I used my other hand to chance it -- touched her face so that she looked right into my eyes. Then she melted into a kiss. Those luscious lips of hers tasted great, her technique extremely sensual.

I slid my hand up and down her thigh, felt her squirm against my dick.

Penny laughed. I opened one eye, looked at her. And all but ruined the kiss by choking with surprise.

Penny was staring right at me, smiling wide. And the smile wasn't the only wide thing about her: she'd opened her lovely tan thighs and her mini skirt had made its natural surrender. I was staring at an uncovered clean shaven pussy. Two full outer labia deliciously bald with a crinkle of inner lip splicing the centre. A thicker nub of flesh at the top of her crack signified a prominent clit, puckered out just below her smooth mound.

Seemed no way this party girl was going to let her wallflower twin outdo her.

"Oh my God," Caroline hissed, catching sight. Then by way of comment added, "Oh, you shave it all off. . ."

Penny grinned a wider white pearly smile and touched her loose lips with probing fingers.

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