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Ryan learns how to control his erections.

As I parted her thighs, I licked my lips in anticipation. I love the taste of pussy, and I get a genuine kick out of being able to make a woman climax with nothing more than my lips and tongue. Slowly, I slid my tongue around the edge of Mickey's labia, enjoying the taste of her juices and my jism combined. She moaned softly and wriggled, but I held her hips firmly and continued my exploration. Deftly, I slithered my tongue across her pussy, briefly sliding it inside her like a miniature cock, before flicking it across her clitoris, still swollen after our earlier passion. She moaned louder, and arched her back, pushing her mound against my mouth as if offering herself to me. As I gently sucked on her clit, I slid a finger inside her, working it around as she writhed with pleasure. As I continued to suck and lick her clitoris, her breathing came faster and faster, until she cried out, and I felt a fresh flood of juice against my tongue. Before she finished coming, I slowly slid my lubricated finger up her ass. The effect was electric. She gasped, pulling my head closer to her bucking pussy, grinding herself against my mouth while I finger-fucked her ass.

As her orgasm subsided, I continued to gently lap and lick at her pussy, avoiding her clit until it wasn't quite so sensitive. Just as her breathing returned to normal, I slithered my tongue across her little bud again, this time gently brushing it with my teeth. She bucked like she'd been electrocuted, her nipples bullet hard, the flush on her chest taking on the distinctive shape that always reminded me of Superman's chest emblem. As she came, I slid a second finger into her ass, and gently pistoned the two fingers in and out. With a choked cry, she hit another peak, and I pulled my head away just in time to avoid her tearing my ears off.

After lying still for a moment, Mickey looked down at my. "I think I'm ready," she said breathlessly, her lithe body gleaming with sweat. I lay down behind her and wrapped my arms around her.

"Not yet," I whispered in her ear. Goosebumps pricked her skin all the way down her body, a sure sign she was seriously turned on.

"Are you trying to drive me crazy?"

"Uh-huh," I agreed, gently biting her earlobe while I moulded myself to her back. We lay like spoons for a while, my hot, hard penis nestled in the crevice of her buttocks. Mickey flexed her ass experimentally, and my cock twitched in response. I couldn't remember the last time I'd been this hard, and I wondered whether I'd even get inside her, or whether I'd just be so turned on I'd shoot all over her instead. I wasn't averse to drenching Mickey with cum, in fact it was a standard of our sexual repertoire since she loved the sight of me kneeling over her and spurting streams of jizz onto her face and tits, creamy white on dark skin. But I badly wanted to fill her ass with hard cock.

As Mickey ground her backside against my hardness, I slid a hand over her belly and between her thighs, where I sought out the bud of her already sensitive clit. She pressed her beautiful ass against me as I started to gently strum her button, and I nearly shot my load then and there. Marshalling all my willpower, I concentrated on driving her wild instead, and within minutes I'd stroked another orgasm from her. By this time her body was soaked in sweat and was burning hot. I was ready to tease her again when she rolled onto her stomach, fire in her eyes.

"I want you. Now," she growled, her voice thick with desire. She pulled herself up onto her hands and knees, and tucked the pillows under her tummy. I crossed the room to get the bottle of lube she kept on the dresser, and looked back at her beautiful backside gleaming with perspiration. She looked like one of the models of my boyhood fantasies. My cock felt like it was made of steel, and it looked like a club of knotted wood.

"Are you sure?" I asked, determined to give her the chance to change her mind rather than permanently mess up the best relationship I'd had in ye

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