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A new man in a shared house, brings new feelings for Richard.

ucking Sammi!

"Of course you can have it," I softly said. "It's yours for as long as I'm here. To do with what you want." Twisting around to move my body against yours, I added, "And to do with what I want, too."

At first, you mistook my movement. You thought I was preparing to fuck you. I wasn't, not yet. Instead, I took you in my arms, pulling your head onto my shoulder, dragging one of your legs and draping it across my thigh. We had all the time in the world.

One hand gently stoked your soft hair, while the other caressed the soft skin of your ass. Just my fingertips. I traced along the heart shaped curve of your bum, softly, gently, loving the contented sigh that escaped from your lips. Slowly I adjusted position, so that my hand dropped from your hair to run along your shoulder, as if finding and tracing each freckle.

My other hand advanced up to your back, running up to the top of your spine and then back down again. I could feel my cock twitch with each tender gesture and knew that you'd feel it, too. For the moment, we both ignored it. It would be time soon enough.

My fingers lightly caressed your back, out to the sides, up to your arms, and then back down again. When you twisted a little in my arms, I brought my hand to your stomach, circling your navel, drawing patterns along your tummy, and then sliding upwards to your tits.

I ran my fingers around the curve of one breast, and then the other. Slowly, exaggeratedly so. Then they found your nipple, hard and erect. The tip of my finger pushed it in a little circle, loving the hard feeling as I manipulated it with just the one finger.

My cock told me I couldn't wait any more. It told me it couldn't wait anymore. Your soft moans suggested you were thinking the same way. Not that they made any difference. I was in that moment when a man needs his willing woman, when it would take a wild horse to stop him from, what's the quaint phrase, plighting ones troth?

You were rolling onto your back even as I began to change position. My body slid between yours, my knees pushing your widened legs even wider. I rubbed my cock along your wetness, but made no attempt to enter. Not yet. I sat up on my knees so that my cock could tease you further, while my hands took your wrists and pulled them together above your head.

Our eyes met and I leant down to kiss you. It was a gentle kiss to begin with, or a series of kisses to be more accurate. Our heads adjusted position to explore different angles, lips on lips, tongue flicking against tongue, teeth biting on lower lips, tongues searching around the inside and outside of each mouth.

"Want my cock?" I breathed into your open mouth.

"Yes," you gasped.

"Want me inside you?"

Your grunt answered for you.

"Want my cock in your cunt?" I asked.

Your grunt turned into a moan.

"Want gramps to fuck you?" I teased. "Want gramps to fuck his horny young bitch?"

"Yes," you groaned, finding the word from somewhere. "Yes, you bastard."

I stared into your eyes. That come-to-bed Sammi look had disappeared. It was replaced with a fuck-the-life-out-of-me look. Without you even knowing I slipped a condom on and moved closer to you.

My cock was aching so hard, it hurt. I slid it against your oily, labial lips, searching for entry. Like a homing beacon, it found its way home. To where it belonged. Inside, Sammi.

Your legs raised either side of me, hanging loosely then resting on the top of my ass. I slid in an inch, then another. Slowly, like a surgeon carrying out a delicate incision. I love that moment of entry. The exquisite feeling is so unlike any other. The sheathing of a man inside a woman! But the fact it was you, Sammi, simply exaggerated the pleasure...

"Ready?" I asked, gripping your hands more tightly above your head. My tongue licked across the outside of your lips, tracing their shape. Your ass lifted from the bed, taking half of my cock inside me.

Suddenly, the teasing was over.

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