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Young aunt takes over her college nephew's space.

I hungrily took it in my mouth feeling it go hard almost instantly.

"You better suck that cock good you little cocksucking whore," the stranger barked with a commanding voice that let me know there would be high punishment for my failure to please the both of them.

Tony placed his hands in my hair pulling just hard enough for me to tilt my head up. He was intense on getting himself a better angle to slide every last inch of his hard cock into my mouth.

His thrusts sent his cock deeper and deeper into my throat until I gagged and tried to pull back. He pulled back and slammed his cock hard and deep as he fucked my face. At the same time the other man was licking my pussy again driving me near the edge of climax.

Then I felt the ties on my legs being released and my legs hoisted up and over the man's shoulders. His hard throbbing cock fell down and slapped my wet pussy lips. He pressed his cock over my clit and to the soft opening that needed his hot cock filling it. I nearly came when he slammed the full length of his shaft down in my pussy.

He slapped my ass and pumped his cock in and out of my pussy so hard I thought I would die. But it was making me horny and wanting to fuck him good and hard. I moaned on Tony's cock while I shifted my ass and moved my legs higher on his shoulders. I needed that huge cock deeper in my pussy.

His cock slamming my pussy was shoving Tony's cock deeper in my mouth. I moaned louder as he really started fucking me. He was telling me to swallow all of Tony's hard cock when he began to shake and I felt his cock throbbing begging to fill my hot pussy with his thick juicy cum.

Tony's balls were slapping my cheek as he thrust his cock to the base of his shaft into my overfilled mouth. I got my first taste of pre-cum and screamed on his cock while my pussy exploded on the massive cock fucking it. I felt my legs go weak and my clit throbbed against the cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

"That's it you fucking whore! I want to fuck that tight ass of yours!" He pulled back and buried his face in my pussy. In seconds I was cumming on his face driving Tony over the top shooting a load of hot cum in my mouth. I licked him clean sucking every last drop of cum from his still hard dick.

"Tony get to licking that hot sweet pussy." He moved away enough that Tony could move into 69 position with him on top. And then he began fingering my pussy rubbing my juices down my ass. He slipped a finger slowly into my ass with his left hand while he was fucking my pussy with his right hand.

I find Tony's cock with my mouth and suck it good and hard then slowing to lick and tease. The hands working on my pussy and ass combined with the licking my clit was bringing me close to flooding them with my sweet and salty cum.

The other man told me to cum on his hands like the good slut he knew I was and that was it I lost it. Dripping cum down his hands and onto the bed. He quickly brought his cock up to slide in my ass nice and easy at first. Soon he had worked the head of his cock in and out making me take a little more each time.

"Pull out!" Tony had jumped up and was untying my wrists.

He did pull out with a long groan and a hard slap on my ass as he let my legs fall on the bed with a thump. "Get on all fours you little cocksucker. Come on get that ass up there. Yea right there, now part those legs and hold your cheeks open!" I quickly did as I was told.

I moaned louder and louder with each stroke of his cock into my ass. Tony got on his knees and started jacking off so close to my face the head of his cock was pressing against my cheek.

I stretched as far as I could and licked his balls while I watched him stroking his cock for me. I could feel the cock in my ass pulsing and his balls getting tight filled with cum. I was rocking into his cock while licking Tony's balls begging him to shoot his cum on my face.

The hand on my ass suddenly drew back and slapped my ass hard over and over.

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