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Broken In.

He was looking at some data on his screen, swinging gently in his huge leather office chair.

Katherine sat down on some crates of wine, and waited for him to notice her.

He was consumed in work, and Katherine crossed her legs, hoping the movement would catch his attention. It did not, and she felt the camera framing her intimately. From the corner of her eye she could see Tom focussing on her chest, and she flicked her eyes down to see her nipples poking through the silk.

"Oh for God's sake," she sighed, "It's cold."

Tom smirked, though she was a little annoyed that men immediately presumed stiff nipples meant arousal. But her little outburst had finally made Neil turn his chair to face her.

"Hello," he said with a questioning inflection.

Katherine had no idea how she was going to broach this. Three different sentences started in her head, and none of them went anywhere. With a sniff she decided to be forthright. When the question came out, she was amazed at how posh she sounded, "How big is your cock?"

Neil shrugged, not shocked, just at a loss for an answer. "Normal size," he said finally.

Katherine darted a triumphant look at Tom, but from behind the camera he said, "Show her."

Neil swivelled round to face him, so relaxed it was unreal. "How am I supposed to make it hard?"

"Do what you always do." Tom shrugged.

With a sigh, like he was being asked to pass the salt, he unbuckled his belt, opened his fly, and with a lift of his hips, pushed down his jeans. Katherine saw a lump of flaccid flesh trapped in his shorts, but nothing surprising otherwise.

As he fished it out with his hand, it flopped and rolled a little bit, slightly tumescent. Katherine still couldn't see what the fuss was about; it was barely more than a handful. Fairly thick though, she admitted to herself.

She looked at the camera, and saw it was squarely aimed at her. Tom was clearly trying to document some kind of shocked reaction. It amused her a little that he was so insecure. When she looked back at Neil, it had grown. He was gripping it in his fist at the base, and flopping it from side to side, as if to wake it up. It was doing the trick, but it was still nothing to write to Mummy about.

There was odd expression to pop in to her mind.

It began to stiffen and rise up now, supporting its own weight. And his balls began to swell inside his sack. Neil looked almost bored as he began to pump his fist up and down the burgeoning shaft.

It just kept growing.

And growing.

Katherine felt her tongue lick at her lips secretly, and hoped Tom had not seen it. She shifted round slightly, turning her shoulder on the camera, trying to mask her face without making it obvious.

She felt her eyelids getting heavy, a sure sign, and she cupped her chin in her hand as she pushed her elbow into her thigh. She hoped the pain of it would calm her down. She looked idly at one of his monitors and tried to sound as bored as he looked, "How many hits have we had today?"

She didn't hear his answer, as she kept flicking her eyes from the monitor to his prick. He was still pumping it, and still talking as she heard her mouth betray her, "Can I touch it?"

He shrugged, but his apathy didn't stop her from shifting closer and kneeling between his legs. She just watched it as he continued to pump himself, amazed that it was still growing. In fact, she wasn't even sure if she could fit it in her dainty hand anymore.

She nearly turned to the camera to swear at Tom, but she was more interested in something else now. She could see the slightly translucent skin as it moved over the solid flesh beneath, and the thick vein that gave softly under his touch. Her arm rested across his thighs, but she stopped herself from going further, even though her finger flicked at it with a yearning twitch.

Neil was reaching for his mouse, and soon she was aware that the video of her and Sally was playing on the middle monitor.

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