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Blaine and Aloke's "first date".

"Starfire." She leaned forward and planted a sensuous kiss on his lips.

"Mmmmm...." Barbara continued. "Did you know that Tamaraneans learn language through kissing?"


"I wonder what else I can learn about you with my mouth?" she purred as she slid her hands down his body. She then gripped his waistband of his tights, very well aware of the large bulge that they covered. She slid them down to reveal her prize, Dick's hardening member, already close to its full length. She wrapped one of her hands around its base. Its size had never failed to astound her; it as nearly as thick as her wrist.

"Babs... I mean Starfire," Dick moaned. "We shouldn't be doing this..."

"We shouldn't?" Babs pouted, as she gave a quick peck to the tip of his cock, looking up at him with her doe eyes. She flicked her tongue along the underside of his shaft, just enough for him to spring to his full length. "I can stop if you want...."

"No wait," he whimpered. "I take it back. I-"

He groaned in pleasure before he could finish his sentence. Barbara took the initiative, and sealed her red ruby lips around the head of his cock tightly. She pistoned her head up and down his fleshy tool, her tongue bathing his sensitive underside, while one hand massaged his base and the other fondled his balls. She savored the taste of him that she missed for so long, and enjoyed hearing his moans. She loosed her grip on his base as she slid his cock a bit further into her mouth with each motion, until she was able to take entirety of him in her throat. It was something she had been practicing with her toys at home, just for this very moment. He let out another groan to let her know just how much he appreciated her newfound deepthroating skills, and within seconds, he popped, his semen erupting inside of her mouth.

Barbara raised her head up, making sure Dick got a clear view of her before she proudly swallowed the entirety of his seed in one gulp. God, she missed it so much, it was like having a homecooked meal.

"I just learned a lot about you, Dick," she taunted. "I know you've been thinking naughty things about that Batgirl you left back in Gotham. I bet you miss fucking her, don't you?"

"Barb- uhhh.... Starfire..." Dick stammered.

"You miss that tight red twat, don't you?" Barbara interrupted. "You miss eating it, making her squirm while she's wrapped around your head. I bet it's been so tight ever since you stopped putting your cock in it."

She pushed his head back, and mounted his face. With a finger, she undid the string that held up her purple bikini bottom, exposing her shaven muff to her former lover.

"Barbara, this is so wrong - mmmmph!"

She grabbed his head, and closed her thighs around his head. However wrong Dick thought it was, he certainly was eager to return the favor. His tongue wasted no time dipping into her dripping slit, flicking inside her folds, as the larger part of his tongue flattened against her engorged clit. Barbara's pussy quivered at the familiar feeling. God, she missed this so much. She had always made him eat her out at every opportunity, as it was their favorite pastime as Batgirl and Robin. Every training session, every patrol, she made him put that tongue to work. And she reciprocated, of course, as any good partner would. And he loved it, and knew exactly the best ways to get her off, where to apply pressure, and which spots drove her wild. And to think that when he got hot and grew out of that silly Robin costume, he went whoring around and letting some other woman enjoy that talented tongue and cock....

Barbara let out an extended moan, as Dick sucked on her clit, while still massaging her moist tunnel, prolonging her orgasm.

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