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It was like all her pleasure was coming from nowhere; like her body had just decided to moisten, like her cunt had gotten wet on its own... adding to the conductivity of her body.

Dots of perspiration formed on her forehead. She felt wet, hot, her cunt boiling, her nipples-her whole suit felt sweaty, constricting, all of her body being encased in its tightening touch... she moaned, pressing one cheek against the cool ground, gasping for air. It didn't feel bad. Why didn't it feel bad?

"Doing to me..." Kara panted. "What are you doing to me?"

"Seeing if you're a dyke," Livewire laughed. "And if you're not-I'm gonna make you one!"

More voltage. The initial charge had just been the overture, the foreplay. Now Kara really felt it, bone-deep like she was ground zero at an explosion, the heat and the pressure and the concussion all pushing in on her, but this wasn't outside, it was in. Livewire was slipping it between her ribs, she was injecting it into her, and the point of entry was her cunt. Her wet, wet cunt.

Kara sucked in another deep breath, her shoulders rubbing steadily against her cape-she could hear it ripping on the pavement, feel the asphalt being dug up by her shoulder blades. Her eyes were glazed and wide, focusing on Livewire's face just above hers-the wild hyena madness in her eyes, the grinning sexual fervor, the electric blue blush in her pallid cheeks as she grew more and more aroused. She was getting Livewire off, Great Rao, Kara was getting Livewire off.

The pulsing electricity took on a biting edge. Her nipples were taut, her cunt throbbing on the brink of an immense climax. Deep in her belly, she cramped achingly. Something hot and wet inundated her panties, ran down her thighs. She was coming all over herself. Her body itself had surrendered to the electricity.

"That's it, bitch, come for me!" Livewire crowed. "You looked like you could use a good lay!"

Livewire gave her more. Kara guessed she looked like she could use that too. Her breasts, her belly, her cunt, they were all filled with the power. Flickering flames that didn't burn her. Leaden weight that didn't crush her. She screamed again, her fingers digging into the street, clawing away gouts of pavement while more and more amperage seared into her body.

Kara felt the bracing shock of her engorged clit pushing against her sodden panties. No! She wouldn't come again, not for Livewire, that was a gift only for someone she loved! Summoning all her willpower, Kara forced her boundless power into her eyes, staring at Livewire so hard that blue-hot heat filled the space between them.

Kara'd forgotten that this was just another kind of energy-more power for Livewire to feed on. It slammed into her chest, and incinerated her shirt as it flooded into her body, making the pale body glow bright blue with added power. Kara could see her nipples, slate-gray and aching hard, spouting forks of lightning like plasma balls being touched.

"Oh yeah!" Livewire cried, pulling off the strands that remained of her shirt. "Almost worth ruining my Versace top for that! Gimme more, Superslut! Don't just lie back and think of England! Make me come just like you did!"

Kara winced at the reminder. It was making a twisted kind of sense. She was enjoying this-somehow. And Livewire wasn't hurting anyone, wasn't causing any destruction. Maybe... maybe...

The next thing she knew, Livewire was shoving her crotch in her face. Riding reverse cowgirl on Kara's face, leaning over her to touch her groin more. Give her more juice. Kara sent her heatvision into Livewire's crotch, not sure why. Did she want to hurt her? Did she want to get Livewire off? She didn't know. Nothing made sense anymore. Everything was so wrong, but felt so good-

She'd sparked through the fly of Livewire's pants, burned away the fabric like a blowtorch, leaving only the shocking blue of her groin, her pussy, her cunt.

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