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Bailey tugged his white, button up shirt down, trying to cover his hairless erection, his eyes darting to the magazine which he immediately grabbed for, only to find that Miss Angeli was too fast, snatching the magazine up first. "N-no..." his voice caught sheepishly in his throat.

Miss Angeli said nothing and merely shot him a warning glance, her bright green eyes raking over his nearly naked form for a moment, taking in the side of her student that she hadn't seen before.

She had to keep from licking her lips as she surveyed him, he was very yummy looking.

The woman slowly sat down on the edge of the table, one silk stocking covered leg crossed over the other as she flipped slowly through the magazine. "So you like slutty-looking girls huh?" She tilted her head as she reached the double page spread of the redhead, she perked her brow. "Heh, looks like me. Though my skin is a lot healthier and I don't have those worn out lines under my eyes. This poor girl is already used up, city miles."

"I-it's my dad's." Bailey said, still horrified. He had been caught it was all over.

"That sounds about right, your dad is older so he still jacks it to a magazine like some kind of savage caveman."

"Mmm so what were you doing with it?"

"Ju-just looking..." Bailey lied.

"Just looking huh? Weird, I am looking at it right now and I don't have my pants off, lotion on my thighs and nobody sitting in here with me." She glanced up at the back door and Bailey tensed.

"I-I-I uh..." His cheeks were flushed scarlet and he looked as if he would burst out into tears without much more pressure.

"You're in deep trouble. You realize that this magazine alone gets you tossed out of here. Not to mention what your parents will think. Tsk. It's too bad really." She said, moving a hand up to toss her mane of light red hair over one shoulder. "It was so close to graduation and now look what you did." She teased.

"No Miss Angeli! Please! Please don't tell!" Bailey's bright blue eyes filled with tears as he pleaded with his teacher. "Don't tell! My parents will be so mad at me! I don't want anyone to find out and make fun of me! If-if-if you tell I will get thrown out, I won't be able to go to college..." Bailey brought his hands up and covered his eyes, weeping uncontrollably.

Miss Angeli perked her brow again. She had been only teasing the boy, having a bit of fun with him, no way did she expect him to react so strongly when she never had any intention of turning him in. "Okay okay shush. It's okay Bailey. It's not the end of the world." She folded up the magazine and set it down beside her on the table before she stood.

"My dad is really mean, you don't know how he is! He'll probably kill me for getting thrown out of school!" Bailey sobbed.

"It's okay I won't tell." She said, delicately putting a hand on his shoulder.

"P-promise?!" He asked, pawing his tears away with the backs of his hands.

"Yes I promise." She said sharply, still taken aback by his strong reaction to her teasing. "Jesus dude, I was just messing with you."

"H-how do I know you won't just go tell on me right after you leave or wait until tomorrow and do it then?" He had been so caught up with his weeping that he now failed to cover his groin with the little white shirt, his hard, hairless cock standing up despite what was happening.

He must be some kind of masochist, Miss Angeli thought as she reached up, pushing her fingers back through her hair. "I'll make a trade with you."

"T-trade?" Bailey asked, the panic slowly settling into the background as he began to calm down.

"Well I seem to know one of your secrets, if not more, judging by the lotion smeared on your tight little butt, your nakedness and the porn here. So I think I have plenty of dirt on you. Everyone has their secrets, you shouldn't be scared about that Bailey." She said, her hands moving down to the zipper on her left hip.

"What are you doing?" Bailey asked, stunned as he watched slowly unzip the skirt.

"Well you showed me yo

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