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Government project ends but Edward continues the experiment.

"Oh, come now. You had lined up that poor girl, Plain Jane, just to fuck her, hadn't you?"

"Yes, Ma'am... but..."

"No buts! You are a slut! And you know it, too, don't you?!" She pushed his head down again.

"No, Ma'am!" He tried to defend again.

"I'll take it you mean Yes!"

His head was starting to spin. The whisky had hit an empty stomach and her presence was causing new stirrings in him. He reached to stroke his cock.

"Don't touch it!" She barked, and kicked his hand away with one of her still booted feet.

"I think you need to learn a lesson or several!" She revealed.

She left the room, momentarily, and then returned to find that he had moved his position slightly.

"Did I say you could move?!" She chided him.

"My knees were hurting!" He replied.

"Your knees are going to be the least of your worries, young man!" She informed him. "Come here!"

She gestured over to the tall backed chair by the glass table. He rose from his knees which were now a little stiff and took a seat. She revealed a black vanity case and opened it. Inside was a metal object the likes of which he had never seen before. His eyes flashed with horror.

"If you want to learn how to have good sex, you must first learn how to please a woman!" She told him. "Do you want to learn?!"

He realised that she wasn't really asking him but knew he had to agree or she would usher him out of her apartment and into the cool night air. He watched her removing several items from the box and felt way out of his depth.

"Are you going to hurt me?" His voice quivered. "Not unless you want me to!" Came her matter-of-fact reply. "Do you want me to?"

"No.... no, I don't think so!" He muttered. His cock twitched again.

"Do you want to learn how to have good sex?" She asked him again.

"Yes, Ma'am" He knew he was sealing his own fate.

Silently she set about locking his cock and balls into the metal device that she called 'The Cage'. It was heavy and cold against his skin. His cock felt trapped and that made him feel instantly humble in her presence. He noticed that she was locking the contraption in place and the key, on a long length of silver chain was now dangling around her neck. If he left now his first port of call would have to be a hardware shop, the Fire Station, or the A&E Department of the nearest hospital. He didn't like the idea of any of those options and knew he would have to stay put until she set him free.

She stroked over the top of the metal cage and smiled at the sight of him. She had chosen the correct device and it fitted him nicely with just enough room so as not to cause him too much pain. She knew he would be affected later, when he tried to grow aroused, but she would deal with that as it happened.

"Now, as another means by which to control you, I would like you to wear my collar!" She stated.

Before he could answer she had removed a large leather and steel collar from within the vanity bag. She let him look at it then quizzed him with her eyes.

"Yes, Ma'am!" He whispered - his form slumped forwards in the chair.

"Then get down on those knees and accept my collar properly!" She directed.

He fell down onto his knees, feeling the cold metal of The Cage rubbing against the top of his thighs. The weight hanging around his balls felt difficult and unmanageable. He started to realise that he had bitten off far more than he could chew with this seemingly unassuming woman. He made a mental note never to judge a book by its cover ever again.

She closed the collar around his neck and it felt bulky and tight. Finally, the last item was removed from the bag and a long length of steel chain was displayed. She clipped this to the D-ring on the collar and revealed that the chain was actually a long leash.

"Now..." she looked down at him, "you are mine for the evening, to do with as I wish!"

He felt crushed and helpless. This wasn't his idea of an evening of good sex and certainly did not reflect his own plans from earlier that day.

"Do you agree?" She questioned him and yanked the leash gently, making contact with h

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