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My first date with a real sex monger woman.

To have seen that much tit when she had stood up must mean she was naked beneath it.

"I have a boyfriend." She buttered some toast.

"We know you see Steve."

"Not him."

There was a smell. I used my hand to fan between my legs under the table. I think it made matters worse. Jenny hadn't mentioned Shirley having a boyfriend.

The pressure was building again. Shirley's nose was twitching.

"I must go to the toilet." I said standing up.

My anus lost the battle to contain my wind and it escaped with a rasp.

"Sorry." I said hurrying to the outside door.

I could hear Shirley sniffing the air as I closed it behind me.

Inside the toilet I dropped my jeans and underpants and sat down. That was better. I let go a deep, meaningful sigh.

I did the paperwork and, pulling up my jeans and underpants, stood up. That was better. It was strange. Sometimes I felt better after a shit then I did after a fuck. Jenny had got upset when I had told her that once.

I went back into the kitchen. Jenny was standing by the doorway into the hall with a large towel wrapped around her body. Of Shirley, there was no sign.

"Hello." I said, putting on my brightest smile. "Any toast left?"

"Shirley told me what you did."

"I couldn't help it. It just came out."

She looked stern, as befits somebody who is going to be a teacher. Or rather she was trying to look stern. The corners of her mouth were twitching.

"She said she couldn't finish her breakfast."

There was laughter in her eyes. She seemed to hick-up. Then she tittered. Then she laughed. I joined in.

"I told her that she would have to get used to it." Jenny laughed. "Just make sure you don't have too much beer or peas before bedtime."

"That's right." Shirley's voice came from upstairs. "Turn it into a joke. Laugh at me."

"You should have seen your face when I came in." Jenny said to the stairs.

I heard Shirley moving about.

"You can come down, now." Jenny continued. "He's empty."

I could see Jenny struggling to keep her face straight as Shirley walked into the room wearing a white cotton dress that stopped above her knees. She had a length of what looked like curtain cord tied loosely about her waist. She carried a white bag on a long strap over one shoulder.

"Sorry." I said, sitting down and helping myself to a slice of toast. It was cold. So was my tea. But I ate and drank.

Shirley gave a 'huh' and ignored me.

"What time are we leaving?" She asked Jenny.

"Paul says ten is plenty early enough." Jenny replied.

"Are we going to stop at his parents?"

"I don't think so. Paul needs to get to the ground to play with some nets."

"In the nets." I corrected.

They carried on as if I wasn't there.

"Oh." Shirley said, she sounded disappointed.

"We could leave earlier and stop by there on the way through." Jenny said. "If you want us to?"

"I don't mind." Shirley replied.

I wondered where this boyfriend of hers was. She had moved in a week before after staying with her parents in Cheltenham during the holidays. My father had been up there for a week, on business. I wonder if she bumped into him while he was there?

The telephone was ringing in the hall and Jenny hurried out to answer it. I looked at Shirley. She did look nice.

Jenny sounded excited. I caught the words wonderful and surprise. She came back into the kitchen looking flushed. And she was smiling.

"Well?" I asked, looking up from my second slice of toast. I could do with a hot cup of tea.

"You'll never guess." She said.

"You're right." I agreed after a few seconds of pretending indifference.

"Well I want to know." Shirley said.

"That was Lynda and Ian." Jenny started.

"Oh wonderful." Shirley interrupted.

"They wanted to surprise us." Jenny continued.

"If they left it another hour we wouldn't be here." I observed.

I stood up and switched on the kettle.

"They're at the station."

"Now that is a surprise." I agreed.

"Are they coming here?" Shirley asked.

"They only decided last night to come down for a few days."

"But we're going to C

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