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She felt the swell of her breast, the softness of her porcelain skin, and the warmth of her stomach. Her hands examined every new detail, studying every dimension of the girl that lay beneath her.

Chloe was doing an examination of her own, her hands running along Helen's back, her skin was incredibly soft. Further down she grabbed Helen's bare ass cheeks, feeling the firm orbs mold to her hands as she squeezed them. Helen's hips thrust forward, her pussy dragging along Chloe's exposed thigh. Chloe pushed upward against Helen's leg, their kiss continuing as they dry humped each other. Helen's thrusts became more rapid, forcing her leg more firmly into Chloe's wet pussy as she ground herself into the toned limb. The kiss became difficult to maintain as both girls approached their climax, eventually they gave up, moaning freely as they ground against each other desperately.

Helen arrived first, her body quaking on top of Chloe's and a moan torn deep from her throat expelled a quarter of an inch from Chloe's ear as her orgasm hit her hard. Her thrusts became jagged and forceful, the sporadic nature of her movements set Chloe off too. She stiffened beneath Helen, and drove her hips upward, her nails digging into the flesh of her ass as she did. The two girls moaned and thrashed together, an orgasmic chorus to go with their erotic dance. Their limbs were tangled, their bodies forced against one another as wave after shuddering wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over their quivering forms.

Helen's thrust grew weaker, as did Chloe's, and the two girls lay in their partial embrace, Helen's naked body pressed against Chloe's mostly naked one. They kissed, giggling to each other in the euphoria of their post-orgasmic state. Intense happiness and relief washed over Helen. She'd spent months worrying about what she should do, worrying that if she did nothing she'd grow to resent Roy, that she'd hate him for his insistence on separation. She hadn't understood his intentions at first, she'd heard his words but hadn't registered their significance. He'd given her up, willingly set her free from the fate he foresaw for them. But he was wrong, their future wasn't bleak. They'd have many good years together, time enough to have children, to love each other, for Helen to grow fat and happy with him. He'd likely die before she did, but she was prepared for that. She loved him and he loved her, and that's what mattered most.
Helen kissed Chloe, their mouths open to each other to explore lazily with their tongues. Cheers and loud music emanated throughout the campus as the students celebrated the beginning of the New Year. The kiss between the girls grew in intensity, their hunger for one another not yet sated. Helen reached blindly for the zipper of Chloe's skirt, she found it with some difficult and drew it down before pulling the final obstruction between them down Chloe's long legs. Their kiss resumed, their naked bodies now pressed against each other. Their bare flesh, soft and smooth, ran along one another silkily as their tongues swirled together hungrily.

"Get on top of me," Chloe gasped.

Helen didn't move, not understanding what she meant.

"Turn around," Chloe said.

Helen's mouth curled into a grin of recognition and did as Chloe suggested, straddling her head and lying flat on top of her so that their faces were inches from each other's pussies. Chloe reached around and gripped Helen's ass, pulling her down to her. Helen spread Chloe's legs and dipped her head down, the sweet scent of her sex wafting into her nostrils. Their mouths came into contact with one another's cunts, and moaned in unison at the pleasure the other was giving them. With agile tongues they pleasured each other. Chloe moaned loudly into Helen's pussy when she penetrated her channel with two fingers.

Chloe bucked her hips up against Helen's hand, her soaked pussy penetrated deep by her two fingers.

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