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Massaging Trish.

A brilliant red and pink sunset followed the evening and the double sleeping bag was laid out.

The full moon rose at nightfall and bathed the scene in a soft, etherial glow that made it seem almost daylight. It's reflection in the pond was perfect.

"Come, my little girl!" he commanded. "Let's go for a walk." He attached her leash to the collar she wore for him and, leaving their boots in camp, she followed him to the water's edge. He pulled her to him, kissing her sensuously and then even more deeply. She felt his hunger, his desire for her growing as he started undoing the buttons of her shirt. She reached for his and he stopped her hand. "No. Not this time, my pet," he said softly.

The shirt slipped from her shoulders as he planted hungry kissses on her neck and traced his tongue teasingly down her chest to the cleavage still trapped in her bra. Exploring the cleft with his tongue, he reached around her, deftly unhooking her bra and tossing it aside. "Mmmmmm...... how beautiful those big tits are in moonlight," he thought.

He cupped them lightly, just enough that she knew the warmth of his hands was there; then suddenly pinched both nipples, making her jump. Sucking on them to ease the discomfort, he began opening her jeans. First the button, then, ever so slowly, the zipper. He could feel the tension of controlled lust that she held within her.

Sliding both hands under the waistband of her jeans, he gave a downward push and the garment dropped to her ankles. His hands slid 'round to her ass cheeks, pulling them apart as he drew her tightly to him. She felt his hardness against her through his jeans. He pushed her away, asking quietly, "You want that, don't you, my little slut?"

"Oh, YES, Master! Please!" she breathed with her eyes glistening. "Finish undressing then!" he commanded.

His eyes never left her as she bent to obey him and the moonlight only added to the view. She stood up, waiting for him, eyes on his very erect member. "God, Master's big!" she thought silently.

"Walk into the water, my pet. I will tell you when to stop." His eyes feasted on the play of her muscles. He saw her hesitate as the coldness of the water touched her. Then the water crept up past her knees...her thighs...touched her mound...engulfed it...covered her belly...neared her tits and made them float just under the surface. Her leash dangled tantalizingly between them.

"Stop!" She halted, watching his cock wave at her as he quickly approached and entered the water. He didn't hesitate, but she knew the cold had made him even harder.

Wrapping his arms around her and drawing her close, he kissed her deeply, hungrily. The contrast of his warmth with that of the water's cold only heightened her desire for him. With both hands, he lifted her breasts one-by-one out of the water and sucked on the very erect nipples. "Oh, Master!" she moaned almost inaudibly.

She gasped as he let her breasts plunge back into the cold. His hands once again found the cheeks of her ass. As he lifted her up, pulling them apart, her arms went 'round his neck for support and he felt her hard nipples pressing into his chest. "Mmmmmm....." He liked that!! To feel her like this was truly awesome!!

Two of his fingers found her asshole and slipped inside. He felt her tense, as the mixture of cold and warmth touched her, and a low moan escaped her lips. "Ahhh, my pet slut! You liked that, didn't you?" he asked, as his fingers slid in and out intensifying the warm/cold contrast. Her only answer was another low moan. In a quiet, firm voice, he said, "You didn't answer your Master! You will pay for that later!"

All this time, his big hard cock had been between her legs, brushing against the soft hair of her mound, teasing the clit. She felt him lift her yet higher, fingers still in her ass, and set her down on the tip of his hardness. She felt the heat of him through the coldness as he pushed her further down on his cock. He felt her rapid breathing on his neck as she started to spasm against him.

Quickly, he pulled out of her.

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