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Tim and his friend Jay find out more about Dr Castle.

She wonders if she really caused it to become stiff, or did he make it happen? She smiles within herself to think that it might be all of her doing and nothing he can control.

There's a barrette on the pillow next to her head that used to hold her hair back away from her face and now her hair is flipped up and over her shoulders. As she twists her hair into a knot, she realizes one earring is also missing. She has a flash back of when his lips were there near her ear and he had whispered, "I love it when you wear those shoes for me." She can't figure out how he gets the earring removed.

She is still trying to catch her breath, the breath that he had sucked from her lips just moments ago. She's on fire from the passion that just took place. There's just enough light in the room for him to see that her nipples are still hard and erect from the many orgasms she just experienced. She has full breasts and one has spilled out over her arm onto his well-developed bicep.

It was just moments ago that they were locked in a kiss. Her hand was on his hard dick, stroking it gently as he finger fucked her until she clenched his hand between her legs. He knew she had just had her first orgasm of the night but he didn't know that she was waiting for his tongue to reach her clit. She reached for his cock and lowered her head upon it, licking the tip, flicking her tongue, and running a circle around it. She took all of it into her pretty little mouth, her red lipstick leaving its mark on its shaft. He doesn't know what a wonderful feeling it is for her to have a part of him inside of her. Whether his cock is in her mouth or buried deep in her pussy, it's a phenomenal rush because it's an invasion of her space that she protects at all times, except when she is with him. He is the only one she lets into that space, for he is the only one she allows to go beyond her walls and enter her.

Unconsciously, he squeezes her hand and thinks, what a good fuck she is-one of the best he's ever experienced. How can he just get up and leave her laying there? But, he has to go home. His wife will wonder where he's been and who he's been with for the past two hours. He can't possibly tell her he's been with the love of his life, the one who makes him weak in his knees, the one who gives him an erection just by hearing her voice on the phone, the one who gives him the best blowjobs on the face of the earth.

She returns the squeeze of his hand and raises it to her lips and kisses it gently saying, "Thanks, Danny, you're such a good fuck, and you always leave me breathless." What he doesn't know is that he always leaves her wanting more-more of his time, more of his touch, more of his kisses, and one more orgasm. She's still waiting for the one that makes her scream out loud and the one that makes her moan with ecstasy. In fifteen years, she can't remember that one orgasm that put her right over the edge. She knows that it is because she still waits for his ultimate commitment to her and to her alone. She knows that she shares him with another, but still waits for him to make the move, the move to being committed to her.

He goes to the bathroom to clean up the lingering cum and the scent of her pussy. It's from that room he says loud enough for her to hear, "Gail, I'm sorry, I've gotta go. My old lady will be home in just a little while. I wish I could stay longer. I'd like to do you, again. Maybe next week I can work out something and we can be together longer."

She knows it will never happen, but somehow, she is okay with it.

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