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She's kidnapped by five Black men.


"No problem it will only take a minute," he replied.

I stood by the car as he unloaded my trolley watching him bending and lifting my shopping to put it in the boot of the car. As he bent over for the last time, I couldn't help give his nice rounded ass a tap. He stood up right and as he turned towards me my hand slipped down and lightly felt his crotch.

"Thanks so much for that. Let me thank you by asking you back for a coffee. My house is really close, it won't take a minute."

"I'd like that but it will have to be quick, I'm at work later in the afternoon."

"That's fine," I said. "Just a mid morning coffee. I'm up on the right so go left out of the car park and then take the first right."

"I know."

"Great, I'll see you later."

This morning was turning out rather well. As I followed him out of the car park, him on his bike and me in the car, I watched how his legs and ass pumped up and down on the saddle and pedals. Mmmmmm I thought there's a lot of energy in that pumping action. I could feel my thighs close together and felt quite warm and sort of cosy. I wonder what he's like after he's stripped down to the bare essentials.

Anyway he stopped at my house and got off his bike. I tried to gauge the size of his crotch as he swung his leg over the saddle but I really couldn't tell. Oh well there will be plenty of time for that later. I pulled into the drive, switched off and got out, taking the stuff out of the boot with me.

"Come on in," I said smiling.

I walked through the kitchen in front of him, feeling his eyes watching my legs and my ass. I gave my ass a little switch, turning to smile at him as I did so.

Once in the kitchen I leant over the sink to put some flowers I had bought in a vase by the window. My skirt rode up my thighs as I did. Come on, I thought, can't you see my ass now you thick plonker, can't you see what I want?

I waited a few minutes shuffling things about on the window sill. Oh come on do it now darling boy.

Then I felt his warm touch as his hands spread my ass cheeks and his fingers, just his thumb I think, rubbing my ass hole. At last, honey at last, such a slow boy. I heard the sound of his zip unzipping and a fumbling in his jeans. This is getting interesting. I turned round to see his cock out of his jeans not limp but not yet hard. I held it loosely in my hand, feeling it with my fingers. I kissed him on the mouth, just gentle tongue kisses on the corners of his lips.

"You are a good boy, you knew exactly what I was looking for, but kept it quiet. I like that." I said, my mouth close to his ear. "Let's go over to the couch."

When I've got a man close to me, especially one with a nice smooth body and such a neat well-shaped cock, I like to get started straight away. I knew we hadn't much time anyway, so I slipped off my skirt but left my thong on . Men seem to like taking that off so I wasn't going to deny him that treat. I wanted to give him everything anyway, so I lay back, legs open, with my foot moving up and down his leg with his cock in my hand so that he moved over to me, rubbing it against my cunt.

I liked the feel of him so I squeezed his ass inserting a finger in his ass hole, which made him clench his glutes. I did it again which made him push a bit deeper inside me.

"You like that don't you, give me some more, come on darling boy, give it to me now, nice and hard, keep fucking me, fuck me harder."

I pushed my ass up so I could get a stronger grasp of his cock, holding him down on me with my leg. I squeezed his nipples then bit one of his fingers before I moved his hand down to my cunt. I wanted to feel his fingers in my cunt as he fucked me.

When I fuck, especially in the daytime, I like to move around a lot so my body squirms up and around my lover. I felt I wasn't getting enough out of him, I could feel his cock inside me but I wanted more action.

"Wait a minute darling, let's change positions with me on top. You can grab and suck on my tits as I move over you."

I slid his cock out of my cunt, it was all wet and gli

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