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Bookish cosmo girl unleashes dark desires.

They're perfect as far as I'm concerned. I flick the nipple with my tongue, lapping at it. Then start to suck and nibble on it. She's moaning far more frequently now, and I move on to the other tit. I spread my fingers in her pussy a bit and notice that I can separate them. I grin as I realize she's ready. I pull my hand out of her crotch and she gives me a sigh and a sexy little pout.

"I wasn't done yet."

"We've barely even started, babe." And I kiss her again. I move on top of her and feel the crotch of my shorts dampened by her wetness, I almost thrust into her, instinctively, but manage to pull back. She wraps her legs around me to try to lock me in place but I slip down slowly through them. Smirking up at her little frustrated look. I sit up and pull one of her feet up to my face. I start to kiss the bottom, rubbing my small beard against the skin, trying to tickle her. I stick her index toe into my mouth and suck on it. She always has clean feet, they're always delicious. Suddenly she sits up and before I can catch her she rips my shorts down and exposes my cock. At only seven inches it isn't the largest, but more than enough for her as she always says. She takes it into her hand and strokes it. Just simple, short pumps. This wasn't part of my plan but I hardly care at this point. I close my eyes, intending to enjoy this, but they quickly snap back open when I feel her tongue. She licks right up the shaft and gives the head a little flick as she reaches the top. She looks up at me with an evil grin on her face and inhales my dick. She barely moves her head but I can feel her tongue working overtime. She slowly pulls me in deeper, massaging me with her tongue, and then slowly pulls back, sucking unbelievable hard to build up the pressure. She stops at the head and I can feel her tongue flicking and licking my piss slit. She strokes my shaft with her hand and massages my balls with the other. Finally she slowly releases my cock, lightly scraping her teeth across the skin and giving me a mischeivious grin. I grin back at her and, grabbing her legs, I flip her onto her back and bury my face into her pussy, instantly licking and sucking.

"Oh my god, yes! Suck it, baby, suck it! Lick my pussy!" She's moaning and screaming at me as I suck her clit and lick her hole. She's sweet, and musky. I love the flavor of her juices. She wasn't very fond of me eating her out at first, but my persistence paid off when she eventually started asking, then begging for it. I spread her open with my hands and give her a long, slow lick with the flat of my tongue, from the bottom of her opening to the top of her clit. I stick a finger inside her and bend it to reach her spot again. She thrashes around and I let her cum. Screaming in pleasure, she floods my mouth with even more of her delectable flavor. I suck it all down and try to lick her pussy dry but I only succeed in making her wetter. Lifting herself off the bed, she starts grinding into my face. That's one of my favorite parts. Making her go insane with pleasure without even beginning to truly fuck her yet. I give her a few more licks before slowing down, letting her calm down. One more slow lick and I stop to look up at her. Lust in her eyes. Lust and love.

I slide up the bed, losing my shorts in the process, and lay on top of her.

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