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Susie is ecstatic as center of a father/son banquet.

She looked pointedly at Lee this time. "Are you ready baby?" she asked, her breathing slightly accelerated.

"Yes honey, I think I am" he replied.

Ashton reached into her bag and got their bottle of suntan lotion. Standing up she motioned for Lee to do the same and to turn around so she could ensure she got the lotion on his body before she lost all restraint. She reached up to his neck and shoulders to begin to rub the lotion into his skin. She kissed a trail of kisses down his back creating the path her hands would follow. Placing her hands at his waist she turned him to face her. She nibbled at his neck and collarbone briefly before massing his skin once more with her slick lotion covered hands.

She bent her head to sweep her tongue and teeth over first one nipple then the other sucking lightly on each before her hands covered those spots as well leaving his skin oily and slick. Before she could go any further than his waist with the lotion he took the bottle from her telling her to turn around. He pulled her close to her and bent to kiss the back of her neck as he unhooked the clasp of her bikini top slowly peeling the material down her shoulders and arms. She sighed as his hands reached under her arms to caress her breasts and nipples. He whispered in her ear "Thank you for bringing us here."

He covered her in lotion from neck to waist then turned her to face him. He slid his hand past the elastic at the top of her bikini bottom and inside finding her wet. She threw her head back as his finger teased her outer lips before briefly slipping inside. He wasn't accustomed to her being bare but he couldn't deny he was enjoying it. That was another surprise from her on this trip that he had discovered the first night they arrived. Thoughts of their lovemaking that night ran through his head arousing him more.

Ashton reached for the snap on his swim trunks releasing it and the zipper pushing them down and letting him step out of them and move them to the side of the blanket. He in turn withdrew his finger and peeled her bikini bottoms off and down her legs. They stood before each other naked as they had thousands of times before yet somehow this was different. They weren't just in front of each other.

She got the lotion again and moved down his legs then back up to massage the cheeks of his bottom. As she went down the front of his legs she swirled her tongue around the tip of his hard cock taking his head in her mouth for a brief moment. She heard him moan as she did then with a light kiss stood back up letting him finish covering her in lotion. She squealed when his hand slid between the cheeks of her rear massaging lotion in there as well.

His other hand had slipped between her legs again and was rubbing slow circles around her clit. He knew exactly what she liked and what would get an immediate reaction from her. He circled slowly then moved down to slip his middle finger into her soaked pussy thrusting into her slowly several times then sliding back up to stimulate her clit once more. Sliding his hand down he slowly slipped two fingers inside her this time. He watched as her head fell back and felt her grip on his shoulders tighten. He was kneeling in front of her now and dipped his head to taste her juices as his tongue circled her clit now, his two fingers still thrusting.

"Lee" she panted, barely audible but he heard it. He knew that she was close to orgasm. He slipped a third finger into her slick channel and increased the pressure of his tongue. Without looking up he knew that she was biting her lip to keep from crying out too loudly. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders as she continued to grip them for balance, her knees slightly bent from buckling. He heard her moan escape and her body clutch at him as she came. He could taste her cum on his tongue, her sweet nectar, he drank from her as her body jerked against him as her climax overtook her.

He waited until she stilled to attempt to stand up.

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