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Maggie is asked to check in on Jake one more time.

I guess I was more jealous of the idea than the reality, because it isn't bothering me at all. Maybe because they are all mine too. It's good to see you finally find a place we could both call home. We were great just as us, but the running and isolation wasn't ideal."

Hmm, guess I'd had our link open if she was getting my feelings.

I replied, "What are you up to?"

I could feel her grin in my mind as she replied, "Doing my own bonding with Sue, Allie, and Celane, with a roomful of toys."

I dropped the subject at that point. I was having hard enough of a time not taking this sleeping beauty in my arms. I didn't need to get even more worked up by picturing that in my head. I wasn't exactly bored, but I was glad when her mind rejoined me an hour or so later, she volunteered to read me a book. So that's how I spent the next few hours, holding Katrina as she slept and listening to Bell's pleasantly expressive voice in my mind.

When the time to wake her up came around, I slid underneath the covers. She moved when I took my arms from around her, but didn't wake up until I had my head between her legs. I'd been fantasizing about it on and off for the last few hours and was quivering in anticipation as I gave her outer labia a long slow and light lick with the very tip of my tongue.

I knew right when she woke up, somewhere around lick number eight the covers flew off and she arched her back, pushing into my face. I looked up, my eyes locked with her beautiful green eyes. She tasted so good I moaned softly as I kissed her folds gently before sliding my tongue into her hot heaven.

I couldn't move my eyes away from hers as I read the pleasure, heat, and desire in them. My length hardened further and felt confined between me and the bed and I licked deeper inside her as she started to play with her breasts, lightly brushing her nipples. The sounds of pleasure and need escaping her lips drove me to lick deeper, then move up slightly and tease her clit as I slid two fingers into her now very wet core.

She gasped, "Please," in a begging voice.

I curled my fingers slight to brush her sensitive wall as I started working my fingers in and out of her, when I judged it right I sucked in her clit and circled it with my tongue before brushing the tip.

She arched her back and pushed into me hard, grinding against my face, still looking into my eyes.

She gasped, "I love you Jeremy..." right before she went over the edge. She started to tremble on my tongue and I could see her eyes widen in pleasurable ecstasy. I licked around her labia, trying to extend the orgasm and bring her down gently. Her eyes looked a little panicked when she came down, and I thought I knew why.

I crawled up her body and kissed her passionately, our bodies finding their way together I slid into her tight heaven like I belonged there.

I broke the kiss when I was balls deep and looked into her eyes.

I whispered, "I love you too Kat..."

Her eyes widened and then softened. Her whole body seemed to relax under me and her core undulated up and down my length. There was something different in her eyes and she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down into a fervently loving kiss.

Her core was adjusted to me now and I started to move in and out of her...


Chapter 16 - Katrina

I'd been horrified by what slipped out of my mouth, until he said the words back. I'd never felt anything like this before. The first time I'd slept with Jeremy had been amazing, and falling to sleep in his arms made me feel safe, protected.

There had still been a part of me that was worried though, about if this could last, if it could be real. When I heard him say it, and saw it in his eyes, that worry had melted away. It changed the way our making love felt to me, magnified it. I'd never felt so alive as right now as he took me. I had just completely surrendered myself, and my body, to him.

I gasped as he filled me again, meeting his thrust with my own.

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