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A naive journalist experiences bondage for the first time.

The cock severely distended her blushing cheeks, but she managed not to gag or cough this time.

Ken watched in utter astonishment as his cock vanished into the warm depths of Lindsay's mouth. She braced herself against his inner thigh as she bobbed up and down with more enthusiasm between his legs. He just couldn't believe Lindsay was able to take his cock this easily. She didn't have the greatest blowjob technique in the world, but with a little practice, and some patience, Lindsay could be trained to be great.

Small masses of saliva were gathering at the corners of her mouth. She maneuvered the cock from her mouth, and strands of saliva departed with it, sloppily landing over her chest. She once again teased his cock with her tongue, using it like a paintbrush, stroking it up and down the shaft, circling around the head, then moving down to the V-shaped ridge. The feel of her slightly skilled tongue enthralled him deeply, but soon he would have to teach Lindsay some humiliation. Ken still had aspirations of taking the girl down from her pedestal.

"You love that big cock, don't you?" Julius said. "You love the feel of it against the back of your throat."

Suddenly Ken Logan sat up from the leather sofa, and began to thrust forcefully into her mouth. Lindsay attempted to move her head in an effort to match his rhythm, but he was moving to fast. Her cheeks were becoming more distending, and his cock slapped the back of her throat.

"That's it," Julius said loudly. "Fuck that little whore's mouth."

Ken fucked her mouth like he would eventually fuck Lindsay's sweet, eighteen year old pussy. Her nose was lightly grazing his stomach. Ken removed his pants and boxers so Julius could get a better shot. Ken's fucking of her mouth only intensified. His bushy pubic hair tickled her nose, his balls slapped wildly against her cheek and chin.

"AAAGGGHHH!" Lindsay Lohan mumbled as the cock invaded her throat. Several times she attempted to pull the cock from her mouth, but her hands were rudely slapped away. Now her arms hung uselessly at her sides.

"Close your mouth around his cock," Julius advised.

Without really thinking about, Lindsay did as told; wrapping her lips around Ken's furiously thrusting cock. The friction each movement caused reminded Ken of times he had fucked rarely used, tight pussy. He could feel Lindsay's teeth scraping against his cock while enjoying the sounds of her gagging and muffled coughs.

Her titties were brushing gently against his legs. She was on her knees, getting defiled by a big cock which was stuffed in her mouth, and was being forced to breath through her nose. Using his left hand, Ken removed his cock. Lindsay exhaled wildly, struggling for breath. Tears had formed in her eyes, and she had to spit excess saliva from her mouth, which spilled between her breasts further coating her chest.
"How do you like getting your pretty little face fucked?" Julius asked. "I bet acting school didn't prepare you for this."

Lindsay opened her mouth to reply, but was greeted by Ken's cock instead. It slithered deep in her throat like a snake, and Ken was tapping the bulge his cock created there with his fingers. He held his cock in her throat for five longs seconds, then pulled out.

"AAAGGGHHH!" Ken enjoyed his assault on poor Lindsay's throat. This has been the most fun he ever had during a porn shoot, and it wasn't over yet. There were still a few more things which had to be done.

He pinched Lindsay's nose shut and used one giant burst of energy to fuck Lindsay's mouth one last time. With her nostrils sealed off, poor Lindsay had no way to breathe.



Then Ken stopped this final assault of her throat, forcing his cock from her mouth with a loud pop.

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