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The Divorce and the Revelation.

I continued -

JadedDragon: "Do you think your boss did?"

Vandon69: "Yes Sir. I bumped into him today and he could not even look at me."

JadedDragon: "And how did it make you feel?"

Vandon69: "Very turned on Sir!"

JadedDragon: "Such a little slut you are. You like turning men on, don't you?"

Vandon69: "Yes Sir. It's new for me."

JadedDragon: "How so?"

Vandon69: "I've always thought of myself as overweight Sir. That my boobs are too big, my backside is too big."

JadedDragon: "You are wrong."

Vandon69: "Thank you Sir!"

JadedDragon: "Why would you post pics of yourself?"

Vandon69: "I was a little drunk one night and feeling lonely Sir. The response to them has been surprising."

JadedDragon: "You like men looking at you, wanting you, don't you?"

Vandon69: "Like I said, it's all new for me Sir."

JadedDragon: "And you dress plainly, don't you?"

Vandon69: "Yes Sir. For my job. Very conservative and nondescript."

JadedDragon: "But only I know the slut underneath."

Vandon69: "Yes. Only you Sir!"

Oh, this girl was driving me crazy with lust. She had absolutely no idea how sexy she was. If she would only loosen up a little, she would really be something, but for now I wanted her all to myself.

JadedDragon: "You liked that little flirtation with your boss yesterday, didn't you slut?"

Vandon69: "Yes Sir. Thank you Sir. And thank you for allowing me to cum yesterday Sir."

My cock ached for her. I wanted to march over to her cubicle and fuck her right there in front of anyone who cared to watch.

JadedDragon: "Tell me your favorite fantasy."

Vandon69: "I want to be taken Sir. Not raped mind you, but taken, forced to do things to a man. Or men. Strong men, like you Sir."

My mind swirled in thought. Suddenly, I had an idea.

JadedDragon: "What are you wearing today?"

Vandon69: "Like yesterday, a long wool skirt, jacket, plain blouse, low heels Sir."

JadedDragon: "Underneath?"

Vandon69: "Cotton bra, panties, pantyhose. Like yesterday Sir."

JadedDragon: "Today is the last day for that. Tomorrow, you will wear your shear black lace bra, g-string and black lace stockings. The same type of skirt but a darker blouse. From now on, only your sexiest lingerie. No more cotton."

Vandon69: "Thank you Sir."

JadedDragon: "Conservative outside, but slutty underneath. Just the way I like you."

Vandon69: "Thank you Sir!"

JadedDragon: "You liked turning on your boss yesterday, didn't you slut?"

Vandon69: "Yes Sir. Very much. It made me wet Sir thinking about getting him excited."

God, I could have cum right then and there. Instead, I continued -

JadedDragon: "Will he be in his office all day tomorrow?"

Vandon69: "He usually leaves for lunch Sir."

JadedDragon: "Good. You will dress as I ordered. At lunch time, you will slip into his office. Inside your purse you will have your favorite vibrator. I want you to sit in his chair behind his desk and fuck yourself with that vibrator until you cum, slut. Hike up your skirt, spread your stocking-clad thighs, pull your g-string aside and cum on his chair."

Vandon69: "What if he catches me Sir?"

JadedDragon: "That will not happen slut. Do as I say and I will reward you. In person."

Vandon69: "Thank you Sir! I'm wet thinking about it."

JadedDragon: "You DO NOT have permission to masturbate. Now, tonight or tomorrow morning. You can cum when you fuck yourself in his chair, slut."

Vandon69: "Thank you Sir!"

JadedDragon: "Vandon69. Explain the name."

Vandon69: "Vandon is different parts of my real name, which I'd like to keep private Sir."

JadedDragon: "You may, as will I until I decide we should meet. And the 69?"

Now, I knew full well what that was but I wanted her to say it.

Vandon69: "It's for oral sex Sir. I love to give as well as receive."

I groaned again as I imagined her full, pouty lips wrapped around my cock. I needed to go to the Men's room and cum again so I finished for today.

JadedDragon: "I must go now.

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