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A gay encounter.

"Actually we made a triangle on the floor of the shower. I licked Amy's pussy, she licked Kelly's pussy, and Kelly licked mine." Julie said.

"Did you make each other cum?" Eric asked.

Julie shook her head.

"Not the first time. We all enjoyed it, but we were excited to taste the other girl so before we could make each other cum we turned the other way so that I was licking Kelly's pussy, Kelly was licking Amy's pussy, and Amy was licking mine." Julie said.

"Did you cum like that?" Eric asked.

Julie smiled and nodded.

"Yes. I made Kelly cum first, but Amy and I weren't far behind her." Julie said.

Eric smiled.

"That's so fucking hot. How many times did one of them make you cum today?" Eric asked.

"I came a total of 3 times; once from Kelly and twice from Amy." Julie said.

Eric smiled and moved his hands away from holding his wife down on his cock. She started moving up and down on it. Eric pulled Julie down to him and sucked and licked her nipples.

"I bet they loved your tits didn't they." Eric said.

"Yeah...they loved them. Amy's were the most interesting though; Kelly and I had never felt breasts with implants before. They're amazing." Julie said.

After a few minutes of Julie bouncing on his cock Eric grabbed Julie's hips and forced her down hard onto him as he exploded inside her. Julie slumped forward onto Eric and kissed him.

"God baby that was incredible." Julie said.

"Hearing about you and the girls was so fucking hot that I couldn't help myself." Eric said.

Julie smiled.

"If you fuck me like that when you hear about me having sex with women I can't wait to see what you do to me when I tell you about my first time with John." Julie said.

"When is that by the way?" Eric asked.

"I'm pretty sure we decided to meet over here Friday night if that's okay with you." Julie said.

Eric smiled.

"Are you sure you can't do it sooner?" Eric asked.

Julie smiled.

"Patience my love; good things come to those who wait. You've got almost a week to think about me with John to work you up beforehand." Julie said.

Eric smiled and kissed his wife.

"God damn it I love you." Eric said.

When Amy got home from the hotel Robert kissed her.

"Welcome home; did you have fun?" Robert asked.

Amy laughed and shook her head.

"It was unbelievable. The whole thing seems like a dream. I had sex with Kelly and Julie today. I had my first experience with another woman today." Amy said.

Robert smiled.

"I'm glad you had fun. You've told me that you don't want the details of what happens between me and Susan so I won't ask you what happened." Robert said.

Amy smiled.

"You won't ask, but you're desperate to hear what happened aren't you?" Amy asked.

Robert shrugged.

"I wouldn't say desperate, but certainly curious; it's not every day that your wife has her first lesbian experience." Robert said.

Amy laughed.

"It would be a little tough to have my first lesbian experience every day. I guess I could tell you a little about what happened, but you have to be naked. Take your clothes off." Amy said.

"Seriously?" Robert asked.

"Do you want to hear about it or not?" Amy asked.

Robert looked at his wife for a moment before quickly shedding his clothes. Amy smiled.

"Good, now sit here in this chair." Amy said.

Amy pulled a chair away from the kitchen table and put it in the middle of the room; Robert sat down.

"Open your legs nice and wide." Amy said.

Robert moved his legs so that his feet were well outside the front legs of the chair.

"Very good, now put your hands behind you." Amy said.

"Why?" Robert asked.

Amy smiled.

"I don't want you to be touching yourself while I'm telling you what happened. Now put your hands behind your back." Amy said.

Robert put his hands behind the back of the chair.

"Now, do you think that you can stay sitting like that on your own or do I need to tie you up?" Amy asked.

"I'll stay like this." Robert said.

"Okay then." Amy said.

Amy sat on the table facing Robert; she'd positioned the chair so that if she reached out with her foot she could touch his cock and balls wit

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