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Rosa does Amy another 'favour'.

Once there I was able to insert the delicious cock into my mouth as Octavia swallowed the sac and balls.

As I alluded to earlier Clarence was huge and I found it difficult to get all of Clarence's cock into my mouth but it was worth the effort. Aside from cock in pussy and possibly cock in asshole nothing is more pleasurable to me than to have a throbbing cock in my mouth. Anticipated eruption of sperm into my mouth intensifies my excitement as the taste of cum is something I truly crave for. I just love the taste- the combination of bitter, salty and sweet tastes that is contained in male cum drives me into highest ecstasy.

Judging by the size of Clarence's balls I would expect he would have lots and lots of cum for me and I was getting impatient to swallow it.

As I was alternately in unison with Octavia sucking Clarence's cock and balls the thought of the sperm to cum was causing me to moan and I was also shuddering as I was looking forward to Clarence juices.

Clarence was starting to moan as well so I knew the end would be near. Yes I would soon have that precious goo in my mouth. As I had Clarence's balls in my mouth for the umpteenth time I could feel the balls tense and Clarence's body was stiffening so I knew his sperm was about to erupt and I felt Clarence will likely explode the very next time I got his cock into my mouth. So I joyfully tongued up his shaft as Octavia released Clarence's cock and quickly I covered my mouth with that now trembling rod.

Down I went along the shaft until very inch of Clarence's dick was completely in my mouth and all of Clarence's pubic hair was tickling my nose and cheeks. Massaging his cock with my tongue I slowly let his cock escape from my mouth as I moved my lips to the tip of the magnificent black cock. Ah Clarence was now grunting very loudly and chanting:

"Ah girl (his eyes were closed so he could not be sure of who had his cock) that's so good - your tongues are fantastic- suck that cock - taste my cum."

My excitement was reaching a fever peach as I could sense I would erupt into a fantastic orgasm once I tasted the first spurt of cum juice.

With great hopes I went down a second time knowing this would be it but I had to start leaving the base after keeping the full cock in my mouth slightly longer than previously. So I went down for the third time and Clarence was getting louder and louder and his whole body became completely stiff.

This is it -but no I had to come up. When I was at tip of Clarence's prick and I should have released it for Octavia, but I was so desperate for cum that I went down a fourth time. However halfway down his shaft I could feel Octavia's tongue as she was on her journey to retake Clarence's cock. With the etiquette of cock sharing already established I had no option but to retreat and give up the cock.

As soon as I got Clarence's sac and balls fully into my mouth Clarence started shouting:

"Oh I am cumming I am cumming swallow that sperm girl eat it all up".

As I feared Clarence was spilling all that precious sperm into Octavia's mouth.

Once Clarence stopped trembling Octavia released his cock from her mouth. I quickly grabbed his dick to lick it and try to salvage what cum spots were available on its head. However Octavia had done a great job of capturing all of his goo so there was virtually nothing for me. What a bitch darn no consideration for me! Octavia noticed the look of disappointment in my face and smiled which made me even angrier. As she was full of Clarence's sperm she could not talk so she motioned to me to open my mouth.

As I opened my mouth wide Octavia moved towards me and with a hand behind my neck she pressed her lips into my mouth. She forced my head back almost to a ninety degree angle from my chest. She then opened her lips and gravity allowed Clarence's cum to drain into my mouth.

Oh was this heavenly as I greedly swallowed some of the precious nectar.

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