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Night out ends unexpectedly.

Why I will never know but something inside of me made me get up and follow this stranger out the door after I got my erection back in my pants.

As I left out of the theater area I was not sure where he would be or if I would even see him. I ducked into the bathroom to take a quick leak and he was standing at one of the urinals. He looked to be about my age and had blonde hair and was more muscular than me. As I entered he turned form the urinal and was stroking his dick. It was a lot bigger than my little 6". It looked huge in his hand(it must have been 8" or 9" long and very thick).

All I could think to say was "That's a nice one." He looked at me and motioned for me to come over to him. Something inside of me said that I was ready, willing and able to try this but I was scared of getting caught in a public bathroom so I said, "Not here" and he buttoned his jeans and we both left out of the theater. Once we were in the parking lot we talked for a minute and he asked me if I would like to come to his house for a while. I agreed and proceeded to follow him home.

Once we got to his house we sat on the sofa in the living room and talked for a minute. It was a nice house and I found out that he had two roommates who were gone out west on a camping trip. After the small talk he asked me if I would like to come back to his room so I got up and followed him.

Once we got inside his room he put his arms around me and started kissing me. I had never even thought about kissing a guy before but it was very sensual. I did not know what to do so as we kissed I brought my hand down to his crotch and started massaging his dick though his jeans. My dick was already hard again. As the kissing continued I fumbled with the buttons on his jeans. One by one I got them undone and started sliding his pants down to his ankles when he broke off the kiss and quickly began stripping off all of his clothes. I followed his queue an immediately stripped too. He at on the bed and invited me to sit next to him.

Once seated he again kissed me on the mouth as we lay back on the bed. We kissed for several minutes and then I decided that I was ready to take this to the next level as I began kissing my way down his chest. I stopped and teased his nipples as my hand continued down his body. As I kissed around his navel I took his erection in my hand and started slowly stroking it. I had never touched another guys cock before but it seemed like I knew what I was doing.

As I continued to stroke him I finally had gotten "face to face" with his dick. I reached out with my tongue and gently teased the opening before I touch his dick into my mouth. He was really big and thick but I managed to get several inches of him in my mouth and I began sucking him as I stroked him. He seemed to enjoy this even though I was pretty sure that I was not very good. His moans made me feel good about the job I was doing. After about 5 minutes of my sucking on his dick he stopped me and pushed me onto my back on the bed.

Even though he had not cum I guess he figured that it was my turn. Maybe he sensed from my sucking that I was inexperienced and decided to take charge of the activity. Whatever the reason he started sucking me and giving me the best blowjob that I have ever had. Granted I am just an average guy in the size department but I swear he sucked me all the way to the base of my dick. He made love to my dick with his mouth like no woman ever has. He was definitely experienced at this and I was enjoying his talents. After a few minutes he had me on the verge of orgasm. When I told him I was fixing to cum I figured that he would pull his mouth off of my dick but he didn't. He took me all the way in his mouth and swallowed every drop of my cum. He continued to suck me until I was completely drained and my dick became soft in his mouth.

Wow! I had just sucked a dick and had a guy suck my dick to the best orgasm I have ever had.

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