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A tale of mutual exhibitionism.

She told me I was to refer to her as Ma'am and I was going to be her little bitch slut as long as it amused her. She had a leather switch and she used it to slap my ass. She asked if I understood. I quickly said yes Ma'am and she told me to follow her to her seat. As I walked on all floors and stayed at her feet she told me I lick her heels. I did so but when she felt I was too slow or not showing enough exuberance she would strike my back with the switch. I seemed to lick forever when she told me to take off her heels. I complied as fast as I could but not being used to them I took too long and she swatted me harder. I was afraid if I used too much pressure I would anger her and then she would really let me have it.

Once I removed her heels she commanded me to remove her stockings. Once I did she told me to worship her feet and legs. I was to kiss her feet and suck them. First she put all of her toes in my mouth and I then sucked each toe. She told me I was a good little bitch.

I now began licking the sole of her feet and moving up the legs. When I reached her thighs she told me to take off her panties with my mouth. This frightened me as I was afraid I might make a mistake and any little pain that was my fault would be multiplied back onto me.

She seemed to know this instinctively and slapped me hard and told me I could use my hands. Once I had removed them she told me to smell them and know the scent of a Goddess.

She stood up pulling my hair to bring me up. She told me to bend over the couch where she had my arms tied tight behind me. As she turned me back to her she pushed my head down until my mouth was at the level of her breasts and commanded me to suck and lick her nipples and breasts. I did so hungrily. As she touched my cock it immediately was erect and some sperm fell on the tiled floor. Stupid bitch she yelled at me - she told me to lick it up. I didn't want to at first but a couple of slaps to my face drove me down to the ground where I licked it up.

As she pulled me back up she placed a blindfold over my eyes. I had no idea what she was going to do and then I felt her fingers pinching my nipples. She placed nipple clamps over each one with a small chain to connect them. I was groaning as she did this so she put a ball gag in my mouth to quiet me.

She then lead me to another room which must have been the bathroom. I heard a buzzing noise and she told me that I had a hairy cock and balls and her bitches needed to be shaved. As she did this she told me how pitiful my cock and balls were and I probably didn't use since I was so pathetic. She told me I wasn't a real man and how nature had made a mistake and how she could take her garden shears and make me a full woman as she knew I wasn't a real man. As she shaved me I was tense. I didn't know if she would really do such a thing. She didn't but she continued down my legs to shave them. She told me that since I was a boi slut I should begin dressing as one.

She lead me out and again stroked my cock and this time she placed something around my cock and balls. She pulled off my blindfold and attached a leash to the cock and balls restraint. She told me I wasn't allowed to let my cock run free since they were bad. She then lead me like a dog on a leash around her home.

After this she took off the ball gag before she removed my arm restraints and bent me over a heavy chair where my wrists and ankles were secured. I couldn't see what she was doing but I heard the whistle of the paddle as she took it to my ass. It stung badly and I yelled in pain. She answered back that I needed to thank her and to ask for another. What I asked disoriented which was answered by another harder smack. In pain I answered back, Thank you Ma'am may I have another. She said that was how a good slut is -thankful - and then she began paddling me harder and harder as I thanked her for them. My ass cheeks were on fire as she took a break. She answered her phone but I couldn't hear what she was saying.

After a few minutes she told me she was going out

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