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She must do as she's told.

"Well Betty, what do you think?" I heard a different female voice ask. I felt a feminine touch on my chest and then a fingernail ran down to my groin. She squeezed my balls a little too hard and I moved my hips away. "Oh sorry," she said, squeezing again.

"He has a nice ass," her friend, Betty, said. A different hand squeezed an ass cheek, her fingernails digging in painfully.

"How does this feel?" asked the first as she ran her fingernails up the length of my rod. I groaned involuntarily.

"I think that he likes it," said Betty.

"I'd rather have Terrence's big cock in me."

"Well there's always the auction," said Betty.

"Okay ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the last act. Please return to your seats," announced Bob from the control room.

The next voice I heard was Terrence. "Now I know that you heard that your husband is here and I'm sorry. I'm going to take the blindfold off of you again." Again there was another pause while I assumed that he was removing her blindfold. "If you look over to your right you can see that he was watching the entire performance before we brought him into the room."

I, of course, couldn't see what was going on, but I assume that she turned and looked at me. He continued, "As you can see he found your performance to be very, umm, uplifting." We heard her sob. "There, there, don't cry Melody," he continued. "Every husband fantasizes about watching his wife with another man. Your husband's fantasy just came true, that's all."

"Melody, it's not true," I said unintelligibly into the gag in my mouth.

"I'm sure that he's feeling very embarrassed right now," continued Terrence, "but I'm sure that he will beg for your forgiveness and make it up to you."

There was silence for a moment and I felt someone nearby. Then Terrence whispered into my ear. "Remember Mr. Williams what will happen if you don't cooperate completely. Nod if you understand."

What choice did I have? I nodded. "When I take the gag out of your mouth I don't want you to say anything unless I tell you to. Do you understand?" Again I nodded.

I felt my wrists being unhooked from the wall; then the restraints were reattached in front of me. He took off the blindfold and I blinked against the harsh lights. When my eyes adjusted I saw my wife standing a few feet away. Her gag was back in place and she was wearing only a garter belt and black stockings, her arms and legs spread out, her wrists and ankles tied to poles. It was exactly the same as I'd been watching from the other room, but standing so close I felt a flood of desire. The pose accentuated the soft curves of her hourglass figure and her pert breasts looked proudly defiant.

My mind flashed back to one time she'd let me tie her to the bed wearing a surprisingly similar outfit. I had made her suck me until I got hard; warning her that if she bit me she would be sorry. Then I fucked her in the missionary while she pretended to struggle beneath me. I'd untied her long enough to flip her over so I could screw her from behind while she begged me to stop. I had treated her like my captive for a couple of hours until she got tired of the game. Now, she looked so vulnerable and yet so available I wanted to hold her and protect her while I slipped my hard pole inside her body.

Still gagged, Terrence took my arm and directed me a few steps until I was standing face to face with my wife. I looked into her eyes, pleading with my eyes that everything was okay between us. I couldn't read what she was thinking and I looked down, feeling ashamed. Terrence still held my wrist and he lifted my hand up and placed in on my wife's right breast. It was soft and warm and I felt her nipple harden under my palm. I looked back up at her face and she looked down at my erection, and then turned her head away. She seemed to know that I would gladly fuck her right then, in front of all of these strangers.

Terrence again spoke, this time audible through the speakers.

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