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You know it was banned after so many failed attempts that ended with horrible results." Tempro almost begged of Mary.

"Tempro," Mary started, "for all he has done, for all that you and I know he can accomplish he will need this, he will need her."

"I realize this, all of this, but we both know it is wrong and in the words of the human race immoral." Tempro again was almost pleading with Mary.

"If we don't even attempt this then we are no better than the masses that were the Republic. Do YOU want to see the most glorious empire reduced to that?!" Mary questioned Tempro.

"No, but we have to proceed with more than extreme care, if it appears to have failed we need to terminate, finishing that form would be cruel and I know you are not that mother. Please don't make me go through that again. The last time was almost too much for me and the crew, remember we lost half after the first failed set." Tempro told Mary.

"I remember," Mary whispered hearing the screams and agony.

Derrick had been sitting at his desk for several hours trying to come up with a solution to the problem. Laying his head on the desk he began to go back through everything that had happened to him over the last six or so months. The meeting of Shelby, finding that the detection system that so many had called useless could actually find the ships. The battles to protect the galaxy, the losses and near losses, the love, and trust he felt from and for the ships and their A.I.'s.

Then there had been the two strange messages from his, he guessed, future self the second most profound. The first though had something in it that still seemed to bug Derrick if it really was his future self then yeah it made sense, what was it? Derrick had almost fallen asleep when he heard part of the first message again: 'Rest the answer will come, it always does, and it's always that simple.' Snapping his head up Derrick was shocked at the simple things he'd been thinking of my god, was it really that simple?

Leaping from the desk Derrick went running to the command deck. "Shelby! I may have an answer!" Derrick was screaming as he entered the command deck. Once again Shelby was shocked she hadn't expected to see Derrick for a while longer.

"Shelby!" Derrick yelled again.

"I'm here Derrick is everything alright?" A worried Shelby asked him.

"I may have an answer; remember the thruster pack I used when I removed the device from Zan's fin?" Derrick questioned her.

At first she only nodded then her eyes flew wide, "Under the mandates I am afraid that Mary and I cannot allow you to place yourself in danger like that again." Shelby sternly told him.

Derrick drew back a moment, God! She was completely serious! "No I have something far less dangerous than that, I also do not wish to be in that position again. I was thinking of a mini thruster pack on each enhancer that could be maneuvered into place, with you controlling them in should prove a far better way to place them."

"Hmmmm this plan has much merit," Mary said behind Derrick making him jump a bit. Both Mary and Shelby giggled when Derrick had to sit a moment to calm down. "I calculate that this plan has a ninety five point six percent completion chance. This plan I find far more acceptable than the last that involved you risking your life." Mary told him after a few minutes. "Though I believe that we will have to increase the fuel that it carries and add three more burn tubes."

Derrick started checking all the specifications and started to add the additional equipment, the whole time Mary watched closely as did Shelby. Finally finished Derrick sat back more than pleased by the design he'd come up with.

Mary's head was nodding at the design she was more impressed by the emperor's detail to the design.

"I believe you're right Mary these extra tubes will give us more stopping force, plus I think the extra weight might actually be easier to calculate fuel wise." Derrick told her.

"Production has already sta

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