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Asian girl puts on balcony show.

There was an awkward moment as Megan and Rodney stood there, looking at each other. Then, Megan stepped toward him and kissed him squarely on the lips. Rodney wrapped his hands around Megan's arms and kissed her a second time.

"I've wanted to do this for a long time," Megan told Rodney.

"What took you so long?" Rodney responded.

Then, the white girl and the black boy fully embraced and began kissing each other deeply. Rodney's full lips were soft and felt even better than Megan had imagined, probably a hundred times.

Megan led Rodney to the couch and they both fell onto it, wrapping their arms around each other and kissing even more passionately with their mouths opened wide. Rodney pushed his tongue into Megan's mouth and she welcomed it with her own. They continued kissing like two long lost lovers for several minutes. Megan opened her eyes to confirm to herself that she was finally realizing her dream of making out with a black guy. She was ecstatic as she looked at Rodney's dark complexioned face, barely an inch from her own.

Rodney opened his eyes for a moment and was surprised to see Megan's green eyes looking directly into his. He stopped kissing and smiled, then asked, "Do you always kiss with your eyes open?"

"No, no I don't," Megan said softly, "I'm just so happy that you're here, and you're kissing me, that I almost have to see it to believe it.

Giving Megan another soft peck on her lips, Rodney said, "I can't believe it either. You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and I never thought I stood a chance with you."

Megan began blushing at the compliment.

"Now you're turning red!" Rodney said, somewhat amazed. "You're even prettier than you were a minute ago."

"You're making me this way," Megan said, then she closed her eyes and began kissing Rodney as hard as she could, rubbing her lips against his and probing his mouth with her tongue.

The new couple continued to kiss and caress each other on the couch. When Rodney dared to put his hand on one of her boobs, Megan threw her head back and smiled. Rodney took the queue to fondle her other tit as well. As he squeezed and fondled her breasts Megan purred and kissed Rodney as much as she could with both of his hands pawing her chest.

Megan paused the action for as long as it took for her to quickly unbutton her top and pull it off, allowing Rodney to attack the cups of her bra with his hands.

"Take it off, baby," Rodney pleaded.

Megan sat up, grinned, and asked, "You want to feel my boobs and not my bra? Well, here, they're all yours. I want you to have them." She reached behind her back, unhooked her bra, and pulled it off, tossing it away.

Megan moaned as she watched Rodney's black hands moving over her pale white softball-sized breasts. When he leaned forward to take her left nipple into his mouth, Megan groaned "oh yes!" Rodney sucked on one nipple, then the other, and alternated between them. Megan discreetly reached under her skirt to see if her panties were as wet as she thought they were. They were sopping.

Megan glanced at Rodney's lap and saw a large bulge, pressing upward against the zipper. Megan's libido took control and she found her hand moving to Rodney's crotch to feel the bulge in his pants.

"Wow," Megan gasped, "Is that all you?!"

"You're getting me all worked up, baby," Rodney said, "but keep doing it."

Rodney gently placed his hand on Megan's and guided her to stroke his cock through his pants, for his benefit and also to show her what he had in store.

"Can I see it, sweetheart?" Megan asked, using the first of what would be many terms of endearment.

Rodney was wearing the baggy jeans that sagged in the back, popular with black guys, so it was easy for him to just slip them down and off while sitting on the couch, along with his boxer shorts.

Rodney's cock was already fully erect, appearing to Megan like a battlefield cannon, pointing in the air at a 45-degree angle.

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