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The next morning and a shower with Karen.


"I'm going make you swallow all our cum." he whispered in my ear "Are you OK with that?"

Nice of him to ask I thought, and I whispered back in his ear as he wanked us "I want both our loads of cum in my mouth."

The thought of my mouth full of 2 big loads of cum turned me on, and admitting it out loud pushed me over the edge.

As soon as I said it my waves of orgasm hit, and as he wanked our cocks together I began groaning and shooting cum over my stomach. I felt 5 or 6 big contractions of my cock, my cum blasting up my chest, and he was still wanking me with his cock touching mine.

My cock was achingly sensitive, and I begged him to slow down - but he was concentrating on his own orgasm, wanking us both with intensity - his breath in my mouth coming is gasps as his orgasm built.

I grabbed his hanging balls and squeezed them and although my mouth was full of his I said "Shoot your cum on me."

He continued raping my mouth with his tongue, and his saliva was flowing freely from his mouth into mine. He began grunting and groaning as his balls contracted in my hand, and I felt his first stream of ejaculate land on my stomach.

He raised himself up, threw his head back, and with me still cradling his ball sack, feeling each ejaculation, I grabbed his cock with my other hand and wanked 6 or 7 more shots of cum onto my chest. He was moaning in pleasure, and gasping as the waves or orgasm washed over him, and his body shook as he came on me.

I had never wanked anybody over my chest before, although lots of women had done me like that - and I must say it was satisfying watching and feeling his warm cum splash over me.

My chest and stomach was covered with big thick shots of our cum mixed together, and I waited for him to lick it off and snowball me.

Instead he used his fingers to mix our cum together, running his fingers slowly and erotically through the mixture - enjoying the slipperiness.

Then he used his fingertips to draw the mixture of cum into a small puddle, and he lifted it off my chest.

It was seeping through his fingers, but not quickly enough to leak and drop.

He held it over my face and I watched the long tentacles slowly stretching towards my mouth. I opened my mouth and put my tongue up to greet it, and he lowered the dripping cum into my mouth. "Don't swallow" he said.

He made me lick his fingers clean, and then he moved his head down and started licking up whatever cum was left on my chest and stomach.

With my mouth full of warm cum, he put his face above mine, used his hand to open my mouth and opened his mouth and let the cum slowly dribble from his mouth into mine in a slow continuous stream.

"Don't swallow yet." he said

He rolled onto his back, and opened his mouth. I rolled on top of him, put my mouth over his and let the stream of warm cum, mixed with my saliva run into his mouth as he moaned with the guilty pleasure.

Once more he rolled on top of me, and I knew to open my mouth again, and accept the mixture of our intermingled DNA.

I also knew not to swallow as he slowly let the long stream of cum dribble into my mouth.

He held my head at an angle where the cum and saliva formed a pool in my mouth, and then he stuck his semi hard cock in my mouth and swirled it through the mixture.

His cock was softening, but still thick and meaty, and he fucked our cum down my throat.

I lay back, and we must have dozed off for a couple of hours.

It was hot, and the tennis and sex had tired us both out.

We just lay there enjoying the slow breeze of the ceiling fan.

It was getting dark, and I was slumbering when I felt his tongue just barely licking the end of my flaccid cock.

I feigned sleep, just letting out a quiet moan - enough to give him incentive to continue.

He kept licking the end of my cock, swirling his tongue around the head, and I felt my cock responding - getting harder, but I didn't react - just lay there seeing what he would do next.

His next move was to put his cock on my face.

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