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Friends have a party.

"Can I play too?"

It was comical. Dicks jerked away from working hands. The very same hands groped at owner's equipment trying to hide the nest from prying eyes. Three pairs of eyes, wide as flying saucers, zeroed in on the intruder and an arctic breeze swirled around the proceedings.

"Mandy!" Jesse's voice cracked on the second syllable making him sound like he was thirteen again instead of twenty three, his voice oscillating between the child and the man.

"Fuck me!" Mort groaned.

Well Mort had the right idea anyway, Mandy thought as she tried to look at his cock through the net of fingers that shielded the rapidly shrinking member.

"Ah shit." Said Jimbo intoning the only Chinese he knew.

"Well, well, well." Mandy stepped into the flickering light, her bare tit swinging free, her skirt hitched and held up by her right arm as her hand was buried under the G-string, in her pussy. "Aren't you a fucking sight. I have never seen a cluster of eager cocks like what's before me today and I wasn't invited?" She grinned at Jesse, giving him a huge wink. "So, again I ask you...Can I fucking play too?"

Mort cleared his throat and swallowed hard, but grinned at her. His eyes took in that gorgeous tit with its hard nipple and the busy fingers working behind the triangular patch of G-string that was no longer hidden by her skirt.

"I can't see why not." He offered.

Jesse nodded his eyes still wide with the shock of his girlfriend catching him with both hands full of either cock or balls and none of it his. Fuck, but she was gorgeous, he thought to himself taking in the luscious bare tit that still jutted out waiting for attention.

Jimbo had recovered his composure, his hands had fallen away from his cock and now his proud member was starting to raise its head again. Mandy smiled as she saw it snake its way up towards Jimbo's belly button and their Sunday ride together flashed again through her mind. She remembered that thick solid shaft deep in her pussy and also the fact that Jesse never knew about it.

"You gonna take your gear off then?" Mort had recovered too and now was hard again, his big cock swinging like a metronome as he turned towards her. Mandy just smiled and jerked her blouse off over her head, baring her twin bubble with their two hard peaks for the boys. Her pussy was so wet she thought she would drip on the carpet, but she managed to shuck out of her skirt and G-string without any embarrassing accidents.

"Okay you fucking heroes." She was chuckling as she said it, but somehow she still managed to sound like General Patton addressing his troops. "I wanna see cocks at attention and I hope your balls are full." They all came to their feet springing to mock attention, hands to the side and cocks at 'slope arms' position. Fuck, they looked great to Mandy as she strutted before them, hands behind her back. She stopped in front of Jimbo and took his cock into her small hand. Swiftly stroking it a few times, she bent down until she could lick the knob and thus taste the sheen of precum that covered him. He shivered, closing his eyes at the touch of her hot tongue.
Next she grabbed Mort's cock and stood looking in his eyes as she masturbated him vigorously. "You are not going to cum yet, are you soldier?" She asked, artificially deepening her voice.

"Ma'am, no ma'am!" he shouted standing rigidly to attention.

"Not even if I speed it up a little and play with your balls?" She asked.

"Ma'am, no ma'am!" He shouted again.

"I fucking bet you wouldn't last long if I sucked that cock and worked it with my tongue?"

"Ma'am, no ma'am!" He repeated still rigidly at attention. This could be so much fun, thought Mandy as

she stopped in front of Jesse.

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