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Retired bull rider fucks neighbor sisters.

He smiles as his other hand pulls on your hair helping to free your mouth for just a moment as he lets another finger fill your pussy. His fingers slide in and out of you. Your mind wanting to fight it, but you can feel your juices starting to flow, your mind trying to fight the urges, but as much as you feel yourself trying to pull away from his hand inside you, you now feel your hips rolling back against his hand, wanting it, wanting his fingers deep inside you, wanting him to play with you. As your mind starts to come back to reality, you can hear yourself moaning again, not screaming, not resisting, but moaning as you involuntarily lick your lips and let your first words out of those sweet lips, "Fuck my pussy." The sound barely audible, but followed by a whimper as you realize what you just said. Your teeth bite into your lip trying to avoid saying anything else that might mark it that you are enjoying this. His hand lets go of your hair and his fingers slide out of you.

Your body now resting there, as you breathe hard into the pillows trying to think clearly now, as the sound of your heart slowly dies down from your ears you can vaguely make out the sound of him removing his clothes. Before you start to feel yourself coming all the way back you feel another sharp smack on your ass. As he grabs and opens your ass still in the air. You feel a finger of his probe it, even feeling it toy with your ass hole. Your eyes going wide as you now feel his finger tip enter your ass hole. Your mouth open in a silent moan, trying to make a sound but the ringing in your ears keeps you from hearing anything. While his finger is playing with your ass you feel something new. His hand slides off your ass cheek as you now feel the head of his cock against your pussy lips. He does not let it penetrate you yet, you just feel the head sliding along your opening. He slides his finger out of your ass sliding it to the side of your hips. You mind racing now, torn between that last bit of resistance and trying not to focus on the ache in between your legs, the warm feeling seeping through your body as his cock head just teases your pussy.

His hand slides from your hip down to your nipple. Your mind vaguely registering this to you, until suddenly you feel him pinch and twist your quickly hardening nipple. You gasp again and try to jerk yourself back from his marauding hand. As you do, your body pushes itself back into him, your hips suddenly impaling yourself on his cock. Grinning his hand slides from the base of his cock around and down in between your legs. The sudden feeling of your pussy being invaded by his cock pushes the last bit of reluctance from your mind. You can feel your body right there fighting an orgasm, your eyes half close, fluttering as your hands strain at the bonds wanting to let them touch your sensitive spots. Your mouth hung open, as the blood once again drains from your ears; you can hear that long slow drawn out moan, of your body on the verge of an orgasm. Your chest now offers itself to his hand assaulting your now overly sensitive nipple as his cock beings to thrust in and out of you. This does the trick, feeling the ripples, and ridges of his cock rubbing against your inner walls are the final hard push you need. You arch your back, your toes curling, your head thrown back as far as it can go as you let out a long moan for everyone in the hotel to hear. His hand down between your legs begins to rub searching for the wonderfully special nub of yours.

As you can feel yourself starting to come down from the orgasm you feel his finger brush against your hard clit.

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