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A change of pace story about hard work and harder play.

The rage that built was not as strong as before. He didn't need to be bitter anymore. Revenge was so close he could almost touch it. When she was occupied with a particularly busy table, he disappeared into the back room. He found her coat and pulled the keys out of her pocket. He then swiftly exited the shop and took a walk.

The walk led him to a block of flats not far from his own house. The flat number was on the set of keys and he made his way up to 4B. The flat was immaculate. The furniture was minimal and the books and DVDs were all neatly stacked on shelves. Her bedroom was the same. The clothes were ordered in the wardrobe and there was nothing on the floor. Her bed was made and the carpet was spotless. The draw nearest her bed contained a silver vibrator.

"Oh you naughty girl Caitlin." He smirked as he replaced it.

Just before he reached the bedroom door he had an idea. He went back to the draw and placed the vibrator on her pillow.

"That'll confuse the bitch."

He walked out of the flat, careful not to draw attention to himself. In town he got a copy of the key made, then went back to the coffee shop.

"Excuse me," he said to Caitlin, "I found these outside the shop, someone in here might have dropped them."

She looked down at the keys and saw they were hers.

"Oh thank you, I must have dropped them."

With that he left the shop, smirking as he went.

The next morning, he returned to the coffee shop and ordered the same. He overheard Caitlin on her phone during her break.

"Listen, Amy, when I got back yesterday, my...some things that I hadn't moved were put in a different place. Did you see anyone go in my flat?"

The reply was an obvious no. She shook her head and told her friend it must be the lack of sleep. With that she hung up and returned to her shift.

He hid his smile by taking a sip of coffee, then left the shop.

That night he once again arrived at Caitlin's flat. It was past midnight and he heard nothing coming from the inside. He let himself in, silently, and tiptoed to her bedroom. She was quite a beautiful girl, he had to admit. Her dark hair covered the pillow and her soft, rhythmic breathing soothed his nerves. He just stood there. Watching. Waiting.

About an hour later she awoke. When she looked she saw a figure hidden in the shadows. She sat up and rubbed her eyes, and in that brief moment, James slipped beneath the bed in one smooth movement. He heard her groan and fall back onto the pillow. Within minutes he heard her breathing slow and he knew she was asleep. He slipped silently out the flat and was finally able to breathe normally again. The experience had given him a huge adrenaline rush, and he spent the rest of the night planning.

He found himself once again in the coffee shop. Caitlin looked worried, and the bags under her eyes showed it hadn't been a peaceful night. One of her colleagues asked if she was okay, and she murmured something about a bad dream, bit her lip nervously, and hurried to serve a table towards the back. He decided to return to her flat while she was still working, and arrived in less than 10 minutes. He let himself in and made himself a coffee. He didn't wash the cup, instead leaving it on the table. He then rifled through the books and DVDs on the shelf in the living room. He took out a book and two films. The book was titled "Revenge" and the two films were "The Taking" and "Evil Satisfaction". He placed them on the coffee table and went to the bedroom to put the vibrator on her pillow. James thought of it as his mark.

The next day he observed Caitlin closely. Over the past week she had become tired and lifeless. It seemed everything made her on edge. The opening of the door made her jump and she dropped at least 5 cups of coffee. Her eyes flitted from face to face like a crazy woman. Little did she know the surprise she was going to get tonight.

James went to the flat just before 5.

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