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Mickie has some fun with Lillian.

I wondered where this was going as I looked over at Crystal and she sucked on the straw for her drink. Her lips were soft and moist - and I could not look away. This was all a game, but I was having a great time.

Just then, I felt her hand on my thigh. Crystal slid her chair closer and put her soft palm right on the uncomfortable bulge in my pants. This was definitely no accident and her eyes locked with mine as she carefully moved my shaft so it could stand up straight. I had to stifle a groan and I looked around - suddenly feeling very exposed in the middle of the club.

Crystal ran her fingers up and down the length of my cloth covered cock - teasing and rubbing at the same time. She seemed unconcerned that we would be spotted as she pretended to watch one of the other dancers on stage. Her thumb reached around my shaft and she gripped the whole thing in her hand. I squirmed in my seat and the front of my pants rode down - leaving the head of my cock just a fraction of an inch from peeking out over the waistband. Crystal smiled at my arousal/discomfort as she toyed with my aching shaft. I wondered where this was going until ...

The DJ called out Crystal's name and she was up next on the stage. She looked at me with theatrical disappointment and said she had to go. She gave my cock one last squeeze, rubbing her thumb inside the waistband of my pants and brushing against the skin of my cock head. I lurched in my chair and she smiled again - knowing she had me right where she wanted me. Crystal headed back stage and I tried to regain my composure.

There were some other dancers working the room - trying to get customers to take them in the back for lap-dances. One approached me and robotically asked if I wanted a dance. Before I could even look at her I reflexively said no - her manner was so much less appealing than Crystal's. My swollen cock had subsided a bit as a new song started and the DJ announced Crystal was coming to the stage. I got up and joined two other customers at the tip rail.

Crystal came out and did all the stripper moves - slowly peeling off the skirt she was wearing to show off her ass in a matching silver thong. At the table, I had though that she was possibly a bit overweight, due to the skirt (especially compared to the tiny outfits the other dancers were wearing). But as Crystal stripped down I could see that she was very fit and had a full, round ass. My erection was back for the fiftieth time that day.

One of the other customers was throwing out singles on the stage and attracting lots of Crystal's attention. She peeled off her top - reveling her incredible tits to the big tipper. At this point, I though the spell had been broken. Just then, Crystal moved over in front of me and leaned in close - pressing her now naked breasts into my face and whispering, "As soon as I come off stage, I'm gonna take you in the back and suck your dick." That was incredibly hot, to have this gorgeous woman tell me that in the middle of the club.

Crystal finished up her set and scooped up her tips before going back into the dressing room. I returned to my seat at the back of the club and in a few moments (after fending off one more mechanical "wannadance" girl) Crystal came out of the back - in a ultra short black mini skirt and a tiny top that barely held her breasts in check. She held out her hand and I got up to follow her to the back, VIP section of the club.

Crystal led me past rows of booths (mostly empty) to one in the corner. I slid into the seat and she set her purse on the floor as she pulled the curtain closed - tucking the fabric around the edge of the doorway. Crystal turned to look at me and reached up under her skirt - pulling down a tiny pair of black panties while never breaking eye contact with me. I moved to adjust my bent and swollen cock, but Crystal chided me - saying that my dick was hers and only she would touch it. The first song of my "dance" began and Crystal went to work.

She moved forward, rubbing her leg along the front of my pants.

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