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Watching my best friend with her new love.

I grabbed Pete with my left hand, he was almost hard. Jerry in my right was semi-hard. I moved to alternate my sucking between them and then saw that Pete wanted me on top. I lowered myself onto him enjoying the glorious feeling of being totally filled.

Jerry moved behind me, his hands working my bouncing breasts. I could feel his cock pushing at my entrance, trying to join Pete's inside, but things were too tight, so he moved to be sucked. I felt Pete explode again inside me. Jerry moved round behind, and as Pete pulled out, Jerry slid inside. Magnificent! Pete was able to make it one more time with me much later after we took a break, while Jerry watched, as he really couldn't get hard again because of all the beer he had consumed. After minutes of being pumped, I heard Jerry in conversation with another male. I looked up from my pounding and saw a good looking guy stripping off his clothes and revealing a cock as big as Pete's. I motioned for him to join us, as I was really getting into it now. I was riding Pete on the bed and figured the new male would offer his cock to my face.

Instead, John, Pete's friend, pushed me over onto Pete's chest and I felt him mount me on the bed from behind and rub the tip of his cock over my asshole. I yelled at him that I didn't like it in the ass then he attempted what Jerry had not been able to do. I don't know if it was all the stretching, my juices or just my horniness, but I squirmed when I felt a second cock sliding in my pussy above Pete's. Somehow, John managed to push and squeeze his large cock into my wet stretched hole and slowly eased in all the way to his balls. This was my first double vaginal penetration and I could not believe the sensations that shot through my body and loins. Pete and John would take turns easing in and out, alternating their strokes and rubbing my clit and G-spot until I had multiple orgasms for the first time.

The men kept this up for about twenty minutes as Jerry amusingly watched his wife being stretched and royally fucked from the position of his chair. From his angle, he could clearly see the two cocks plunging deep into my pussy, pulling and pushing against my stretched labia, creating a thick gooey cream pie. I'm not sure which man came first, but it triggered the other, and I felt my cervix expand and attempt to hold all the semen that was being pumped into my channel. Because of the tightness and the two massive cocks sunk inside me, the cum had no where to leak out and my abdomen bloated. When John slipped out, a noise erupted from my pussy that sounded worse than a wet fart. As I rose up off Pete's cock, my pussy again made wet squishy sounds and gobs and gobs of thick white semen dropped out of my hole and dripped onto Pete's legs and his bed.

Jerry had me dress before we left, but made me leave my thong in my purse. He wanted to gloat and show his slut wife around town. We went to several favorite bars and danced and drank some more, all while he allowed and encouraged me to dance with other men and let them feel me up. I didn't fuck anyone else that night, but Jerry wanted all the guys in the bars to know my pussy was leaking semen all over the dance floor the bar stools, and down my long legs. Globs even dripped on the tops of some of my dance partners' shoes, much to their amazement. I'm sure I left many hard-ons in those two bars that night, and several walked away with cum on their finger's.

Jerry decided one weekend to take me to Lake Havasu for the spring break and show me off to the college crowd.

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