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Beast's revenge.

The elegant socialite is then followed by a noticeably shorter black, teenager with a massive cock hanging to his knees, with tattoos all over his body and scars from stab and gunshot wounds, wearing a pair of timberland boots with the laces undone and a black nylon Du-Rag cap.

We were both so lost in animal hunger for each other that our surroundings and his multi- million dollar mansion didn't matter. With his arm around my narrow waist we walked towards the entrance.

Standing in my three inch high heel pumps I towered over him but the difference in height actually made it even sexier. As we walked he would run his hand up over the tops of my stockings and over my ass remarking how fucking sexy I was.

After five steps we both felt the heated need to kiss each other, so we stopped right there in the middle of the driveway and tongue kissed (which was actually more like tongue fucking) while I continued to palm his huge black shaft as it pointed out rubbing along the side of my left stocking covered leg.

When we got to the front door we resumed kissing while I continued jacking his huge black cock in the palm of my hand. I then went down squatting in my high heels and said, "Oh baby I love your great big black cock. I need to suck it again so bad baby."

"Fuck, your good fuckin good," he groaned as my tongue and lips moved all over his massive black cock in a desperate display of worship for something so huge.

I then proceeded to tease him by looking into his eyes with a sly look on my face before I started licking his huge shaft all over. His groans of pleasure were so inspiring to me. I then flicked my hot tongue wildly across his sensitive tip.

After a few minutes of playing with his monstrous cock I began to jerk it faster causing him to groan and comment how nasty I was. I knew the driver was watching every second of this wild act and I began to wonder if anyone else was watching this sordid act too.

He was groaning loudly and I said in a hot breath, "Cum for me baby, I want to watch your huge, black cock shoot a big hot load out of this huge cockhead!"

That taunting sent him over the edge. Suddenly I could feel blast after blast of hot cum pumping up through his enormous black shaft and out of his big cockhead. I was shocked when he didn't stop shooting and I kept stroking his pulsating shaft and uttered with a sly almost giggly tone, "Oh God baby, keep cumming!"

When he finally did finish I continued licking his softening, but still immense black cock. He then pulled me to him and we instantly met in a hot tongue kiss.

Still indifferent to our surroundings we went inside his multi-million dollar mansion. When he closed the door we kissed in the foyer for about ten minutes moaning as our hands played with each other's turned on bodies.

His black hands were caressing my legs, ass and breasts; while mine thoroughly enjoyed stroking his growing huge black cock. The feeling of his black hands going over my stockings and garter were electrifying.

After kissing passionately we worked our way to the long winding staircase that led to the master bedroom. We stopped every few steps to kiss and play with each other. I was so turned on that half- way up the stairs I couldn't resist sucking him so I bent over at the waist and tongue fucked all over his giant black shaft, spitting on it, licking it, jerking it and bathing it with my hot saliva. I was so possessed, and was going wild on the young rap stars huge black cock.

"Fuck. What a fuckin sexy bitch you are," he moaned as I ran my tongue up his freakish shaft in a serpentine pattern.

I went wild as I licked all over his huge shaft, flicking my tongue wildly over the wild maze of protruding veins. When I was confident I had him going wild I stood up and our tongues met in a crazed kiss for a few minutes. I would then bend over at the waist and continue to worship his huge black prick.

"Fuckin sexy-hot bitch," he growled as I spit all over his silky, black cock then

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