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Jack finds his way back, and their life together begins.

Being the school's prize football players, Chris had every girl in school chasing after him. He also was rumored to have his way with many of the adult fans around town also.

Kim's lecture went on about him picking on one of the girls in class. It seems that Chris convinced the girl to pose for him and he decided that science class was a good time to share the pictures with his friends. Kim intercepted the photos and had Chris report after school to discuss the issue.

After about ten minutes of lecture, Chris only had a smart-ass reply. "So are you jealous I didn't ask you to pose for me?" he asked.

As I peeked into the window, I began to feel nervous that Kim would be alone in the room with a stud like Chris. He stood six-two and weighed about 230 (all muscle). Kim left her desk and approached him in a very stern manner. She demanded that Chris stand and apologize immediately.

Chris towered over Kim as he spoke, "The only thing I will apologize for is not doing this sooner."

He took the back of his head in his hand and drew her into a kiss. This boy must know what he was doing because he laid it on good. Kim hesitated then seemed to respond and kiss him back. Suddenly, she pulled away and said that she should not be doing this.

Chris pursued her back to her desk as I briefly debated putting an end to this. My mind was a flood of emotions. Part of me wanted to watch her with another man, a long hidden fantasy of mine. While the other half wanted to burst in a put a stop to this. After a few moments, the little head in my pants decided to wait and see what else happens. Scooping Kim up in his powerful arms, Chris sat her on one of the lab tables. He told her that he dreamed on doing this since the first day of school. Then he raised her skirt and pushed aside her underwear. He dove into her muff face first.

Kim's face soon showed the evidence of an expert tongue between her legs. My own experience with her let me know she loves to be ate out. She pushed his head to her pelvis and began to thrash back and forth. The young stud's oral ministrations pushed her over the edge. Her orgasm appeared to be as powerful as any I gave her. Her juices exploded all over her student's face. The young pupil lapped up the nectar like a starved man.

After it subsided, Kim demanded to see Chris's big cock she heard so much about from the girls in her classes. Chris stepped back and unleashed his mighty beast from his jeans. I must say that I have not seen too many dicks this large. He stood at least 11 inches with a slight upward curve.

Seeing this enormous being, Kim dropped to her knees in front of him and began working it into her eager mouth. She started by licking up and down the sides of his mighty rod. Chris put his strong hands on the sides of my wife's head and began to fuck her face. Kim only moaned her approval of being treated like such a slut.

Chris began giving her instructions about how to suck his dick. He ordered her to lick his balls and work down to his ass. Kim never tried any anal play before but she looked very willing this time. My slutty wife slurped on this stud's tennis ball sized sack and worked downward. Chris moaned out, "That's it bitch lick my asshole. I always knew you were a fucking nympho!"

My own cock throbbed in my pants as I watched my once innocent looking wife being treated like the true slut that she is. This young stud seemed to possess some sort of sexual power over her. With a lustful look in her eyes, Kim continued to worship his ass and balls. One of her hands worked her mound as she pleased her new lover. The evidence of her excitement ran down her legs. I had never seen her get so excited about oral sex before.

I had to release my own passion before I exploded into my pants. As I stroked my erection, Chris put his back into my wife's willing mouth. She blew him as I jacked off all over the fire escape. Chris and I almost shot our loads at the same time.

As I squeezed out the last drop of sperm, Kim lapped up Chris copious load.

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