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Josh and Alice receive their answer.


Sai: Just don't stare ok Nuku Nuku?

Nuku Nuku: Ok...

Sai: :takes off shirt:

Nuku Nuku: Oh... your all muscly papa-san!

Sai: Uh thanks Nuku Nuku. :puts on new shirt: :takes off pants and puts on shorts:

Nuku Nuku: Your cute! :giggles:

Sai: Thanks.... Ok I think I'm ready to go now. :puts on coat: Lets go Nuku Nuku.

Nuku Nuku: Yeah! :goes back downstairs:

Sai: Let's go.

Eiko: Ok. :leaves and goes to school:

11:58 P.M

Sai: Are you ready?

Eiko: Yes.

Nuku Nuku: I'm good.

Sai: Ok now lets go :goes to top of school:

Fei Wong: You made it... Here, here's that girl.

Sai: Yuri....

Yuri: Who is that man?

Sai: Just ignore him.... Just go and wait at my house...

Yuri: Ok. :leaves the school:

Fei Wong: Are you ready to start this thing Sai?

Eiko: No I'm going to start this... Is that ok dad?

Sai: Huh? Ok sure.

Fei Wong: I can't believe I'm fighting a little girl again.

Eiko: Shut up! :transforms: hang on wait a sec.... :transformation done: Ok now I'm ready.

Fei Wong: Might as well make this quick.

Eiko: Your not going to find me as easy this time! :dashes:

Fei Wong: Just get ready and hope I'm in a good mood...

Eiko: No way! :kicks:

Fei Wong: Argh! Bitch. :punches back:

Eiko: :catches punch: I don't think so.... :kick to the neck:

Fei Wong: Ah... You seem to have gotten stronger since the last time we met. So now I won't feel so bad pummeling you.

Eiko: Right. :jump kicks:

Fei Wong: :blocks: Now lets start the real fight. Ha! :starts doing a volley of punches and kicks:

Eiko: Whoa! That's way to fast. :attempts to defend: Ow! That hurts!

Fei Wong: I've only begun :hard punch:

Eiko: Argh! :gets hit to the floor: Meanie... :balances with one arm and gets up:

Fei Wong: I'm surprised your still able to get up after that. No matter you'll be down soon enough. :dashes at Eiko:

Eiko: :eyes glow: Ha! :throws energy beam:

Fei Wong: No way! Not at that age! :gets hit: Argh... Damn it. :dashes at Eiko:

Eiko: Ah! :dashes at Fei Wong:

Fei Wong: Now you die. :both go into power struggle:

Eiko: :running out of breath:

Fei Wong: Now you die. :kicks and punches to face:

Eiko: Ah!!! :goes to ground with blood:

Fei Wong: Now I end this with one blast. :starts to charge up:

Sai: Oh no! He's starting to power up! Argh... :throws off coat and flares up: Nuku Nuku Stay put.

Nuku Nuku: Ok papa-san. :Sai dashes into the fight:

Eiko: I don't think I can fight much longer.... :falls down:

Fei Wong: Death Beam! :fires energy:

Sai: No!!!!! :jumps and deflects beam with fist:

Fei Wong: Hmm... I suspected you would do that... Ok shall we let the real fight begin now?

Sai: :flaring: Sure....

Sai: :flares up with energy: I will win...

Fei Wong: Are you sure about that? :starts to flare with energy:

Sai: Yes I'm sure... Let's get this thing going. :runs at Fei Wong:

Fei Wong: That's more like it have at you! :runs at Sai:

Sai: Hmm..... What's that look in his eyes?

Fei Wong: :running at Sai:

Sai: I'll ponder that later. First I must beat him. :dashes and flares up more: :kicks: Fei Wong: :ducks:

Fei Wong: You must go faster than that.

Sai: Punches in the gut:

Fei Wong: Uh!! :goes into air a little: you... :kicks back:

Sai: Argh.... :both fall to ground: :gets up: :stomps on Fei Wong:

Fei Wong: :catches foot: Power blast! :blasts Sai off:

Sai: Argh.... :on the ground:

Fei Wong: :jumps back up:

Sai: jumps up: Fireball charge! :throws volley of fireballs:

Fei Wong: :dashes through fireballs: :punches Sai:

Sai: Ugh... :punches back:

Fei Wong: Argh... :both catching there breath:

Sai: Your good my friend...

Fei Wong: As are you.

Sai: Powerblast! :throws beam:

Fei Wong: :blocks: :dashes and starts fighting:

Sai: :parries and kicks:

Fei Wong: Argh...

Sai: :goes to pummel Fei Wong: Ha! :punches and kicks swiftly:

Fei Wong: Ugh... :does lucky punch and hits Sai off:

Sai: Ow... Fei Wong: :looks at watch 12:30 A.M: Let's hurry this fight up shall we?

Sai: Sure...

Fei Wong: Now lets see how much power yo

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