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Wife punishes hubby for cheating with the babysitter.

We immediately made eye contact and she started walking toward me. As I neared her, she jumped up into my arms and threw her legs around me. As our kiss became hotter, I remembered we were in public. I pulled back a little and looked up. Tom was standing there with a couple other guys. They all were grinning ear to ear and gave me a thumbs up. As Beth leaned into my chest she whispered that she had been anticipating this moment for a long time. I think she could tell by the bulge in my pants that I had too. She slowly slid her legs down mine until she was standing but leaning into me. I caressed her softly as we started walking down the exit.

I had intended to rent a car to get us around town, but Beth said she had brought hers. As we approached the door heading out to the parking lot, a gust of wind came in and felt like an ice cube. I said, "What the hell do you folks do during the winter when it is this cold?" She smiled and said, "we rough it occasionally." She handed me her keys and asked that I drive. I kissed her as I opened the door for her, and noticed that her nipples were poking through her sweater. I reached up and ran my thumb over her right nipple. As I did, she reached down and rubbed the front of my bulge. "Seems like the cold makes you stand up too." she whispered into my ear. We giggled and by the time I opened my door and got in, she had undone her jeans.

Her hand was down the front of the sexiest pair of black lace panties I had seen. When she pulled her hand out, I saw that her fingers were glistening with her juices. "Here, I want you to taste the torment I have had for the last 4 hours," as she lifted her fingers to my lips. I licked her fingers and she inserted them into my mouth for me to suck. She started to unzip my pants, but our hotel was only a couple of minutes from the airport. As I told her she said, I only want to taste the precum that I know is on the tip of your cock right now. When she pulled me out, she remarked about my impressive cock, which I had always felt was normal.

As she licked the head, I slowed down to a crawl getting to the hotel. When I turned into the driveway of the hotel, she moved her mouth down as far as she could go. Damn, I turned into the valet area by mistake. I said, "Beth, the valets will be here in a second". That seemed to turn her on more as she increased her movements up and down me. As she was audibly slurping on me, I looked out the passenger window and a valet was standing there, taking it all in. He smiled and gave me a thumbs up. When it became evident that he was not interested in disturbing us until we were ready, I grabbed Beth's long hair. I was a bit rough when I grabbed it, but I swear, she sounded like she was cumming as I pulled it. I knew with the fast pace she was moving up and down me, I was not going to last long. When I told her I was close to cumming she pinched the base of my cock and removed her mouth.

"The first time you come, we are going to have eye contact", she said as she stuck me back in my jeans. I looked over where our valet had been but he was gone. As Beth sat up in the seat, the valet came walking out of the hotel like nothing had happened. He walked around to the driver's side and smiled at me as he handed me our pick up ticket.

When we got to the front counter and was checking in, I noticed that several men and women were gathering around and they were all kind of gawking at us. That little fucker had come in and told everyone what was going on outside the door. When I was handed the room key, the clerk winked at me and wished me an enjoyable stay. As we were walking to the elevator, Beth remarked that those guys were acting strange. Little did she know why.

When we got into the room, it was magnificent.

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