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When two werewolf lovers can't resist...

There were several solo performances, including one very intricate and delightful flute piece. I sat back and drank it all in.

After the concert there was an opportunity for the "patrons" (which translates as "donated enough money") to meet the conductor and the principal performers. Well, its a tax write-off. And besides, I was really enjoying myself, particularly when I found myself chatting to the solo flutist.

She was a tiny woman, barely 5 feet tall at most. Her black hair was cut just below her ears and she had the loveliest deep brown eyes I had ever seen. I generally prefer my women taller and more rounded, but she was an exquisite little gem. She was shy and retiring but opened right up when it came to music, her knowledge of which was broad and deep. She was neither intimidated nor surprised by me, with her head tipped back to look up in my eyes as we talked. She touched my arm twice as she made a point, and when she told me she needed to leave she patted my side for a moment before wishing me a lovely night and disappearing.

I turned to get another glass of Champagne and there she was. My elegant blonde bombshell. She was working her way through the crowd, speaking to others and nodding and smiling. My fingers tightened on the stem of the glass as she stopped beside me. She shook hands with me, asked how I was doing and told me it was so nice to see me again. She asked about the store and listened to what I had to say. As with our previous meetings, it seemed she really was listening to what I said. After a bit she nodded, smiled warmly, and moved on.

I drained my glass and moodily set it back on the tray. Well it was nice to get acknowledged anyway. Maybe it was time to go. I turned and froze again.

She was standing by the door, looking right at me. I couldn't read the expression on her face. But then her hand touched her thigh and her fingers curled around the hem of the long slit in her skirt. For a moment she drew it back, showing me that long, gracefully formed leg and the creamy white thigh spilling from the top of her stocking. Then she turned and walked out.

I followed her. If I was wrong, if that gesture had not been an invitation or hadn't been for me, well, I would find out soon enough. We went through the door and down a short hallway and I discovered we were back in the auditorium. She took a right turn and followed the wall. At first I thought we were leaving the hall but just before the exit she turned again, through a curtained archway I had barely noticed before.

I hurried to close the distance between us. We were climbing stairs now and my eyes were riveted on the sway of her ass and the movement of her legs. She had to know I was behind her but she showed no sign of it, never looking back. Then we reached the top of the stairs. A line of small doors was on the left. She entered the third one, leaving it open behind her. Without hesitation I walked through the doorway.

I sensed the door closing and turned around as a slight click announced the tripping of a lock. There she was, my blonde temptress, leaning against the door. I managed to tear my eyes away long enough to look around. We were in a small curtained alcove, obviously one of the private boxes over looking the main auditorium. The cleaning crew must have already been here, there were no chairs, no furniture of any kind. But I didn't need anything but her as she let her hair fall around her shoulders.

Two steps is all that I needed to reach her. I locked my mouth onto her's. Red lips parted and my tongue plunged deeply into the warm welcoming mouth. My hands were on her shoulders, caressing the smooth skin.

As I ravaged her mouth, my hands slid down.

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