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Sarah and Terrie tie the Knot for the first time.

"Why haven't you cum yet Dylan? Doesn't the sound of me cumming do it for you?"

"Of course it does, Em. I'm just no there yet. Are you still doing it?"

"Of course I'm still diddling myself."

"Using the dildo?"

"No, I took it out."

"Ok, here's an idea. Hold the phone close to the end of dildo while you fuck yourself with it."

"Ok fine. Here goes."

Emily got into position, and sunk the rubber dong back into her soaked pussy.

"Can you hear me down there? I'm holding the phone on the end of the dildo."

Dylan replied "Yes", and then realized she couldn't hear him, so he just sat back and enjoyed the show.

In the bathroom, Robin was doing the same. She was a petite girl, 5' only in heels, and 100 pounds in full winter clothing. Her girlish figure didn't have room for many curves, but what little she had, combined with her pixyish face and dirty blond hair appealed to men.

She was single now. Like Emily she and her 'high school' boyfriend hadn't survived the summer. Unlike Emily, she hadn't embraced the 'party' culture, and hadn't gone out with her roommate the night before. In fact, Robin was a virgin, and hadn't even made it to third base, a fact that Emily had teased her about before realizing that Robin was embarrassed by this fact.

Robin liked to dress up a little for class, and had gone wearing a nice pink blouse, knee-length black cotton skirt, and flip-flops. The sounds of her roommate pleasuring herself mere feet away had moistened her up, and she was now considering what to do.

Robin had never touched herself before, but hearing how much fun Emily was having was starting to warm her to the idea. She looked at herself in the mirror, silently measuring herself against the girl just on the other side of the wall who was enjoying herself immensely at this point.

Finally Robin came out of her trance to realize that she had been playing with her nipple. Her small A-cups weren't restricted by a bra, and she found that her nipples were easily visible through her thin shirt.

She began to pinch one now, rubbing her small tit. She found that she enjoyed the slow caresses, something her ex had never done for her. In fact, she found she enjoyed it so much that her panties were now soaked.

Feeling weird standing in the bathroom with wet panties, she bent over in two and removed them. Because of her skirt, she had gone with a g-string today, and upon removal Robin found that she could smell her scent on them.

She held the tiny triangular front of the g-string to her nose, and took a deep breath, inhaling her musky scent. This only increased her arousal, and she moaned quietly.

Hiking up her skirt again, she turned her body, and looked at herself in the mirror. She hadn't turned the light on in the bathroom, but she could still make out the dark area where her pussy was.

Robin was a gymnast in high school, which gave her two great assets: Nearly limitless flexibility, and a completely shaved pussy. She put them both to use, contorting herself so that she could better see her bare crotch in the mirror.

Her hand returned to her breast as she stared at herself now, nervous to cross the line and touch her own loins. A long moan from Emily tipped the scales though, and Robin tentatively reached down and ran her finger down her never-penetrated slit, feeling the moisture leak out.

The feeling of pleasure that went through her body removed all doubts, and soon Robin was slowly running two fingers in and out of her tight hole, her eyes glued to the reflection in the mirror.

After a few minutes of this slow movement, her hand brushed her clit, and her body responded with an unbelievable spike of pure bliss, which caused her to exhale. She quickly realized the stimulus was, and began to lightly run her finger in tiny circles around her pleasure nub, biting her lip from the feelings that now surged through her tiny body.

After only a minute of rubbing her clit and Robin realized that if she continued, she was going to fall over, so she got u

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