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A young woman's first trip to a nudist resort.

. you breath deeply, taking in the scent... you use your fingers to spread me apart, exposing my inner folds... seeing the juices running from me down the crack of my ass...

You use the tip of your tongue to flick my clit, my back arching as I moan in delight... you then use your tongue and lick the flowing juices from my aching pussy... I hear you moan as you take it all in... your tongue starts bathing my pussy with licks, kisses and I can feel you push your tongue into my pussy... your finger playing with my clit... feeling it swell even more...

You push a finger into my pussy, getting it as wet as possible... using the juices that have ran down my crack along with the coating from my pussy, you take your finger and run it along my ass, and slowly push your finger against my hole... as your finger enters my ass, you use your tongue on my pussy again... flicking the clit, licking the lips of my pussy...

I take my hard nipples in my hand and massage them as your finger starts moving in and out of my ass just as your tongue is my pussy... you feel my body tense and I arch my back as another wave of orgasm racks my body... I scream out as I cum the hardest orgasm so far...

You ease your finger from my ass and climb back upon the bed with me... you lean in and kiss me, sharing the taste of my orgasm with me... my body aches for you... I place my hand on your chest and push against you, pushing you to your back... you wrap your fingers in my hair pulling me to you, kissing me more passionate that before...

I take my hand and start unfastening your pants as I slowly kiss my way across your chest and down your stomach... I ease your pants down your hips, thighs and then let them fall to the floor... Your cock hard, jumping with your heart beat...

I take your balls in my hand, gently tugging them, massaging them... I use the tip of my tongue to lick the glistening drops from the swollen head of your hard cock... I kiss the head and use my tongue to draw it slightly into my mouth... I release it, and then draw it into my mouth again, this time I take it all the way in, deep into the warmth of my throat... I moan softly as I slowly slide my mouth up, pausing at the head to run my tongue around it, teasing...

I can feel your cock growing harder with each sweep of my tongue... I take you deep into my mouth again... I slowly start moving up and down on your cock... you tangle your hands in my hair, guiding my head up and down... you start to match the movements with your hips... slowly fucking my mouth... my hand still massaging your balls... I slip a finger around and start to massage your ass, gently pressure against the hole...

I feel you tense... you cock jumps with excitement... I ease you from my mouth and move to reach the bottle of massage oil from the bed stand... I place a few drops of the oil on my fingers and place the bottle back on the stand... there is excitement dancing in your eyes...

I take my oil covered finger and place it back on your ass... slowly rubbing the oil around the hole and then I gently start to insert my finger... I use my free hand to slowly stroke your cock for the moment... I start to slowly move my finger in and out of your ass... taking you back into my mouth and I start to fuck your extremely hard cock with my mouth once again, matching the strokes of my finger...

I can feel your excitement reaching a peak... I move my finger in and out faster and I suck on your cock with more intensity... your hips are moving with my strokes... I take you deep into my throat... you try to stop me before you fall over the edge but I won't let you...

I want to feel you cum in my mouth.

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