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You give a handjob then surprises husband with the results.

I kissed his neck, and asked if he was hungry. He said yes so I suggested room my hotel. His smile let me know we were in agreement. The cab ride was mild compared to the bench, but I had been admiring his ass for sometime and on the way to the hotel, began to wonder if he was naked under his jeans. I was very eager to find out.

When we reached her room it is like a switch was flicked. I lost all fear and took her in my arms. I lowered my lips to hers and kissed her slowly, deeply but it rapidly became fast and desperate. Our hands were all over each other and I groaned into her sweet mouth as she squeezed my erection. I feverishly began to try and unbutton her dress but had great difficulty. She laughed into my mouth and pulled away, giggling. Telling me the buttons were purely decorative, she reached up and undid two fasteners cleverly concealed in the shoulder straps and the dress fell away to her feet. I was treated to a view of her in a cream silk body suit, fitted elegantly to her figure. It was low cut at the front and her ample breasts almost spilled out, erect nipples trying to drill holes through the silk. A picture of beauty and every man's fantasy.

Suddenly she was wrapped around me as our apprehension dissolved, devouring my mouth and pulling at my clothes. I was wearing a black & white check sports jacket got jettisoned to the floor and had opened my shirt before I realized and had her mouth was clamped to one of my nipples, torturing me with ecstasy. Her fingers almost tore my jeans open and prematurely revealed what I had hoped may have been a surprise for her. I was naked under my jeans. She hadn't touched me much earlier but had been surreptitiously feeling my ass a few times and I reckoned you got a shine in your eyes when you thought you had figured out my surprise. And there I stood, revealed to her. My freshly shaved manhood on parade, at rigid attention.

She gave a gasp and a curious sort of purr but I held back no further. In two seconds she was in my arms and rushed to her bed where her silk suit vanished, as did my jeans, and we were finally naked with each other. I set about getting to know her gorgeous breasts with my mouth and my ever curious hands headed north to her face and south to her womanhood. My fingers slid easily through her trimmed curls and between her wet, smooth pussy lips to her clitty were they launched a frenzied and sustained assault upon her pleasure centre. Amazingly she came almost instantly, bucking against me and soaking my fingers, pressing my mouth to her breast. I left my fingers in her till she had calmed and kissed her lips to bring her back down.

It seemed as if the closing of my hotel room door set us both on fire. My mouth found his as his fingers began to fumble with my dress. I had designed it especially for just that occasion. He seemed to be getting frustrated and I pulled back, laughing, and raised my hands to the straps. Two little hidden hooks undone and I am before him in nothing but my sheer silk body suit. It was fitted enough for him to see my nipples aching to be free and have his lips on them, but loose enough to silhouette the rest of my body. His fingers slid around my waist as I reached up to him, kissing him, my tongue teasing his, my lips on his neck, his face. I unbuttoned his shirt, and had already removed his jacket. I wanted his skin on mine, his body touching me. As I unbuttoned his shirt, I found a nipple with my tongue and sucked, hearing him inhale sharply. I was getting wetter by the second, wanting him.

I could feel his hardness through his jeans and decided I wanted him out.

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