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Woman gets shown the cockpit midflight... and a little more.

On the hike out, your leg cramped up, and we had to stop for a little bit, and we decided it would be nice to hit the hot tub for a while when we got back to the hotel.

On the drive back you were very frisky, starting to move your hand up and down my thigh, slowly getting closer and closer to my crotch. By the time we got back I had to carry my jacket in front of me so the whole hotel wouldn't be able to see what you had done to me.

In the room we went, and off came our clothes. I wanted you so much and pulled you towards me, but you pushed me away reminding me of your leg cramp, saying "I need to soak my leg for a while before we start anything.

"Ok, but you will have to give me a few minutes to come down, and you standing here in that swim suit is not going to help"

"I'll head down to the Jacuzzi then and wait for you" you offer.

"Go ahead - be down in a few minutes"

By the time I got down to the pool area, I see you soaking in the Jacuzzi, shared with one other person, who happens to be Mr. Tight Trunks. Unlike what I would have expected, you are not sitting across from him but on the same bench as him, and I can see your slight blush.

"Erik, this is John, he's in the room next to us - he saw us leaving this morning" you offer.

I climb in, and he says "thanks for the entertainment last night".

I totally understanding your blush now...

Nobody else was in the pool area, and you tell me "John asked me if our stories were pure fantasies, or if there is more behind them."

You shock me and answer him by moving a little closer to him, then I see your upper body turn towards him a little and his head throws back with a look of surprise and of pleasure. With all the bubbles I couldn't tell exactly what was happening, but I knew you had touched another mans cock for the first time in 26 years. I immediately climbed in the hot tub, so just in case someone else walked in, the tent in my pans wouldn't be highly visible.

I went to sit down next to you, and you said "no - you need to sit down over there." motioning me to sit on his right side. You lean over and kiss him full on the mouth, as his hand moves to caress your breast. Your eyes are glazed, and I haven't seen you this turned on, ever.

He starts kissing your neck and you whisper to me "Erik, feel this, it's so thick" and I slowly move my hand towards his crotch. You grab my hand and guide it to his cock, the first besides mine I have ever touched.

I reach, take hold gently, and my hand doesn't even fit all the way around it, he turns and kisses me hard on the mouth. I kiss him back, and feel a hand rubbing the front of my bathing suit. Both his hands are busy, one rubbing at me, and the other touching and caressing you. Our hands meet inside his swim suit and caress him together. You start to kiss him hard on the mouth, while I kiss his neck and chest.

"Hey, we better stop this before anybody else shows up, shall we move back to your room?" John asks.

We get out of the hot tub, it is almost comical - like a sprint had started - one for people with wobbly knees. We all cover up for our walk back, so as not to advertise our condition. I can see your nipples clearly jutting against you swim suit, and both of our members sticking straight out like missiles emerging from silos (ready to explode like said missile as well)

I'm still not 100% sure how we got back to our room or how our bathing suits came off, but there we were, standing together, buck naked, him facing you, kissing you, grabbing your cute ass, running his fingers between your lips from behind, cock pressed against your belly. Me, behind him, kissing his shoulders, watching you kiss him, my hands roaming up and down both of you feeling your naked bodies pressed close together, My cock pressed hard against him, rubbing.

"What's next?" he asks.

Taking charge, you say "I want to watch him give you a blowjob" to him as you sit back in a chair.

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