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Shuri, Nakia, and Bucky Barnes have some fun in the lab.

"What? Nothing to say? Don't tell me you're afraid." Gabe provoked still moving closer to her. She didn't realize she was retreating away from him until she bumped into the counter.

"I'm not afraid of you." She gulped as he brought his arms down on each side of her locking her in, his blue eyes blazing down into hers.

"Liar." Gabe whispered. He was so close she could feel his breath on her lips as she looked up at him.

"This is insane..." she whispered his lips were so close, "...depraved..." she breathed , she knew she shouldn't but she couldn't pull herself back, "...crazy..."

"Satisfying." He finished as he closed the rest of the distance between them to claim her lips.

Gabe wasn't sure why he was kissing Sloane again, but could think of any reason why not. She kissed him back with a passion that he never knew she had, he never knew existed.

The man could kiss, she'd give him that. She pushed into his hard body feeling his desire for her press back against her belly. He licked around her full pouty lips. She sucked in a breath and let him take control of her mouth completely. He massaged his tongue against hers, drawing it out, and sucking on it. She ran her fingers through his short black hair, pulling his head down and pushing her tongue as far as she could into his mouth.

They both fought to control, to dominate the other. It was as if they were both trying to punish the other for trying to deny what they had between them. It was too late to try and call this a mistake.

He lifted her up, sitting her on the counter. He could feel her heat through the thin material of her shorts when she parted her legs to allow room for his body bringing his hardness against where he ached to bury it the most.

She mindlessly grinded on him, kissing him. He slid his hands up the inside of her smooth thighs, stopping at the hem of her shorts. He pulled back searching her eyes for a sign that he should stop. All he saw was fire as he felt her hand on top of his bringing it to where they both wanted. Needed.

Sloane gasped when Gabe massaged her slit through her shorts before pulling them aside to move his finger up and down her wet pussy. When she felt his finger slip into her heat, she threw her had back at the sudden pleasure. His finger felt so large inside of her. She leaned back, placing her hands on the counter behind her, as she watched Gabe pleasure her. She watched in a trance state, releasing short moans as she watched his finger move in and out of her. When he thumbed her clit, she squeezed her eyes closed, throwing her head back in ecstasy.

She was so wet. So hot. So tight. He wanted to spread her legs and thrust his aching cock into her, but he had the overwhelming desire to bring her to pleasure first. Her cries were turning into low moans and he knew she was getting close. He added another finger as he increased his pace. He continued to fuck her with his fingers, curving his fingers to hit her g-spot. She started panting and thrashing, moaning louder. He quickly used his other hand to take her shirt off, kissing his way down the column of her throat.

When he got to her breasts he ran his tongue across her nipple and she pulled his hair to keep him in place. He sucked the nipple into his mouth. Licking and gently sucking the turgid flesh before switching and giving the other the same treatment. When he gently rolled her nipple between his teeth, he felt her tense around his fingers before her hips came off the counter top as she came.

When she came back down to earth after her release, she blushed when she focused on Gabe watching her intently. She was surprised how much she still wanted, especially after her release. She felt wild and she wanted to please him. She wanted Gabe and she wanted him bad. She knew he would do his best to resist his desire for her so she knew she had to push him past the point of no return.

She felt him watching her as she took a hold of his hand, bringing it to her mouth.

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