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A weary holy knight faces off against a dark sorceress.

" She grinned at him and turned to face him, lifting the shirt slowly over her head. She gave a sultry shoulder shimmy so that her tits jiggled. Seeing his eyes bulge only excited her more. She turned back toward the table, bent over and kissed the big purple head before her. Frank moaned softly and lifted his hips slightly. She pushed him back down and continued to kiss up and down his the shaft. Frank put his hands behind his head and watched her smother his member with her kisses.

"That feels sooooo good, Leah! Don't stop."

But that's exactly what she did...she stopped. She stopped kissing it so that she could take it in her mouth. She held the sizeable head in her mouth, bathing it with her tongue. Leah stabbed at the snake's eye with her tongue tip, lapping up each droplet of pre-cum oozing out.

Frank cried out, "Oh gawd, yes!"

At that, Ann opened the door. "What are you...?" She stopped in mid-sentence because what she found was not what she had expected to see. She thought she would find Frank "molesting" Leah, not Leah blowing him. Then she noticed his size. She too was awestruck.

Leah and Frank both looked up as Ann entered the room. Frank was a bit more startled than Leah and attempted to cover up, but Leah didn't move away. She gave Ann a "change of plans" look, hoping Ann would understand and just leave. Fortunately, Ann did get it, but rather than turn and walk out, she stepped toward them, her eyes riveted to his massive hard-on. Leah gave Frank's cock a long lick as she watched Ann approach, wondering whether she would say something or do something. But Ann remained silent; instead she reached out to cup his big, taut ball sac.

Finally, she looked at Frank, whose embarrassment was waning, and stuttered, "You...You're so....big." She said the word "big" with a lusty smile. She squeezed his balls gently and asked, "Do you mind if I....?" and squeezed them again.

Frank was now seeing how this could pan out and replied happily, "Please! That is if Leah doesn't mind. Leah?"

Giving his cock a wet sloppy suck on the head again, "Mmm, no. I don't mind." She resumed sucking it but with more gusto than before.

With them both working on him, he leaned up onto his elbows to watch them. He asked Ann, "Why don't you take off your shirt and let me see what you've been hiding?"

Ann looked at him with a look of indignation, but quickly realized what she was doing, and released her grip on him. "Sorry. It's been a while since I've had any male contact. Be patient with me, please."

Frank understood, remembering her abusive marriage, responded, "Its okay. Do only what you're comfortable with."

She pulled her shirt off and let it fall to the floor. She didn't expect to be doing anything remotely close to this, so she didn't wear one of her lacy bras and the one she did wear hid more than it revealed. She reached behind her back, unhooking it and letting it fall too, right next to her shirt. Ann was a little self-conscious about her body and half-heartedly attempted to cover up. Frank reached for her, pulling her arms gently away from her chest. When he touched her firm tit, his cock lurched out of excitement, which Leah felt in her mouth.

"Can I suck them, Ann?"

Her shyness was fading fast as she presented her right breast to him. As he suckled on her one tit, he pinched and played with her left. Ann ran her fingers across his chest, playing with his nipples as well. Ann grew more and more excited from not only what he was doing to her, but also from what Leah was doing to him. She became fixated on his huge cock and visions of how she used to suck cock before her exe became cruel. Frank pulled the other tit to his mouth and sucked on it too.

Leah thought that having Ann there would have created some problems, but in reality, she was enjoying it immensely.

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