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The Recruits Graduate; A Great Idea Comes Forth.

After Katy left Staci worked out with Melanie and Kelsey, and the three girls definitely drew more attention with the two freshmen dressing more open like Staci. She had always been close with Kelsey and they were both very competitive so they often drove each other to work harder.

Staci was use to Melanie's spontaneous antics so she was not surprised when her little sister began traveling to the city every weekend after her friend moved there. She figured her and Kelsey were probably partying but assumed Katy would be strict with them and keep them safe. Whenever her little sister called and asked her to go to the city she couldn't refuse the chance to finally find out what was going on.

Lately, there had been a rumor around campus that an unknown white girl had been spending the night at the black fraternity houses across town. She had definitely begun to notice a few changes in Melanie's behavior at the gym lately, her little sister drew disapproving glances from a few people for flirting with the black guys. Staci hoped the four of them spending a few days together like old times would help get her straight so people wouldn't start rumors about Melanie.

Staci picked up her little sister and they headed to the city after eating a late breakfast on Wednesday morning. They arrived at Katy's house around six at night and spent the evening cooking dinner and drinking cocktails while they talked. Knowing they had to get up early the next day the girls showered and went to bed before ten. Staci showered after Katy then they retired to Katy's room so they could talk and go to bed, but when Staci asked what happened with Katy's fianc__ all she would say was she would get her answers tomorrow.

All the girls got up before five in the morning to do their hair and makeup. It had been Staci's idea for them all to dress up in sexy formal wear so they could go out to happy hour after the study group. Staci talked about being nervous all morning but the girls giggled as they assured her she would have good students that would help her "learn what to do". The four girls had left late so they were arriving at the a few minutes after the starting bell hand rung.

As they all ran inside, following Katy into her classroom, any ideas Staci had of what the students would look like instantly disappeared. She did not even try to hide the disgust on her face as she looked around the room, shocked to see some of the guys looked as old as she was. She noticed the curtain wall was pulled back making two classrooms into one and that the desks had been pushed back leaving a large clearing in the center of the room with two large teachers' desks. Nervously she followed the other three girls to the center of the circle, skeptically looking at Katy as she smiled back at her.

The school principal stood in the middle of the room, eyeing the four women as they strolled in the classroom. He spoke to them and all the seated boys once they reached the middle. "Miss Beaton has invited these three lovely college students to help you all prepare for the test tomorrow. You will all have a chance to work with each mentor multiple times and I expect you to show all four of them the respect and treatment they deserve from men around here." As he turned to leave he told Katy to be in his office early tomorrow morning so they could discuss her tardiness and the report of the study groups.

A few minutes later Staci was dumb founded when Melanie winked and flirtatiously waved at a few of the guys, but before she could yell at her a voice behind her called out, "Damn who dat fine new white bitch!" Appalled she gasped as she turned only to freeze in dismay as she saw several guys taking off their shirts. She watched in horror as the more than thirty black guys surrounding them began stripping and she was shivering in silence while she stared at the black cocks swinging free.

Katy had found out a few of

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