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I caressed her thigh and the circles that my hand traveled enlarged and slipped beneath her skirt. She said nothing but I could feel her legs relax a bit, opening her legs. As I nuzzled her neck I felt the car slow and I looked up to see a dirt road take off to the right into the moonlight. She expertly drove onto the road avoiding the pot holes and pulling off to the side of the road just before the road fell off along the side of the bench and into the valley below. She turned the engine off and the full moonlight illuminated the barren TCin and the silhouette of the distant mountain range. The parking lights were still on so I jumped up and over the car door and moved to the driver side in front of the car bathed in the yellowish light, directly in front of Mary. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my semi-hard cock into the cool temperature of the night, supporting it in my right hand in preparation. I had skipped underwear in honor of our meeting. Because of my erection I would have to wait a minute to relax enough to urinate and during that time I kept my cock on display for Mary with a grin on my face. It did not take long before I heard the car door shut and Mary walked over to me, "Got a problem gaucho or are you just an exhibitionist?", she said with a giggle.

"That would be yes to both questions, you have me aroused enough that I am having trouble at the moment".

"Then I guess I will just have to enjoy the moonlit view" she said as she leaned against the hood of the mustang with her legs glowing in the moonlight.

With a little shudder I felt my urine flow, enjoying the sound of the stream hitting the ground in front of me. Suddenly I felt an arm come from behind me and a voice in my ear -"Let me help you with that". Her hand grabbed the lower end of my shaft as I moved my hand up to her smooth hair and turning my face into a kiss. The warmth of her smooth hand wrapped around my cock felt so nice.

"You are so sexy, my doll from the doll house"

"I can be handy at times", she replied as her other hand slid down the rear of my pants and grabbed my butt cheek and squeezed. That caused my pants to drop to the ground but I did not care. When I finished peeing, she said, "What now?".

"In keeping with the tradition, you must shake the sacred shaft three times to chase away all evil from this place that has been marked by me!" I said with a laugh. I wondered if the Pre-Pueblo ancestors had any such ritual.

Mary expertly shook my shaft as directed and then began slowing sliding her hand up and down my cock.

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