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Baby boomer sex in a retirement community.

So he moved the chair closer to the bed and I slid on the bed.

I started by running my hands at my knees, the feel of the cotton stockings on my legs sent shivers up my body. My hands slowly move up and I feel my freshly shaven legs, where stocking ends and flesh begins.

I look over and see his smile and it turns me on. For the first time, it's what I'm doing to myself that is turning a man on rather that my mouth and tongue. I look and see that his zipper is pulled down and his hand is slowly sliding in his pants.

I decide to pass by my clit, wrapped and covered in the snugness of the cotton white panties he's picked out for me and I play with my firm and supple b cups. My nipples have always been sensitive and when I lived as a male, anytime someone played with my nipples and breasts, I always became more turned on.

As my nipples get hard, you can see them through the baby doll tee he made me wear and I roll them between my fingers. I pinch them and as I elicit a small moan, he follows in turn. He tells me he like seeing my nipples getting hard. I pinch them and roll them harder and I feel my clit getting more and more engorged, swelling in my panties.

I ask him if he likes what I'm doing and he nods. I see that his hand is deep in his pants and I can make out him stroking his cock. I ask if I can see him stroke his cock and he shakes his head. He says he wants to see more.

My right hand slides from my breast to my stomach and right over my throbbing clit. You can easily see my hard clit bulging in the cotton panties. I can feel my pussy getting wet and swollen as I slowly writhe in the bed.

My right hand slides over my cock and I get goosebumps all over my body. I'm tingling. I'm no stranger to playing with myself. When I'm alone I will always pour some wine and pleasure myself. Sometimes I get to it and finish quickly. Sometimes I love to edge myself for hours before letting out the sweet release of cumming.

Tonight, I'll let this man dictate hero slow and fast I go. This is amazingly erotic. I've never shown a man how I masturbate or even let one watch. So being in this position, as one hand plays with my tits and the other strokes my raging hard clit over my cotton panties, I give in totally to this mans will and whim and let him tell me how he wants me to go.

I tease the waist of my panties and decided to step this up a little and make eye contact. I wink and stare directly at him. My tongue parts my lips and I bite my bottom one as my hand breaches the waist band of my panties and my hand finds my swollen sissy cock. I love that while I am on hormones, I can still get a hard erection. I don't cum as much but since it's been a few days since I last came, it should be plenty.

As my hand slides into my panties, I grab my swollen clit and start to stroke it. I never break eye contact with him and the entire time, he smiles at me and keeps stroking his cock. I wiggle some more in the bed and I find myself lost in the moment of playing with myself. Lost in pleasuring myself as another man gets off watching.

As I start to slowly stroke myself he finally unbuttons his pants and pulls them open. He has on white boxers and I can see some of his cock, wrapped by his hands as he grinds and strikes. It puts me over the edge. I so want to slide off the bed and take him in my mouth. I know he doesn't but the urge is too great. I however obey. This is his fantasy.

I roll to my side so I'm facing him and as he smiles, he tells me to take off my tee. I follow his command and take it off, letting it fall to the floor. My perky breasts are hot and as the air conditioning hits my bare breasts, my nipples get even harder.

I ask him if he wants to have me take off my panties. He shakes his head and tells me to keep playing with myself under my panties. I put one hand in my panties and decide to slide my other hand behind me, to start to tease my sissy pussy.

He pulls the waist band of his boxers down and show me his hard cock.

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