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From the Outside

She was very horny. Cindy had just showed me her picture the previous night, asking if I had any single friends who might be interested. She was an attractive athletic blonde, and I would have helped her out if I was not married.

"Here she is now" Cindy said and left the room and then I heard Deb's voice saying hello and Cindy telling her she had to be quiet and she could come and see if she didn't say anything and while I knew this couldn't be happening I wasn't certain.

And then I heard footsteps in the hallway the door opened and my heart was racing and Cindy said, "There he is."

There was a pause.

"You can touch him if you want." I felt hands on my chest and they didn't feel like Cindy's hands. They caressed me and felt my stiff nipples.

"You can go lower."

I felt fingers tentatively touch my cock and balls and I was in heaven. She became more aggressive and touched me more roughly and then began giving me a hand job.

"Do you like feeling Deb's hand on your cock?", Cindy asked me.

I nodded.

"Would you like her mouth on your cock?"

"Yes", I answered, though I knew it was wrong but true.

"Give him a little taste if you want, Deb"

The hands left my cock. I felt a breath very close to the head of my cock and then a little lick on the underside.

"Rod, you know you can't hide things from me?" Cindy said.

I nodded, wondering where this was going.

"I know you have a secret stash of sex toys somewhere."

I started to shake my head.

"Don't lie to me, or I will send Deb home right now."

I was not a good liar.

"O.K." I said, though I wondered what she would say when she saw the stuff.

"Tell me where they are, and you will get your blow job."

I tried to remember what was in the box, the ball gag and the strap-on and some things I had been saving.

"I see you need a little more persuading"

And I felt lips and tongue playing with the head of my cock and then stopping, and then two light slaps of my balls. And then nothing.

"Where are they Rod?"

I wanted that mouth on me. "In the basement"

"Where in the basement?"

And then I remembered I had printed out some fantasies I had written and one story involved us and another man and another one involved two couples. I knew Cindy was appalled about the idea of group sex and me sharing her, even in fantasy, and that when she had told me that I had been expected to agree with her and had. And then I knew it wasn't really Deb's hand or mouth that had touched me and that she wasn't in the room.

"Do you want us to finish?"

I was still enjoying the fantasy so I didn't say anything stupid like 'I know Deb isn't really here.'

"We have all night Rod."

I still didn't respond.

"All right, I will leave you here with Deb and I'm going to go look in the basement."

I wasn't too worried. The box was well hidden and she would not find it tonight, but I would have to take care of it tomorrow.

I heard her boots in the hallway. I waited for her to come back and tease me some more.

Suddenly I felt hands on my groin. A cock ring was snapped around my cock and balls tighter than ever before. Cindy must have taken off her boots and snuck back in the room. Then I felt the remaining part of the cock ring encircling just my cock and being snapped on. Before I could react to that I felt my balls being separated by one last piece of leather that snapped down underneath them. A finger spanked my balls and stung each one, and then a mouth hungrily took my entire cock and gave it one long lollipop lick, lingering on the head, and while I was enjoying that I heard Cindy's voice in the hallway.

"How is the persuading coming?" and the sound of boots on the hallway floor.

My brain tried to adjust to the shock as my cock popped out of her mouth. I pictured Deb again in my head. My body was crying out for release and I arched my back, trying to find the mouth with my rigid cock.

"Come on, Rod. Help me help you. I promise I won't be mad about anything that's in the box. And you can get what you want"

I knew I w

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