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Weekend at cabin is anything but ordinary.

Dipping his head to her throat, he nuzzled the hollow at the base as he placed his hand on her hip and squeezed gently, going slow with her, taking his time. Slowly, he begin gathering up the fabric of her chemise pulling the hem up, revealing her heavenly body inch by inch. He slipped his hand under it and caressed her thigh, running his hand up her leg to rest again on her hip.

She tentatively stroked the arm that was touching her, feeling the muscles and the incredibly soft skin. She ran her fingers through his hair, pushing it back from his face. He began to place kisses along her jaw line and tipping her head back he again kissed her throat. His hand moved from her hip to her stomach and Virginia held her breath as his hand continued to move higher. She gasped loudly and threw her head back when his hand cupped her breast. As he gently squeezed and ran his palm over her nipple she could scarcely breathe.

"Oh, Virginia, Virginia," he whispered against her skin.

She ran her hand over his shoulder and down his back, hesitating slightly before continuing lower and resting her hand on his hip, pushing down the breeches he still wore. She was relishing the swirling sensations radiating through her body. She never knew she could feel this way.

Drake dipped his head lower and began kissing her breast. When his lips closed over her nipple she again gasped loudly. Pushing her chemise up further he turned and kissed the other breast, giving that nipple attention as well. Raising himself up, he pulled her chemise off over her head. Virginia reveled in the admiring look in his eyes as his gaze hungrily devoured her. Writing against the sheets, she pulled him down to her, their lips again meeting with a frenzy of desire.

He began to kiss her more passionately, murmuring her name, trailing his kisses lower and lower until he was kissing her stomach. Virginia trembled as his kisses trailed even lower. He began to kiss down her right thigh and then back up her left. She clutched the sheets and gasped for breath as his hands massaged and caressed her silky thighs, working their way up from her knees. When his hands reached the tops of her thighs, she held her breath.

He gently slid a finger through the soft folds between her thighs. Emboldened by how wet she was he slipped a finger inside her. She made a small sound and released the breath she was holding with a rush and writhed on the sheets as he continued to stroke her. Her breathing became ragged and she moaned loudly as his fingers touched her clit. Flames of pleasure flooded through her as he centered his attention on that sensitive mound.

When his head dipped between her legs and his mouth joined his fingers she thought she would lose her mind the pleasure was so intense. He flicked her clit with his tongue, driving her wild, causing her to cry out and writhe on the bed. Alternating between gently nibbling on the sensitive nub and suckling it tipped her over the edge and her stiffening body along with a sudden gush of wetness signified her orgasm.

She lay gasping for breath as Drake kissed his way back up her body, tasting the salty sweetness of her sweat slicked skin. He kissed her deeply, causing her passions to again rise and swirl within her. He gently massaged her breast with one hand and with the other he guided her hand to his body. Virginia had never even seen a naked man before let alone touched one. As her hand closed around his shaft he moaned aloud with pleasure and his kisses became even more intense. He moved her hand up and down, showing her how to stroke him.

When he rolled on top of her, she became scared.

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