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The shoot wrap-up and then...


Joe smiled as he made his surprising announcement, emphasizing the word ravishing with a rolling R.

Suzanne slowly straightened, standing as tall as she could, head back, shoulders squared.

"Why on earth would I agree to something like that?" she demanded.

"Reason one," said Joe, reaching out and lightly pressing a nipple that was now tenting her blouse. "Reason two," he began, laughing as Suzanne quickly stepped back, glaring at him.

Suzanne was suddenly acutely aware of the silence from the working site. There was no-one else there. They'd all gone home. She was alone with Joe.

"What happens if I say no?" she asked, suddenly nervous.

"Then I will be very disappointed and you'll miss out on what could be the opportunity of a lifetime."

"Oh. You're not going to, ah, . . ." Her voice trailed away, not wanting to put her fears into word.

"Force you? Certainly not. Not while you're wearing those damn things. I could get a hernia wrestling you out of them. That's why I want you to take them off. Ah, why aren't you already taking them off?"

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe because I don't want to be raped?"

"Who mentioned rape? Did I mention rape? No, I did not. I said ravish, as in sending you into raptures and filling you with delight. I'm insulted that you think I'd stoop to rape. How could you? If it wasn't so unmanly I'd weep at the aspersion cast upon my honour."

"What a load of, of, garbage. Weep, my eye. I know what you want to fill me with and I've never known anyone to call that thing a delight before this."

Joe laughed. Suzanne couldn't help smiling.

"Suzanne," Joe said softly.


"Take of your jeans," he said, still speaking softly.

Suzanne mind felt a little numb. If she did he was going to. . . Well, she knew exactly what he was going to do. She looked at him, seeing a gentle smile on his face, trying to work out what she should do.

"That's my girl," he said softly.

"Say, what?" wondered Suzanne, then saw that she was undoing her belt. She hadn't even noticed until then. She certainly hadn't decided to do it. She sought for something to say, some way to snap out of this, but came up empty, while her hand was now unzipping her jeans.

Jeans undone she took her shoes off. She'd learnt a long time ago not to try and take jeans off while wearing shoes. A debacle lay in that direction. Hands on her hips, a blush on her face, she wriggled her hips back and forth, the jeans sliding slowly over her hips. It would have been a lot easier if Joe hadn't looked so interested in what she was doing.

Suzanne was quite relieved when her jeans reached a point where she could just sit down and slide them off. Standing up again she could feel her face getting hotter. So were some other areas. Joe's eyes were running up and down her legs, his concentration so intense she could feel it.

"I've changed my mind," he whispered. "I'm going to let you take off your own clothes instead of doing it myself."

Taking off her jeans was one thing. Yes, it was a sort of go-ahead, but she could always back off when he started undressing her. If she undressed herself how did she say stop? Swallowing nervously she lowered her panties. Then she fidgeted, holding onto the hem of her blouse, reluctant to lift it. Joe just smiled and waited.

She sighed. She couldn't very well back out now. She should have just given an unequivocal no and walked out. What could have possessed her?

She lifted her blouse up and off, her bra quickly following. Now she was standing there naked. A pair of small socks just did not count. Looking down at herself she could see her breasts, firm and round with her nipples standing proudly erect. She could see her mons, nice and smooth, seeing she'd shaved just that morning. While she couldn't see her pudenda she was acutely conscious of it and the heat lying behind it.

She looked back at Joe.

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