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A series of "first's" all in one visit to the adult store.

Her thigh trying to get a grip on me, like chubby fingers gripping a needle.

"mhmmmmmm... oohhhhh........." she grumbled loudly, spreading her legs in a full split and rolling up into a sitting position, a significant bit of her weight on my pelvis. She forced her massive thumb into my mouth. Afraid that if I resisted she would just jam it down my mouth straight through my teeth and jaw without any effort, I complied sucking it.

Trying to find a better position, her legs landed on the floor with a heavy thud, easily reaching the floor because her hands already bent the frame. At first she just gently circled her hips on top of me, but again as she got excited, one hand gripped the bedhead and the other brutally massive hand covering my entire ribcage, threatening to cave it in with one playful squeeze, gently crushing my ribs.

She started moving her body faster, anchoring her legs and taking me and the entire bed along for the ride. She cut a groove in the floor with the bed legs. As she did her thighs were also bending the sides of the bed to the floor, and when they finally made contact with the floor her legs started bending the frame inward coming closer to me.

Abused as I was, having an 8'4" amazon girl rape me all night and nearly crush me to death several times, however accidentally, made me brutally horny, all I needed was some breathing space. Now that I had it and that I could see Megan's body in all it's glory jumping on top of me huge breasts crashing into each other pressed together by arms as wide as my waist. Not to mention seeing her absolutely mammoth 50" thighs slowly turning the metal bed frame into a total wreck. I came with a vengeance, shooting spurt after spurt of cum into Megan, enough for it to spill out of her, covering my belly. Megan__s own orgasm continued along, she had one orgasm for each spurt I shot into her.

Not even bothering to take my erection out of her, finally satisfied, she just collapsed on top of me, making the almost wrecked bed squeal sickly. She somehow managed to find her place on what was left of the bed and started silently snoring away in her dreams. It took most of my strength just to breathe under her immense body. Praying that I survive, I passed out into sleep buried under my 8-foot 4-inch tall, 740-pound amazon girlfriend, hoping to survive until morning.


I woke up, to the sight of Megan's wide massive shoulders. Apparently while I was asleep I somehow ended up on her back.

"Good morning, Tiny." I could hear Megan's voice chirping from under me. She turned her head, smiled at me and immediately I was lost in those deep blue eyes. I was quite a bit battered, bruised and tender all over. Most of my body was somehow abused by her overpowering strength, not the least including her 740-pound frame falling asleep over me.

"I'm... ehm... not sure what happened during the night, Tiny. Did you try to have sex with me while I was sleeping? That's not the wisest choice, since I have no control of my self when asleep and I am a heavy sleeper."

"Ehmm... Megan, you are not a sleepwalker, you're a sleep rapist. You fucked me to exhaustion all night, and almost crushed me by humping my body and falling asleep on top of me."

"Ohhh... so It was my fault. Sorry about that, I had no idea I could do that. But it was so funny seeing you this morning, pinned under me, trying to breathe. But I'm sorry, I really am. Why didn't you try to wake me up?"

"I... well... you can be a hard negotiator while sleeping, and let's just leave it at that. But, what's all this," I said just noticing that the surroundings had changed. We were on the floor in another room, Megan's hands were spread wide, handcuffed and anchored to the floor in front of her, making her back appear endlessly wide. I leaned against her back raising my body up.

"Oh, yes Honey.

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