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A friend in need ain't worth none in the bush.

While giving the sexy bartender their orders he couldn't help leaning forward and looking down to see how she completed the outfit. Rob was not disappointed by the skin tight micro shorts she sported. They clung to her just below her hips leaving her taught silky belly exposed. Rob noted the dangly piece of jewelry that hung from her navel piercing.

"Ok, hun I will get the drinks. see anything else you would like?" She teased.

Rob smiled as he blushed and blurted out, "I see a whole lot I want!"

Just then Joan grabbed Rob's ass, grinned at the barmaid and purred, "He has all he can handle with the three of us, sweetie."

The barmaid quickly busied herself with the drink order. She was truly amazed that a guy like that had three hot ladies in tow. She found him cute and would probably give him a whirl, but the chicks he was squiring were much hotter they he and she would have bedded one of them in a heartbeat. It was pretty much all business when she handed the drinks to the group. By that point, all three of Rob's 'dates' were making an attempt to stake their claims by pawing their man. The bartender decided Rob either had the hottest cock in the land or a twelve-inch tongue. Rob left his second too large tip of the night and flashed the bartender a shit-eating grin as the quartet turned away. As soon as the bar was out of earshot, the four of them nearly doubled over laughing.

"The look on her face was priceless," Denise cackled.

"Oh, that is just because she wanted me so," Rob snorted.

"Sweetie, I hate to bust your bubble, but that lady was thinking more about licking Julie's pussy than what is in your pants, big boy," Joan said with a bit of a hiss while squeezing Rob's ass.

They went silent for a moment. Rob surprised by both the thought that the barmaid was into licking pussy and Joan so causally saying lick pussy. The girls taken aback because they knew at once it were true and also thought maybe it would be fun to find out what it was like to be with a woman experienced in pleasing other women. The moment passed and the foursome went back to laughing and flirting. They drank and danced and rubbed against each other. They enjoyed the looks they got from the other patrons who puzzled over the quartet. Rob began to puff up like a peacock as he noticed more and more men looking envious of him.

Rob got a brief break from the attention when the bouncer showed up and the three ladies spent 15 minutes rubbing against the hunky mountain as he demonstrated his considerable talents on the dance floor. Joan and Julie rejoined Rob when Denise joined the big man on stage for a special dance in the main room. The bouncer along with four other large handsome men had taken partners up to the stage. The regulars in the crowd began to hoot and holler when the DJ started playing a particularly nasty and rhythmic hip-hop tune. The big men laid their partners down on the stage and straddled them. Denise felt the juices soak her panties as the hot bouncer shook his big sexy ass above her. His tight pants left little to the imagination as far as the size of his manhood, which was clearly way above average. After several minutes of gyrating above their partners the four men reached down and grabbed a hold of the ladies hands. They pulled the women to their feet, dragging the ladies entire bodies slowly over their crotches. The couples finished the dance by grinding themselves into each other in what can only be called a simulated sex act. When the music stopped the four men took the women in their arms and carried them off stage.

Denise, overcome with passion, wrapped her arms around the big man's neck and whispered in his ear. "Oh god, is there some place private you can take me!"

He led here through a door marked employees only.

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