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Why Black men still love Black women.

"Jessica! You're making me cum!" Roger happily howled.

Roger's cock solidified as his first wave of jizz readied from his large balls. Jessica pushed her behemoth breasts down to allow Roger's engorged head to pop out of her cleavage. She engulfed the pulsing top just as a stream of white sperm jetted from the organ. The thick load bull rushed the back of her throat, forcing itself down into her stomach.

"Swallow it all! Swallow all of my sticky goo!" Roger yelled out with a silly tone.

Jessica undertook the extreme challenge as wave after wave of liquid pummeled into her mouth. The semen was so thick Jessica could have chewed on it. She swallowed the delicious seed as quickly as possible, but did her best to savor the wonderful taste. Taking his cum like a champ, Jessica wanted one more thing before his climax finished.

The red headed bombshell retreated from the penis head between pumps of cum, and displayed her face and breasts before it.

"Paint me, darling. Paint me with your incredible gonad gravy," she begged, holding her chest hangers up.

Roger fired a rope of splooge directly into Jessica's face, the big stream nearly drenching her. Jessica laughed pleasantly as he continued to shoot loads onto her chest melons, soaking them in white, creamy fluid. Roger finished with a final blast, landing directly between her deep cleavage.

"Oh yes darling, you moisturized me so well," the covered woman said.

The red head scraped a thick strand of sperm from one of her huge honkers with a lovely finger. Her tongue sexily licked it clean, delighted with the special zest. Jessica proceeded to gather the cum on her breasts and face, sucking it down, savoring the tangy flavor. After completing her task, she licked her lips clean, her skin now glistening. All of her husband's cum was now in her belly.

Roger was just beginning to recover when Jessica slowly removed the rest of her tattered and torn dress. Jessica led Roger over to the couch, opposite the table, and sat him down. The rabbit eyed her long and sexy calves, her legs smooth and pale. Her shaven and clean womanhood was damp with desire, and Jessica turned to display her magnificent ass.

Her husband took in an eyeful of the shelf-like bum as she shook it side to side, the sway mesmerizing and seductive. The pliable flesh danced and bounced, the buoyancy of the two cheeks fluidly springing around.

Jessica's effort did no go unappreciated. The recently flaccid penis began to rise as Roger gazed at his wife. She looked over her shoulder at him and smirked, the sexiness of her body confirmed. Jessica backed up slowly until she pushed the growing organ in between her fat ass lobes.

"Oh Jessica, that feels so good," Roger murmured.

Roger's cock rose to full mast as he was slapped back and forth between his wife's elastic ass portions. When Jessica felt her good work, she positioned her hot pussy entrance before Roger's throbbing cock head. Her husband inhaled deeply when he realized what was about to happen.

Jessica's hot slit hovered mere centimeters away from Roger, and his hips tried to shorten the distance. Before his slow and sneaky approach created any result, Jessica lowered herself down on the drastic dong. As his head passed her entrance, Jessica's face contorted.

"Oh god! You are so fucking thick! You are pulling my tight twat apart!" Jessica lamented, secretly loving her pain.

She continued her journey down the veiny shaft, grimacing as inch by inch was stuffed inside her. When the impaled woman looked down, she observed the most astonishing side effect of having Roger's elephant trunk in her.

Roger's broadness was so vast, his circumference was so great, and his width so substantial, Jessica witnessed an obscene sight.

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