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The seduction of male bonding.

You slam me back against the door, using my body to close out the night.

Your hands are raucous on my body, pulling at my clothes, tearing the buttons from the fabric of my shirt, spilling my breasts into the cool air. Lifting my thigh with your hand, you lean your body into me, capturing my mouth, driving your tongue in between my parted lips.

You run your hand up my thigh as you kiss me, your fingers finding me dripping wet. I moan into your mouth as you slowly begin to fuck me with your hand, teasing me, torturing me. Slipping your fingers deep into me, stopping just before I cum. Whimpering against your lips, I bite you, punishing you for tormenting me. I feel you smile, your bottom lip in between my teeth. You push into me harder against the door, I can feel your hard cock digging into me, throbbing against my body. I push back against you, struggling, trying to escape your tight embrace. You pull me into you, away from the door, towards the center of the room. Pushing me down, making me lose my balance, I fall backwards into the waiting bed.

You're on me quick, grabbing my hands, stretching my arms, tying them above my head. You quickly pull off the rest of my clothes, sliding my skirt down my legs in one quck motion. Spreading my legs apart with you knee, you find my ankles, and tie them to the bed. A blindfold is placed over my eyes, the room is pitchblack now. I go still with shock, knowing you couldn't have blinded me, wondering who is here with us.

I hear your growling, and a soft whispered conversation. I can't move, I can't see. All my other senses heightened. My skin feels cool, but on fire with need. I struggle against my bonds, testing them, trying to escape, but they are too tight. My heart is racing, frantic. My pussy is throbbing and dripping, begging for attention. I feel hands on my breasts, caressing them as a searing hot mouth closes around my right nipple. Hands are tickling up my thighs, followed by a tongue, making shivers course through my body.

I'm overwhelmed by sensation and need. I'm moaning, crying out for more. The mouth leaves my nipple and I feel the bed shift as a warm soft body straddles my waist, pinning me down. The tongue between my legs continues to taunt me. I feel hot wetness against my stomach as she leans in to kiss me, her mouth soft and exquisite against mine. Our tongues play, darting together. I moan into her mouth, my body fevered, need making me tremble under her. I want to touch her, make her feel what you're both doing to me.

Your mouth finds my wanting pussy, thrusting your tongue into my hot center. I try to lift my hips, pull you in deeper but she holds me down, not allowing me. I hear her giggle, knowing she's enjoying my struggle. Her hot pussy rubbing against my flesh, making me wet. She plays with herself, I can feel her fingers stroking against her clit. She feeds her fingers to me, slowly so I can taste her sweetness, before she leans in to savor herself from my lips.

I feel as she turns her back to me, still straddling me, facing you watching you eat my pussy. I'm thrashing underneath her, bucking my hips against your mouth, pressing hard against your tongue, needing to cum. Her hands are digging into my thighs, pulling my legs open wider for you. I scream, cumming hard, drenching your face and her hands.

She moves off the bed, stands up and I hear her whisper "you're not done, fuck her now. Fuck her with your hard cock!" My body is still vibrating from my orgasm. I feel you pull me to the edge of the bed before you slam into me, taking my breath away. She comes back around to me, climbing onto me, straddling my face, forcing me to eat her pussy as you fuck me. Her hands are in my hair, pulling me tight against her, grinding herself against my lips. She's crying out, telling you to fuck me, telling me to eat her. Screaming she is going to cum.

My mouth and face is hot and sticky from her cum.

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