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Nick finds himself running back for me.

" He told her, "Ok, I have to run; Kyle will be in here soon." The director left the set, Stephanie groaned, her ex boyfriends name was Kyle, she did not want to be reminded of him leaving her for a stripper... she felt scared and timid sitting on this bed, in a huge room filled with cameras and lights and everything.

The bedroom door opened and in walked Kyle, Stephanie looked up and gasped...

"What the fuck are you doing here?!" she exclaimed as her ex-boyfriend walked in.

"Oh damnit, I guess I'm fucking you" he laughed a bit, "What are you doing here?" he asked her back.

"I need the money... since you left to go with Candy or whatever her name is... I got fired from work and my savings are gone, soooo here I am."

Stephanie smiled to herself, she was a little bit happy that she wouldn't have to fuck a stranger, at least her and Kyle knew each other... although he is fucking that dirty slut stripper girlfriend of his she thought.

"OK people, let's get to work, Stephanie and Kyle let's go!" The director yelled at them, "Action!"

Stephanie didn't have much time to think about it, she stood up and started kissing Kyle, just like before... "He's such a good kisser" she thought to herself. Stephanie rubbed his cock through his jeans and felt his hands on her tits. She could feel herself starting to get wet, the cameras were all on and she couldn't get it out of her mind that people would be watching her... but it was turning her on more.

Stephanie sat back down on the bed and undid his pants, Kyle's thick 8 inch cock popped out at her, she quickly took it in her mouth, sucking and slurping on it. Kyle groaned and grabbed her head, forcing his dick into her mouth deeper

"Yeah, suck that dick baby!" He moaned Stephanie had never heard that type of thing from him; he probably started it with his new girl. She put that out of her mind and focused on his cock, she pulled it out of her mouth and licked the underside of it touching every inch with her tongue, Kyle groaned.

Stephanie was definitely wet now; she moved a hand down to play with herself while she sucked on Kyle's cock. Kyle moaned again, but this time he pulled his cock from her mouth and pushed her over on to the bed. He left her skirt on but pulled the panties away and started to quickly lick her pussy all over, feeling her wetness in his mouth, Stephanie loved to have her pussy eaten, since she was a teenager she had always fantasized about it and whenever a guy would go down on her she almost always came. This time was no different; Kyle was hitting all the right places with his tongue,

"OHHHH LICK ME! YES! FUUUUUUUCCKK!!!" she cried out, instinctively grabbing his head and just as he had done to her, pulling him closer to her pussy, his tongue pushed inside her making her scream out again,


Kyle wasted no time with this request, pulling off his shirt and getting up on the bed with her, Stephanie had rolled over, her ass stuck up in the air waiting for him. Kyle slid his cock deep inside her, causing her to gasp; he teased her with a few slow strokes. Stephanie begged him to fuck her harder,

"Fuck me harder!" she pleaded.

"Like this?" he teased, pounding her once then back to slow strokes of his long dick, Stephanie begged again,

"FUCK ME!" she pleaded again, and again Kyle teased her

"FUCK ME HARDER NO-OHHHH!!!" she demanded, Kyle started before she finished her demand, his dick pounded deep inside her quickly, Stephanie moaned nonsense sounds with each thrust, her pussy tingled and she could feel herself building towards it.

"OHHHHHHH, FUCK IM CUMMING!!!!" she screamed, Kyle grabbed her pigtails and pulled her head back while he fucked her through the orgasm, Stephanie's pussy tightening around his big dick, pulsing with each thrust, Kyle couldn't hold out much longer and the director had given him specific instructions about the cum shot.

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