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First time to see strippers for Sandra.

Walking quickly, she entered his room to find him waiting, already naked. On his night stand there were several toys, one looked like a ping pong paddle, the other was obviously a whip, and the last looked like a black riding crop. Seeing the objects there, her eyes widened and she started making frantic sounds around the gag.

Frowning, Todd walked up to her, "I thought you understood that there would be no arguing with me on our dates."

Nodding frantically at his words, she continued to try to talk through the gag, trying to make him understand. Sighing, he popped the gag out of her mouth, and the words spilled forth quickly, as though she was afraid he wouldn't let her finish, "My parents are having a pool party tomorrow, I have to be there, and if I don't go swimming they're going to think that something's weird, and all I have are bikinis and they can't see any marks, they just can't, I don't have any way of explaining them..." Todd popped the gag back into her mouth as tears began leaking from her eyes. Thoughtfully, he examined the trembling and anxious girl in front of him, reveling a little in his power over her. He'd been cruising bdsm sights all week long, wanting to make sure that he didn't actually do any lasting damage to her. They had two more dates after all, but he wanted to impress on her quite firmly who was boss. Still, if her parents found out what she was doing every Friday night then his hold over her would definitely be gone.

With a shrug of his shoulders, he knew that what he wanted was still possible, but it was going to make it harder on her, "Well, we can do this without leaving marks where your parents will see them, but it's going to be a lot worse for you, is that what you want to agree to?"

Allison nodded her head frantically, anything rather than having to explain strange and painful marks to her upper class parents, especially in front of all their friends and co-workers. Todd smiled cruelly, "So be it." Roughly, he pushed her over to the bed, and with her hands behind her back Allison was forced to fall over it, her legs still on the ground. As her clamped nipples hit the fabric, she screamed behind the gag, pain flared through her nipples and breasts. Without much ado, Todd picked up the paddle and brought it down on the squirming girl's ass.


Her body jerked, making the chain pull both on her nipples and clit, which made her scream again. The paddle landed on her ass over and over again, making her struggle and squirm, which in turn fed more pain through her nipples and clit via the clamps. Dripping juices from her pussy came as the balls danced inside of her while she writhed on the bed. The worst slaps were the ones that he landed squarely on the base of the plug, they would give the plug a short sharp shove inward that made her the inside of her ass burn as much as her cheeks were starting to.

Over the sounds of the paddle hitting her ass and her muffled screams and cries of pain, Allison could hear Todd telling her over and over again what a bad girl she'd been, and that if she'd just been good last week and done as he'd told her to that this wouldn't be happening. It became like a mantra running through her head in his voice, she was bad, if she'd just listened and obeyed she wouldn't be in pain like this now. The beating went on until her ass was red and raw. When he finally stopped, Allison just slumped on the bed, panting and sobbing as her ass continued to burn; Todd could feel the heat emanating off the red flesh. Smiling, he pulled her up by her bound hands.

She continued to sniffle and weep as he undid the handcuffs and redid them in front of her body, bringing her to the other side of the bed, he lifted them up above her head and attached them to a rope that was hanging from a ring in the ceiling.

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