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Boyfriend shares her while she's sleeping...

" My body was quaking with tremors. I swear if you poked my pussy just then I would have cum on the spot. I could not remember ever feeling so horny... this was getting to be fun, sexy fun. Robert rose slowly facing away from me. "Ah so you want to see more of this movie ... don't you?"

He whispered... "Yes."

"Then turn around and let me see if you have a hard on." Robert turned slowly and I saw it... he had a rock solid, raging erection. It was sticking straight out pointing straight at the ceiling... it was magnificent!! I have seen my share of dick, but this one seemed special to me and it was me who gave my own son a boner. Not a woman in a movie... not an actress. His mother!! "Wow!" I said. "Now I guess you want to see the rest of this dance don't you?"

He sat down... "Please!" was all he said.

I pressed play... I thought I had him... The movie started again. On the TV I pulled off my bra, and danced. Robert was smiling. I was seduced my son with the video. I could see his prick was so hard and a little dark stain was forming on the head. As I sat staring not at the TV but at my son, he was licking his lips. His breathing was very deep. If I was going to make a move; I raised my foot and placed it on the top of his cock. He jumped.

"What are you doing?" he asked

"Just seeing if you're still hard," I said.

"I am," he said with a swallow. I again stopped the tape; he looked at me with confusion. "You get hard looking at my tits?" I asked. "Your mother's tits?" He did not say anything. He was blushing. "Well!" I stated; not asked.

"Does looking at my tits make you hard?"

"Yes!" he said.

"Can I tell you something?" I asked Robert.

"Anything!" he was looking right into my eyes. If I did not already love this boy I would have fallen at that point.

"I like making you hard. It makes me feel special!" I was looking at him smiling. "You make my pussy very wet, when I look at your hard cock." I rubbed my middle finger down my cunt to add to the statement. "You want to jerk off don't you?" I asked. He looked at me, licked his lips and swallowed...

"Yes very much!" I was stunned... all my playing, all my teasing. I got him to the point of confession and I was not sure where I wanted this to go. I mean all those thoughts sort of fade away when confronted with something so taboo. I was staring at him in silence. I looked at the TV and pressed play again. I said without looking at him. "Go ahead!"

"Mom I can't, it is too weird," was what he said. I said in my best mom voice, "Honey, you go right ahead and jack off. I will watch the tape and you can satisfy yourself. Then we can talk some more."

"But you're my mother, I don't think this is right," was his remark.

I was so horny right then. My body was shaking, my breathing was shallow, my hands were numb and, ohhhh, my pussy was on fire. I, at that moment, broke down. I was not thinking straight at all. "I am going to do," with that said I stood up. Undid my pants and slid them down. Robert was just looking at me. I sat back on the sofa. My legs pointed at him. I spread them and gave my son a great view of my soaking cunt.

"Robert?" he stopped looking and turned away. "Come on baby-doll, you have seen this on the tape, you can watch," was what I said. I slid my hand down to my trimmed pussy, Oh my god was I wet. My finger moved up and down my crack slowly. "Go ahead honey, Mommy wants to watch you pull on your cock." Robert rubbed his dick through his pants. "Do you want me to stop?" I asked.

"No, I want to see you do it," was what he whispered... Now I had him. My hand moved ever so so slowly up and down my pussy. I found my love hole and slid a finger deep in me. He inhaled sharply. I liked him watching, so my finger moved in and out of my cunt. It felt wonderful. I lifted my top with my other hand and began playing with my nipple. Pinching, pulling.

All he did was stare.

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