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"Who said you were dull, Tom?" she said, laughing. "It would be nice if you liked to dance, but I like you the way you are." She sipped her wine and smiled warmly at me.

"You know, Latin music is pretty sexy," she said. "That rhythm, the way you move your body together with your partner. Maybe you should try it. You could sweep me off my feet." She sipped her wine and fixed me with a long look. "We could have some fun." She stretched one leg under the table and rubbed her bare foot against the inside of my leg.

I may be a bookworm, but even I got the message. Smiling at each other, we got up and, hand in hand, hurried back to our bungalow. After a day in the sun, the beginning of our vacation, a few drinks and a good meal, we were relaxed and hungry to make love. As we fell onto the bed, I thought back to the looks my wife got when she walked over to her dance lesson.

"You looked like a million bucks this afternoon when you went to dance," I told her. "That see-through wrap was super sexy." I started to tug her T-shirt up over her head.

"You're just horny," she said with a smile. She was trying to get my pants unbuckled. "I always look good for you when you're horny."

"I wasn't the only one looking," I said. The T-shirt came off. She was wearing a sheer white bra and her nipples were visible. They were also thick and erect. I squeezed one breast, enjoying the weight.

"Right," she laughed dismissively. "Now come on and get your clothes off."

I stood up and pulled off my trousers and boxers. Anne slid her skirt down and lay back in bra and panties, with her hands behind her head, smiling seductively. She looked spectacular. My cock stood out straight like an iron rod. I couldn't figure out why she didn't think she was sexy.

"I'm serious, Anne," I said. "You've got a great body. There were a few guys who enjoyed the view this afternoon." I could see that she liked what I was saying, so I went on. "They were probably imagining exactly what I'm looking at right now. An incredibly sexy woman, stretched out on the bed in bra and panties, ready to make love to them."

Anne looked at me for a moment. "You like that, don't you?" she said.

"Like what?" I asked.

"The idea that other guys would see me like this."

I knelt down on the bed and unfastened the front of her bra. Her large breasts bobbled out. I squeezed them together and jiggled them lightly. Her nipples were sticking up straight.

"I'd love it," I said. Anne looked down at my cock. It was throbbing by this time. "I mean, theoretically of course." We both laughed. "Actually, what I'd really love ... still speaking purely theoretically ... is not just that they would see you like this, but that they would do what I'm about to do."

I slid her panties slowly down over her thighs. "Look at this, gentlemen," I said to my imaginary audience. I stroked the outside of her hips and reached down to squeeze her rump. "Exquisite, isn't she?"

"Like a side of beef," Anne said. She gave me a scolding look, but I could tell she was having fun.

"Like a goddess of love," I said in a deep baritone. She rolled her eyes and laughed again. I pulled the panties free and lay down beside her.

"So, what are you ... I mean, what are they going to do to me now?" She was playing along, with a smile on her face. But there was a bit of color in her cheeks, too. Maybe the idea turns her on too, I thought.

"First, they're going to worship your breasts," I said. I bent down and took a hard nipple in my mouth. Anne gasped and shivered.

I looked up and saw that her eyes were closed. She lifted her other breast. "This one, too," she whispered. I kissed her other breast, flicking my tongue against the rubbery nipple.

"What else are they going to do?" she asked quietly. Her eyes were still closed.

"They're going to caress your thighs, like this," I said, lightly running my finger tips along the inside of one leg. "You have to imagine four, or maybe six hands on you." My throat was starting to get dry.

"What do they look like?" she asked. She was definitely getting into it.

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