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Willful pony girl is tamed by the best.

Now she would receive a punishment before even being inducted into the Academy proper.

As Nef knelt, she fantasized the her Master was a Taskmaster at the Academy. In her mind's eye, she raised her eyes from the floor as two large feet came into view, and she knew instantly that this was the man. The one to free her from having to always be in control.... free her from the prison of trying to play dominant when her heart screamed to submit- a cry she was only just learning to hear and translate. She imagined that he entered silently, disrobed her and shackled her hands and feet without saying a word, his posture reflecting his displeasure that she did not arrive at the appointed time, and that she took so long to obey in the first place. Her thoughts were jagged and incomplete, as she had no real life experience and did not know what to expect. She hears him whisper "In time, you will learn to obey, or your life will be a saga of pain and torment." She can feel her body respond to the vision, her inner wall muscles clenching and unclenching, body taut with tension as she pictured him abusing her, using her mouth like a fuckhole, laughing at her gagging cries at her first deep throat experience.

She pictured the crop he'd use to mark her ass and thighs, leaving raised, stinging welts as a testament to his dissatisfaction. Before long, her left hand slipped behind her to the floor for support as her right hand ventured down her pants, it took mere seconds and a few quick flicks of her fingertips against her swollen clit to bring her panting and quietly moaning to orgasm. She must have dozed, for when she woke, she was surrounded by dark, cloaked and hooded figures. She was startled and tried to stand, but prolonged kneeling had left her legs asleep and as soon as she stood, she tumbled to the floor.

She was grabbed roughly, pulled to her feet. She sagged in her captor's arms, still unable to bear weight on her tingling limbs. They hauled her through a small, hidden door into an antechamber with a very large fireplace on one wall and large concrete table in the center. They flung her over the table, securing her wrists and ankles to the table's legs, and using what felt like a long, cold knife, began to cut her clothes from her trembling body, leaving her exposed and vulnerable. She cried out for them to stop, and was brutally backhanded, then cloth- her cum-stained, shredded panties- were thrust into her mouth and a piece of tape was slapped over her lips to secure them in place. She struggled in vain against her bonds, but to no avail.

Nef shook her head, trying to decide if this was a dream induced by her fantasies, when suddenly, a sharp crack rang out and she jerked as a line of fire spread from her lower back down to her mid right thigh. Nef's eyes widened and she crazily looked around to see where the strike had come from, but all she saw were legs, many many legs circling the table... watching. She had never felt so exposed! She started to cry in earnest, terrified of what things waited for her.

Someone grasped her head and fastened a harness to it, secured it in such a way she could no longer raise her head to look around, but left her mouth in a position to be used. A rough voice instructed her that they were going to fuck her mouth one after another, and screaming would avail her nothing, as they were isolated and no one would hear her anyway. They jerked the tape free, causing her to inhale quickly, she could taste her juices on the panties before they were pulled from her mouth. They began to line up to use her, and use her they did.

Three times, a man, masked, stepped forward, rammed his cock down her virgin throat and fucked her mouth until he reached climax, then would roughly wipe her face, and the next would move in.

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