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A prince is captured by lusty barbarians.

I just had to focus on the occasional male stuff that might get me horny instead of all the girlie stuff - the immature stuff, according to these guys - that I usually wanked off over.

Harvey pressed play again and Costa turned around as he hitched his briefs off over his feet. The four of them stared at his gaping crack, grabbing their knobs and wanking them off dead fast as they gaped at the teacher's prized-open backside. Costa's butt hair bristled out from between his big squat cheeks, looking moist and damp from where he'd been exercising.

"Pause it there, dude!" Smiler called out. "Pause it and zoom in on his gape! I wanna beat off with it right up close!"

Harvey did as he asked so Costa's splayed line of fur was filling most of the screen. The four of them jerked off peering at Costa's trench, their cock ends swelling really shiny as their wrists thud-thudded against their trouser pockets.

"Imagine fingering that thing!" Adams grinned, ogling the screen wide-eyed. "Imagine sidin' yer stinky finger in and out of his muddy hole... makin' him squeel like a pig from how hot it felt!"

This was several notches above the level I'd managed to get used to. This was a whole league beyond what I'd thought I was getting comfortable with.

"His butt-hair's matted round where his pucker must be," Whitehouse laughed, really hammering his cock. "It's all clumped together... like he's got a stinkie-pinkie!"

"Would you finger him up there?" Smiler turned to ask me. "Could you push your middle finger up his shitty hole?"

If this was third base, I wasn't sure I could manage it.

Could I really finger another guy up his hot, slimy ringpiece? Work my knuckle through the hole another dude's turds slide out of when he's sitting on the crapper?

I thought back to the times in the locker room when the smell of other lads' underwear had got me turned on. Had it just been their dick sweat, or had their bum odour also got me a bit horny?

Maybe they had, now I thought of it. Maybe there was a meatier, more spicy component to the locker room stink that had got my dick twitching more than I'd realised. It had just never occurred to me that it had come from the backs of the other dudes' sweaty shorts from where they'd been wedged crack-deep and rubbing against their hairy brown bullseyes.

"I reckon I could... yeah!" I smirked back at him, taking up a rhythm of my own on my semi-limp dick. "The back of a guy's briefs is even more horny than the front! His crack-hair... his bum-stink... the smell of his hole with yer finger working it... it's just so fuckin' horny!"

The four of them smirked and turned to grin at me, and I jerked my dick a bit faster for them, surprised by how much harder it was growing.

I'd thought that what I'd said had mostly been bullshit, but now that I'd said it I kind of liked how crude it was and how my cock was really thickening up from me saying such nastified stuff about other guys' bumholes.

Harvey beamed at me, first at my face and then down at my stiffening prick. He liked that I was getting turned-on, that much was obvious. I smiled back at him, liking it too.

After grinning cheekily at each other, Harvey started up the movie again. On the screen, Costa swivelled round as he pulled off his Calvins so we got to see what he had out front.

And as far as having a dick and pair of bollocks goes, I have to admit he had a pretty nice set. His cock was full - really thick and meaty - and his knackers were massive, all full and heavy.

"Oh wow! Nice bit o' junk!" Whitehouse gasped.

I had to agree. "Pretty hot, actually!"

"Would you suck it?" Adams turned to ask me. "Would you shove it in yer gob and have a long hard nosh on it?"

Oh shit. What was the right answer to this? Maybe only nancy boys suck dick, while proper lads only ever get sucked off. It was difficult to know. This whole thing was a total minefield once you get into it.

"I'd sooner lick a pussy," I tried, hoping this would get me out of it.

"That wasn't the questio

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