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He loved his new role and made sure that his clothes and appearance pleased Laurie. Again with Diane's help, their marriage and sex life had both evolved so that they were very comfortable with their roles and desires.

Michael was now clean shaven and kept his body smooth and hairless. Laurie had recently taken him to a laser hair removal clinic and as the result his body was always smooth. However, he still used depilatory cr__mes to make sure. Frequent visits to Laurie's stylist kept his hair in an attractive brunette shade and last week, he had added highlights which Laurie really liked. He had changed his style for variety and his shoulder length hair now fell in attractive waves from a central parting. Nowadays, Laurie liked Michael wearing the outfits that she picked out for him at her favorite boutiques. He also frequently wore Laurie's sexy clothing including some of her pants and tops. He had grown to love the feel of the silky, soft and stunning outfits and preferred them to his own shapeless jeans and t-shirts. As an avid yoga fitness fan Laurie had ordered Michael to also follow a strict regimen to keep his body lithe and fit.

In many ways Laurie could pass for a clone of Michael. She too was slim and willowy and a couple of inches taller than him but about 20 lbs lighter. She worked out regularly and had a great figure, pert breasts with sensitive dark nipples, rounded and firm behind and silky soft skin. Her hair was now styled in a short and sleek dark brown bob to suit her busy business lifestyle. She typically wore conservative business suits on weekdays for her consulting work. But on weekends, they both went wild and enjoyed cavorting around town in sexy and revealing clothing, attracting admiring glances from passersby.

Laurie loved Michael's shyness and her natural assertiveness and dominance came through in their relationship, and recently also in their sex life. While they had only enjoyed conventional sex before, with Laurie riding Michael's body cowboy style, these days the norm was for Michael to orally please her while she masturbated him to release. Laurie liked to spice up their lovemaking with daring public exploits and had pulled Michael away into closets and restrooms to cater to her urges. Laurie was also open in her relationship with Michael since their chance meeting with Diane. She did not mind having Michael please her friends in the same way that he attended to her needs. While she still only made love to Michael, she had thought about pleasing herself with new lovers several times when she was away on her business trips. She might enjoy having Michael watch her with another partner, she imagined.

She usually made all of the important decisions and many of the unimportant ones as well. Michael was very happy to go along with whatever she wanted to do and was more concerned with making sure that she was happy. Laurie's job as an information technology consultant was very lucrative and she had moved on to a management role in her company, making even more money. Michael used to work at the local bank as a teller but with Laurie's encouragement he now spent his time doing the house work and in developing is career as an artist. He enjoyed the new phase of his life and loved pleasing Laurie in every way.

This weekend however was going to be very different. Laurie was leaving for Japan early Saturday morning. Her new consulting assignment was in Tokyo and as the project manager, she needed to be at the kick-off meeting with the Japanese client first thing Monday morning. Unfortunately this meant flying out Saturday morning from the West Coast. She would miss the whole weekend with Michael.

The alarm went off at 6am and Laurie staggered bleary eyed to the shower still stiff from last night's activities.

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