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His early life in junior college.

with you!"

"Ok, ok." Jay accepted palms raised in easy surrender, as he vanished closing the door behind him. "Have fun."

"Anna, that wasn't very nice." I laughed.

"Oh! I told him not to come in here. He knew better." She asserted.

"It's his room, why can't he come in?"

"Oh, you know. Girl reasons." She replied eyes glinting impishly.

My mouth was suddenly dry. My heart thudded heavily against my rib cage.

"Girl reasons?" I repeated somewhat hoarsely, taking a big swig of my wine to steady my nerves.

"Well, yeah. Oh! What if I wanted to show you this?!"

She scrambled noisily through her bedside table draw, emerging jubilantly brandishing what appeared to be a small wand vibrator.

"What... is that?" I asked cautiously, not sure where Anna was going with all this.

"Look at it!" She exclaimed gleefully, thrusting the small device into my hand. "Turn it on! Push all the buttons!"

I did as I was bid. A dull hum emanated around the room as the wand buzzed into life.


"Now do the others!" Anna chortled mirthfully.

As I did so, she was overcome by a fit of giggles. As I put the little device through it's paces, it dawned on me what she was finding so funny.

*Buzz Buzz BUZ BUZ, buzz buzz BUZ BUZ*


*Buzzzz buz buz buz, Buzzzz buz buz buz*


*Buz, buz, buz, buz, buz, buz, buz*


*buuUUUZZZZZZZzzzzzzz, buuUUUZZZZZZZzzzzzzz, buuUUUZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz, buuUUUZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz*

"Oh my god, they are all patterns! These wouldn't get you anywhere... how frustrating!" I laughed.

"I knoooow." She giggled, "Stupid freaking thing!"

"Why do you have this devil's device?" I asked perplexed at why someone would have such a clit tease of a thing.

"Jay got it from a vending machine at a sex hotel in Japan." Anna explained as we erupted with raucous laughter. "Most frustrating 45 minutes EVER!"

"Hahaha, whyyyyyyyyyyy?" I implored, imagining poor Anna all worked up, exasperated, and bound to a love heart shaped bed somewhere in Japan.

"We didn't know it was just frustrating patterns when we bought it." Anna whined.

"Thank you Japan!" I choked out as we dissolved into giggles once more.

"Please, please tell me you have a better vibrator than this!" I managed to gasp out, waving the still buzzing wand in her face.

Snatching it from me she switched it off and threw it unceremoniously to the foot of the bed.

"Oh yeah. Of course!" Anna confirmed.

Once more she was rummaging through her bedside table draw. This time she came up with a considerably more substantial looking wand.

"I recently acquired this. It's fantastic." She enthused, handing me the wand.

I felt it's heft. It was a decent size and weight, rechargeable.

"No cords. Nice. May I?"

Anna nodded assent emphatically. I flicked the switch. Strong pleasing vibrations pulsed out of the rubbery bulbous tip. I spun the dial with my thumb increasing the strength of vibrations, which I tested against the palm of my hand. It seemed to have the goods to do its job appropriately. The vibrations reverberating against my palm caused a corresponding jolt of heat and tingles between my legs. Out of nowhere all I could think about was how much I suddenly wanted to cum.

"How long does this take you to... um... go with this?" I asked, breath catching awkwardly in my throat. I hoped Anna didn't notice.

"Not long. A couple of minutes." She answered unabashed.

Oh, sweet tipsy Anna. No shame or beguilement to her. It was utterly disarming. A dark insidious idea crept into my mind.

"I bet I could beat your time." I asserted, sounding more confident than I felt.

I had slept with girls before, and Anna had told me she had kissed a girl or two in her time. Aside from our drunken conversations about hotel rooms and g-spot search parties I was not certain how much thought she had given to having a sexual encounter with another woman.

"No way!" She countered.

My heart skipped a beat, with a dry mouth a heard myself ask:

"Wanna race?"

"Race? What, one of us will use tha

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