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Kimberly gets used by Mary and Debbie.

Any red-blooded male over 18 who doesn't want to throw Diana down, rip her clothes off and fuck her till his dick falls off is either gay or blind.

There are definite benefits to being married to a model. When you can get by on looks, there's no need to think too much. I love Diana dearly, but I'll be the first to admit she's not the sharpest pencil in the box. This means that anyone intelligent and interesting enough, capable of subduing a giant ego, can become a god amongst men. Secondly, despite her inability to design a space rocket, my wife has an incredible zest for life - a real passion and an insatiable hunger to go everywhere she can go, see everything she can see and experience everything she can experience. Finally, leading up to the most important aspect, as far as this story is concerned, is her sexuality. You know that cock-stiffening experience of looking at a picture of a half naked, drop dead gorgeous girl in a magazine? When her eyes scream "I'm a very, very bad girl" at you and all your blood leaves your brain, you start thinking with your other head? There's a secret to it. Yes, it is part cleverly suggestive clothing (or lack thereof), and yes, it is part role-playing. But there's more to it... deep down, that look... is genuine. When you think "This chick looks like she can go to town on my cock", it's because she can. My wife is single-handedly the wildest, most uninhibited lover I've ever had. There are literally no limits to what she has tried, and would still try, in bed.

To sum it up, being married to Diana entailed being with a breathtakingly beautiful woman, who's easily impressed, open-minded and very sexually minded. I'll let you connect the dots as I get back to my story.


"What took you so long? I was going crazy in here." She said with lust as she pulled me into the tiny airplane toilet. Her hands had already pulled my shorts down and were stroking my semi-erect cock.

"I didn't really want to make it too obvious." I said with a smile and leaned towards her, taking hold of the back of her head as we kissed.

Having jerked my dick to its full size, Diana pulled up her tiny skirt around her waist and turned around. She leaned over the toilet seat and let me pull down her panties to her knees. I slid a finger between her legs and it easily sunk into her waxed and hairless snatch. She was incredibly hot and wet.

"Well, aren't you in a state!" I grinned, while she moaned softly as my finger slid in and out of her pink pussy.

"Shut up and fuck me already." She whispered frustrated, pulling my finger out and parting her legs just wide enough to allow my advancing cock entry.

Diana pushed back onto my cock forcefully, I was pressed back against the door and my dick sunk deep into her pussy. We both groaned as I entered her.

Using the door as leverage, I began pounding my wife's tight pussy from behind. No matter how many times we did it, the "mile-high club" thing never got boring. It was always thrill.

I reached around the front and caressed Diana's sensitive clit with my finger. Over time I had made and art of playing with it - I could have had her squirting over my cock in less than a minute if I wanted to, or "torture" her for a long time, until she begged me to make her cum. It was fun to watch her squirm, melting under my touch. I could see her whole body was tingling. Goose bumps covered her skin all over as she moaned, inching ever closer to an orgasm with each thrust of my cock, with each delicate caress of her swollen clit.

She really was in a state, but we had barely gotten started.

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