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Man wakes to find himself tied to a bed with a mystery woman.

She knew this was a major hurdle for him to overcome and didn't want to make him uncomfortable so she let him take the lead. Plus, she had always dreamed of having a Dominant man as her lover. Maybe he would notice her giving him control.

His hands slid down her back to cup her ass and she responded by humping herself on his lap. The fire of arousal was burning bright in both of them and needed a release. Standing up, he reached for the buttons of his shirt.

"Let me do that Daddy," Jen said huskily as she took over for him. As she undid each button she kissed the skin revealed underneath until, on reaching the last button she pushed it off his shoulders and pressed her naked body against his chest, her lips brushing his ear as she said, "I love you Daddy."

He grabbed her ass once more and ground his pelvis into hers, growling into her ear as he did so. "I need you Jen. I want to be back inside you."

Just the mere thought of him inside of her made her quiver. She smiled at him and innocently said, "Which hole would you like to start with Daddy?"

"Well before that, there is something we didn't do our first night." He switched positions with her and pushed on her shoulder to get her to sit down.

Jen had replayed that night many times in her head but hadn't thought they forgotten something. But then she saw him get on his knees between her legs. She let out a soft moan and whispered, "Daddy..."

He lifted her legs and placed one on each shoulder. Even with being inches away from it, he could smell her arousal. She was ready for him. He had waited to taste his little girl and now was his chance. He leaned in and kissed her from her belly button to the top of the swollen clit peeking through her lips.

Looking down and seeing him between her legs, she thought to herself, Oh, this is all I ever wanted! She let out a low moan when she felt the tip of his tongue lick her clit.

He'd fantasized about this, and he planned on taking his time with her. He let out a groan when his tongue touched her clit, then twirled around it. He loved hearing her whimper in response.

She leaned her head back and simply let herself be pleasured by the man she loved most in the world. Her hands went to her chest and started to massage her tits but soon she felt his hands crawl up her toned stomach and replace hers, teasing and pulling on her nipples. Meanwhile, his tongue continued to work between her inner lips and her clit.

Feeling his hands on her was melting her insides. This is what she fantasized about... at least in part, though still wanted more... roughness. She didn't want to scare him or push him away, however, so she decided to give him subtle suggestions. She moaned, "'s OK to be rougher with my tits. Please. I like them pulled and twisted. Please Daddy."

He smiled to himself. He too liked it rough. In his fantasies, he'd always wanted a submissive partner who would do whatever he wished. Unfortunately, his wife hadn't been into that. She did humor him once in a while because she knew he liked it, but wasn't really into it herself. She'd been pretty conventional in her desires. Could his daughter be a submissive? Don't get ahead of yourself, he thought, She could just like rough sex, that doesn't mean she wants to be a sub. He would take his time and see where this led. For now, he was just going to fulfill her request and get rougher with her.

She moaned louder when she felt his fingers grip her nipples and pull.

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