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"Emergency reports from the seer Evelin goes straight to the general," instructed Fol, and pointed toward the western wall of his office.

"I have a message for the general too," gasped the kid, still heaving for air. He had obviously flown as fast as he could. "But I was told to go here first."

Fol's heart froze. Words from the seer Evelin was never good news. Someone close to him had to be in mortal peril to warrant a personal message from the Empire's greatest seer.

The courier finally managed to unbuckle his bag and retrieve a white sheet for Fol. He reached it across the table and Fol tore it from his hands and unfolded it.

He read it. Frowned. Read it again. Frowned deeper. And read it yet again.

A smile threatened to grow on Fol's face. He refused it and retained the stern military folds.

"You'd best go deliver the general's message to the general now, Courier," said Fol.

"Yes, Sir," panted the young courier and staggered out.

"What does it say?" asked the official, when the kid was gone.

"I wouldn't presume to know which words the seer Evelin has for the general," said Fol, deliberately misinterpreting the question.

"What does yours say?" insisted the official.

Fol caressed the stamp at the bottom of the very white sheet, the stamp proclaimed the seer Evelin was favoured by the Emperor, then he handed the sheet to the official.

It was a very brief note in the flawless handwriting of Evelin's caretaker.

"The seer Evelin says: Do as the hero with the sheathed bow tells you. Her arrow will taste blood."

Fol reseated himself and reached for his mug of juice. He was tempted to slurp, but thought it better to let the official concentrate. Shouldn't take him too long to realise that the Emperor's city didn't have a whole lot of female heroes with sheathed bows to choose from.

"Given this new information," said the official hesitantly, after what had to be at least his tenth read-through of the short note, "I will condone the plan you presented to me."

"Zoa's plan," said Fol. For the sake of his career, he withheld a malicious grin.

"The plan which the young courier-woman favours," insisted the official.


"Here is Toot-toot with food for you," he called, putting the trey to the floor. "Come and get it, Evelin."

"I'm bad," sounded a sobbing voice from the closet. "I'm bad. I'm bad. I'm bad."


"I'm bad," screamed the girl from inside the closet. "I'm bad."

He didn't bother to warn her before storming to the closet and pulling it open. Something was very wrong.

"I'm bad," wailed Evelin stabbing at her arm with a sharp metal pen.

He tore the pen from her and threw it across the room, then grabbed hold of the injured arm.

"I'm bad," sobbed Evelin. "I'm bad."

"Stop it, Evelin," he commanded, inspecting the cuts. Some of them were bleeding but none were deep. Evelin had come to harm before, her insanity was a constant threat to her life, but she had never before purposefully harmed herself.

"Why did you do that," he yelled, pulling her out of the closet and into his arms. His stomach hurt with worry.

"I'm bad," wept Evelin. "I just wanted his voice to go away. I wanted it to go away, dad."

"You're not bad," he comforted, holding her tight while carrying her to where he kept his first aid gear. "You're my little girl, Evelin. You'd never harm anyone."

"I'm bad," wailed Evelin.


"What took you so long," asked his Lei. She was hoarse, and her eyes were almost as red as her nose.

"I've fetched some chest lotion for you," said Kokata.

"Put it back where you took it," snarled his woman. "We're not thieves."

"Either you let me rub it on you, or I will hold you down and rub it on you anyway," snarled Kokata, making no comment to her assumption. What he had done had more semblance to armed robbery than to stealing.

"Don't you dare," wheezed his Lei and broke into coughing.

"I paid for it," snarled Kokata, caught Lei's arms and held her down. "I left enough spidersilk for him to spin a half-ball, if he cares to."


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