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Girl awaits her lover in the night.

Over the years, it has helped a number of couples trying to have children, and produced a number of surprises among couples who thought they were all done. But, a few weeks early, only the small minded will be counting."

As she slid under the covers, Rick reached for Sharon. She kissed him and took hold of his hands, pulling them from her breasts. "Not tonight, sweetheart. It's strange, but it's like we were at my mother's house. I'd be too embarrassed to make love tonight, especially after that mumbo jumbo about this bed being a baby maker.

"But you are absolutely right about this place. It's perfect, and the women will be great neighbors." She cuddled up to him, arms around his shoulders, and became aware of his arousal. She reached down and caressed his rampant staff. "My god, Rick! I've never seen you so hard! Maybe moving out here isn't such a good idea after all." She laughed. She turned on her side, her back to him. "There, Lilith is open to you. Slip little Charlie in and take care of him. Don't worry about me; this is all for you."

Rick got on his knees, under her hips and slipped his shaft into her waiting quim. She felt him enter and was immediately aware of the apparent increase in the girth of his member. "Omigod! O! O! Damn, Rick, you've gotten huge! Don't stop! Fuck me now--Do it, Rick!" He began to thrust and withdraw, short strokes rapidly increasing to full length, only the pull on her labia affecting her clit, but his full length massaging her sensitive inner walls on each thrust and withdrawal.

Rick turned her onto her stomach, pushing her legs so she was prone on the bed, his legs astride hers in the reverse missionary position. He slipped his hands under her to clasp a breast in each, squeezing and pumping her nipples in the palm of his hand. As he continued moving in and out of her love chute, his position guaranteed maximum contact with increased pressure on her forward vaginal wall and G-spot. In a few minutes he felt her tense and climax, closing down on his cock like a vise, triggering his own release.

Even as he went soft, he felt his balls continuing to spasm, spewing his seed. The last expulsion as he withdrew from Sharon was painful. Looking down, instead of the puddle of cum he expected to see, there was a small pile of small greyish white crystalline looking cubes. He attempted to pick one up but they were so small he got a number of them. They felt like gelatin, except they were easily smeared into a damp powder-like state. "What the hell?" he uttered.

"Hmm?" came the sleepy reply. "God, honey, that was fantastic. I didn't realize how much I needed that." She turned over and saw his puzzled look. "Something wrong?"

"Don't know," he responded. "The last shot of my cum is dry, and looks like mini jell-O cubes, as if I emptied my balls. I know I seemed to come forever, but I've never seen anything like this."

"Well, it's late; there's nothing we can do about it right now, is there? Grab me a towel from the bathroom, would you please? It feels like I peed the bed. I was afraid that would happen," she laughed. "Always at the most embarrassing times."

Rick brought back a towel and helped spread it beneath her, covering the wet spot. Then he crawled in beside her. "Thank you for that," he said.

"Thank you," she returned. "I can't remember when I've come that hard that fast." When their kiss threatened to become more, she backed off, laughing. "I can see why this bed has its reputation. Your balls are empty and little Charlie still wants to play. Believe me, Lilith would be more than happy to have him visit, but we need to be up early. We still have some business to discuss with the ladies." She turned over so he could spoon in behind her and they fell into a deep sleep, beset with dreams.

Rick dreamed of walking beside a golden lake, approaching a campfire surrounded by the four sisters, dancing nude.

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