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Carl didn't think his teacher really meant "no".

She pulled back from the kiss and smiled brightly. "Well, there's another one for the books! Sex in Chicago diner. Off the bucket list."

"So you two aren't from here?" Naomi asked, still filming because she hadn't been asked to stop. Likewise, Jane was still snapping pictures. Pretty sure she'd been using rapid-frame a few times.

"Nope," Lynn said, just sitting on my cock happily, squeezing away with her incredible pussy muscles. "From a town a few hours north."

"Could've fooled me," Jane said, still snapping away. "You both give off a big city vibe."

I chuckled. "I'm from a big city, I just happen to live in that dinky burg, much against my will except for this jiggling Jezebel."

"Mmmmm, you love it and you know it," Lynn murmured, kissing me again. "Alright, let's give these nice people their restaurant back, darling."

Lynn climbed off my cock and knelt down, bobbing up and down on my pole to clean me off a little. She giggled as Jane stopped recording and handed her several wet-wipes, which she used on herself quickly and modestly. We then slipped back into our clothes and waited while Naomi got the manager. They returned and Lynn beamed one of her megawatt smiles.

"How can we thank you?" she asked as I began to pull out my wallet.

"Oh, no need," she said, holding up a hand. "You were exceptionally generous to Naomi and this is probably the only entertainment we're going to have all day. Feel free to drop by the next time it's pouring."

We thanked them all again and approached the front door. The deluge was heavier than ever. We took a deep breath, opened the door and yelled as we dashed out into the rain, laughing and shouting. We ran down the Magnificent Mile, just enjoying our insanity.


The storm drains were so overworked that water from the road was flooding the sidewalks. Buildings were becoming waterfalls where they had rain gutters that opened over the street. We stopped and kissed randomly, Lynn occasionally lifting her shirt to show her amazing breasts to the empty street. I dared her to stuff the shirt in her pocket and just wear the leather jacket over her chest, which she readily did. Laughing again, we took off down the street.

We took refuge underneath an awning and caught our breath. Lynn was gasping and could not stop laughing, she was having so much fun. She leaned back against the brick wall, looking up at the canvas.

"We should get the van," she said breathily. "I've always wanted to visit those tunnels where the Blues Brothers chases took place."

"That sounds awesome," I replied, grinning. "Ready for a sprint?"

She nodded and we dashed again, laughing and whooping. Cars occasionally passed us, some honking at our irreverence, but we didn't see a single pedestrian the whole time. We finally made it back to the hotel, laughing and breathing heavily, soaked to the bone. The concierge barely raised an eye when he saw Lynn had no shirt on beneath her jacket.

"Quite an adventure," he mused. "Can I get anything for you wacky kids?"

I nodded while Lynn hugged me from behind, purring and fondling my pecs through my now see-thru t-shirt. "Yes, please, good sir. We'd like our vehicle up front in about twenty minutes, I'm taking her to the tunnels to see where they filmed the Blues Brothers chases. We just need to go up and dry off a little first."

He nodded. "My pleasure. Run along now."

To my amazement, we didn't tear one another's clothes off in the elevator and we also made it up to our floor without a single person getting on. We kissed hungrily as we waited for the elevator to stop and then rushed down the hallway to our room. Once inside, we stripped out of our things and stood in the middle of the room, kissing feverishly, bodies melded together like they were meant to be."

"I love you so much..." Lynn moaned through the kiss.

"And I'm so in love with you.

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