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She savors a sexy flight home.

Bala was Stephens wing man in his sadistic prowellings?

The visit passed...and the time she was dreading drew upon her. Time to move in to the quarters for the night...the same ritual was observed, shower, dress, eat together...then with the excuse of making some notes on her laptop about her findings so far, she departed to her room, door locked and chair wedged under the door handle.

She dreaded sleep...hoping against hope that there would be no repeat performance of the previous two nights...that Stephens lust had been sated. She was wrong.

Once again she was disturbed. As her eyes opened she could see dancing orange light on the wall of the room....the flickering hypnotic movement of light from a fire, burning outside the accommodation block.

Then she heard a yelp....and another....precipitated by a kind of snap or cracking sound. She had to look. Armed with her phone to record whatever she saw, she stood on the edge of her bed and peered through the high, narrow, meshed window.

Despite the sticky, clammy heat what she saw turned her blood cold.

Positioned on the opposite side of a large fire, there more for light than for heat, were two naked women tethered by their wrists and ankles to bales of cotton...one face up, the other face down...both with their legs parted and unable to close them due to their bindings. Around the fire were 6 men....all wearing African tribal masks, one of them clearly Stephen...It looked for all the world like some kind of satanic ritual, and perhaps it was.

Then she saw the welts on the buttocks of the woman facing down, followed immediately by the birch like stick, or cane, that had caused it at Stephens feet.

She watched Stephen make himself hard, the beating delivered to the woman not arousing enough for him, then walk over to the woman tied face down and forcefully shove his cock in her arse....the woman struggled and screamed loudly, so another man approached from the front and rammed his dick down her throat to gag her.

Two of the other men approached the other woman, lying on her back..the first entered her pussy, the second also at the opposite end fucking downward at an angle in to her mouth..

The other two stood fondling their manhood near the fire, waiting to takeover from the first guy that shot his load.

None of them wore condoms.

Trudy recorded every depraved act the men carried out on the women, with tears flooding her cheeks, and anger rising up in her, mixed with fear....both, because she was powerless, helpless to act. The brazenness of Stephen....the callousness, he had absolutely no regard or concern that she might hear or see what he got up to when she was supposed to be asleep.....then the penny dropped...he hoped she would see these things, which meant he wanted her to see what he was doing....and she understood then that before she went home he would rape her too.

How could she not have seen that? The first woman, she had thought the sex mutual (but now understood the sobbing) and she was now disgusted with herself for fingering her own cunt as they fucked....she had thought it erotic at the time. But the rest....it should have been obvious what he was up to. Did he know she had seen him doing those things to the other women?

Realistically, she knew he would attempt to take her tomorrow night at the quarters of the last site visit, before returning to Lusaka on Friday morning and the relative safety of the hotel...she was confident it would not be tonight....knew now that this show, and the others, were designed to soften her up, scare her witless and accepting of her fate...helpless.

She considered running but where would she go? She was in the middle of nowhere in Africa, a place that had wild animals roaming freely.....still the thought of taking her chances with a lion appealed more than letting Stephen fuck her.

She toyed with that idea too.

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