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Kate gets more than she bargained for when babysitting.

He followed the sound of her clacking heels.

"We finally managed to get to your underground lab facility thanks to the screw up of some of your colleagues which you undoubtedly know of already."

She could almost hear him mentally cursing the fatal security slip leading to his capture. After years of rivalry it was like they could read each other's minds. She stopped and turned to face him at the foot of his bed.

"We extracted everything we need from your brain. Our ops team managed to recover enough of your work to figure out how the weapon works. We've synthesized our own version and have already deployed it. It will go down in history as my personal innovation while you and your sorry bunch will be forgotten."

Rage boiled in his eyes. The usurpation of his life's work on top of being captured alive was too much to keep silent.

"You're not getting away with it" answered Al in a weak scratchy voice.

She grinned at is retort mockingly, and slowly moved up towards the head of the bed running her hand across his hardened muscles from thigh to arm again before bending to whisper in his ear.

"And who's going to make sure of that? Your entire group is dead or imprisoned except for you. You're alive only because we needed what was inside you head. Now that we've gotten the information you've got two options - work for us and deploy the weapon as per our instructions against the futa using the cover we provide or get registered as a captured infamous terrorist and get treated at the special futanari retention facility."

Al kept silent as his thoughts raced. He knew she wasn't telling him everything that was how the intelligence game was played. His operative instincts told him that in his situation survival was paramount. The decision to work for her outfit though it gnawed his insides had to be made. The alternative of imprisonment at the hands of the futanari was unthinkable. He knew what happened to men and women in futa prisons.

"You got ten seconds before I consider your silence as a refusal of our offer and cart your ass off into Fempirial custody Al."

He squeezed his eyes shut and sighed in defeat.

"Okay. I'll do it."

"Congratulations you are now an operative of the EFI's sole TG Unit. You will report to me as your handler and any defiance or opposition to our operative regulations will result in your lifetime incarceration."

"What?" Al's eyes widened.

"You heard me." She couldn't help smiling at his outrage at being made her subordinate. Now it was time to cement this memorable victory over him. Her panties swelled with her excitement as she cleared her throat.

"As your handler I'm concerned that you won't be able to mingle in futa society properly. So before briefing you regarding your cover I will test your oral skills, which will be a vital to survive."

She pressed a button on the bedside control panel which caused the bed to automatically recline parallel to the floor, bringing his head to the same level as her crotch. He saw her position her thighs on either side of his head and his eyes tracked her hands slowly lifting the deep navy blue professional skirt up her creamy thighs to finally reveal a pair of overstuffed beige panties. With practiced ease she released her phallus and its nut sac from their fabric containment.

Al swallowed involuntarily at the sight of her fat cock protruding from the sheathing cavity that all hybrid human shemales had; allowing them to retract their alien organs at will. As far as size went hers was definitely bigger than the average male but regular for hybrids at what looked like a little over 8 inches. Some drops of precum dripped onto his face and pillow as Delilah's fat cock lowered towards his mouth.

While it took only seconds for her cock to reach his lips, it seemed like forever to him as his mind struggled with the ramifications of submission to her.

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