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Sexy woman leads to trouble.

Melanie shrugs. She unties her robe. It falls to the floor. Linda's mouth drops open. She quickly snaps it shut. She has never been with another woman. But she has been curious. And this one is very well-built. About 5'5", not thin at all. Much more 'meaty' than the entertainment industry seems to like. But not heavy either. Very firm. Good size breasts. Maybe a D-cup. Pink nipples, splattering of freckles. Just a small patch of red hair at her snatch. She walks over to the couch. Linda is still squatting with the dildo inside her. Melanie stands directly in front her. Grabs her face. Kisses her softly. Presses her breasts against Linda's and rubs. Nipples against nipples, hard and taut. Linda moans.

"Have you ever felt another woman's tit before?"

Linda croaks, "No".

Melanie takes her hand. Places it on her breast. Linda squeezes. She likes the way it feels . She lowers her mouth. Her other hand holds Melanie's shoulder for support. Mouth on nipple, then tongue, flicking. Kneading the breast. Sucking the nipple. Melanie sighs. Linda squirms. The dildo moves in a little deeper. Melanie pushes Linda's head away.

"No, let me do you first."

Melanie grabs Linda's ass. Squeezes. Kisses her neck. Her shoulders. Her chest. Finally kisses her tits. Linda bows her back. Melanie sucks a nipple. Nips at it. Tugs at it. She listens to Linda's gasping. Grabs her ass harder. Shoves it down. Linda cries out. The dildo goes in even deeper.

Melanie falls to her knees. Fingers dig into Linda's hips. Linda moves her arms back. Her palms rest against the back of the couch. Back arches. Hips shove toward Melanie.

"Hmmm. A waxed pussy. I like it."

Melanie's tongue travels around Linda's pubic area. She finds her nub. Light flicking of her tongue. Linda jerks and moans. Melanie's tongue presses harder. Her mouth encircles it. She sucks and nibbles. Linda wriggles. Melanie's fingers squeeze Linda's hips tighter. She shoves her down again. Linda cries out.

"I'll have you taking that whole damn thing in you soon enough, don't you worry."

Linda groans. "Please stop! No more!"

Melanie tells her to relax. She continues working Linda's clit. It is swollen. Melanie sucks it like a pro. Linda feels something touching the back of her thighs. She realizes that it is the dictionary. Her cunt has completely swallowed the dildo. Melanie raises Linda's hips up and down. She flicks Linda's clit with her tongue. Faster and harder. Linda is screaming. All that cock in her. It is causing her lower abdomen to feel extreme pressure. Her thighs are trembling. Melanie moves her hands. Her thumbs are on either side of Linda's clit. She presses and rubs. And still she is flicking her tongue.

Linda's hips jerk. Her orgasm is beginning. It is intense. Feelings of ecstasy mix with the pain inside her. Every shudder of her orgasm causes her cunt to claim a tighter hold on the rubber cock.

Linda begs Melanie to stop. "I can't take anymore!"

Melanie instead sucks Linda's clit harder, stretching it. Linda screams. Melanie pulls the book out from under Linda. Her thighs quiver with muscle spasms. Her legs give out. She sits down hard. The dildo's base hits the couch. SLAM!

Linda yells. "Nooooo! Please!"

She tries to roll onto her side. Melanie's hands move back to Linda's hips. They lock her in place. Her sucking becomes biting. Linda's lower body twitches and jumps. The dildo rams in and out with each movement.

Linda begs. "Please take it out of me!"

Melanie ignores her cries.

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