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College kids walk in on a couple having sex and do the same.

With her bottom half uncovered, her bare groin could be seen, a tiny brown strip of hair covering the small space just above her lower lips.

As Stephanie shrugged out of the shirt to drop it to the ground, she wrapped one arm around her breasts and the other around her belly as she turned to the side, crying as she realized there was no way to cover all of the skin she bared to the women who grinned at her. With the mesh being the only protection, the air seeped through every gap and made her nipples hard. The wind picked up, creating a high whistling noise, as if Mother Nature was also objectifying her.

"Me-ow" Natasha teased, "Someone's got a hot date tonight. You planned on getting laid this evening?"

Stephanie's mouth dropped at the invasive question and she shook her head as her teeth began to chatter.

"That's a lie." Cammy scoffed. "You're seeing that bartender you're so hot for aren't you? My god, you called me a slut? I can see you tits from here."

It was hard to tell if Stephanie's red face was due to the cold or if she was blushing, but seeing her bend forward to hug herself, like a flower wilting in the cold, was all the evidence Natasha needed enjoying her payback.

"Fuck you!" Stephanie spat, looking more silly than threatening as she danced, lifting one leg at a time to keep herself warm. "At least I didn't have a video tape of me blowing my army boyfriend."

Cammy didn't take the bait, she had a better card up her sleeve. "Oh that's where you're wrong Steph. Kara, the president we all protected, has videotapes of the whole sorority having sex, including you."

The color in Stephanie's face faded, as if she was turning to ice, her lip quivered as she felt more exposed, like she had been transported into the middle of the sorority house where everyone could mock her half-naked state. "Th-that's a lie. You're lying!" she said, crossing one leg over the other as she hugged herself tighter.

Cammy shook her head. "Sorry I wish it was true. But I know Kara has a video of you taking it up the ass with that bartender, that's how I knew you were dressing all sexy for him."

Stephanie let out a cry as she covered her mouth, thinking about being seen on all fours, her posterior sticking up with a hard cock pushing in and out of her ass. She remembered the sensation of feeling him inside her while she had her own fingers sliding in and out of her sex. Her pleasure senses were so overwhelmed she had to muffle her screams by burying her head in the pillow.

That intimate experience was also viewed by two of the most callous people she'd ever met. Falling to her knees, Stephanie cried as she bent forward, the cold not strong enough to distract her from the overwhelming sense of shame she felt.

Tapping the crop end on her hand, Natasha said, "Cammy fetch the blanket off of Pierre, I'm going to teach Stephanie another lesson."

Stephanie's eyes dried up just in time to widen in shock. as she looked up at Natasha "What? But I did what you said! I'm naked now."

"You're half naked dear, and before I have you finish I have something else in mind." Natasha said as she took the blanket from Cammy. "Get on all fours."

Stephanie's hands lowered from her body as she stared in disbelief at Natasha, looking to the hardened ground that already dug into her bare knees. As she looked at them, she could see they were shivering so much they banged together. "I'll die from frostbite!"

"Just lay on your coat then." Natasha said as she held up the blanket, "Plus you'll have this.

"What?!" Stephanie blurted out, "That's for horses!"

"It is...and I'm your jockey, since you don't know my name, you can call me that."

With a quivering lip, Stephanie felt her body temperature rise as the reality of being on all fours like Pierre was imminent. The woman re-iterated her name. "I do know your name! I swear. If I say it can you let me go?"
Natasha folded her arms as she snickered.

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