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DK's journey into erotic nudity

I pulled the top of her dress further down and exposed her lace bra. I reached over and brushed my fingers over her lace covered titties. She leaned further into me, as she nuzzled into me she placed her arm on the back of the seat next to her.

I slid my hand up her thigh, under the hem of her dress. I pulled her panties to the side and found her pussy was dripping wet. "Someone is turned on," I said, "we may have to exit this theater."

"If not, I may just have to fuck you right here right now," I said.

She enjoyed being naughty, and being naughty was having an effect on her mind and body.

Chas reached out touched his hand on her shoulder, and leaned forward and whispered, "You have to admit this movie is complete crap."

Clearly, his motivation was to try and get a better look over her shoulder.

Kristi turned her head and twisted her body to the right and "SHHHHHHUSSHED" him again.

In doing so Chas leaned further in, his eyes widened as he could see Kristi's exposed bra, and my fingers running over it.

Kristi was being really naughty, if there were any questions of the shenanigans in the row ahead, they were clearly answered with Kristi's lace cover titties on display.

My fingers continued to play with her left tit, and she twisted a bit turned her body to the right, and leaned her body into mine.

With another squeak of a chair, I look over and saw that Chaz had leaned forward; he then placed his hand on my wife's right shoulder in an attempt to get her attention again. Kristi looked over at the contact, as Chas' fingers began to make circular motions on her shoulder.

He then whispered, "There has got to be something better to do than watch this piece, we deserve our money back." While he did this he just stared at my wife exposed bra.

As our neighbor continued to stroke his fingertips over her shoulder she looked over her right shoulder and didn't tell him to take his fingers off, didn't tell him to sit back, didn't tell him to be quiet, didn't tell him to watch the movie, but whispered, "Well... and what would you rather do?"

Kristi sat there in silence she was losing her focus as I continued to massage her left breast.

All the while I still had my fingertips brushing over her lace covered nipple, which he could see, and Kristi certainly could feel. I knew something was being said, but could not hear them fully. I continued to play with her body as her hand continued to be hidden under the waistband of my boxer briefs.

I saw movement from a few rows ahead of us. An older gentleman made his way down the row to the main aisle. He turned up the main aisle; I nudged Kristi letting her know, now may be a good time for her to straighten up and twist back in her seat.

Kristi continued to lean into me a bit; her hand retreated from inside my boxer briefs and rested on my open fly. In a hastened attempt to hide the mischief that was happening in our row just a few minutes earlier, she pulled her top back over her lace covered nipples and crossed her right arm over her chest.

The older guy slowed as he passed our row, he glanced over at my wife, suspecting there may have been something going on in the row. He then exited in a hurry with his jacket on, I thought he gave up on this crappy movie and was out of there.

Kristi turned in her seat faced me, our eyes locked I leaned in and gave her a kiss.

I said to her, "Baby that guy almost saw your naked titties... you naughty girl."

Then I leaned in we kissed again, we broke our kiss, looked each other in the eyes, and the

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