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Katie gets caught in the act by her co-worker Molly McGrath.

And here he was, kneeling between this man's legs, smelling the strong scent of sex emanating from his crotch.

"That's it, baby. Come to Daddy. Lick Daddy's hard cock." Zeke cajoled as he placed his hand on Patrick's head and guided him to his cock.

Patrick stuck his tongue out and began to lick the throbbing cock in front of him. He licked it from the base to the moist head and tasted male pre-cum for the first time in his life.

"Oh yes, that's it, baby." Zeke moaned with pleasure. "Take it into yer mouth and suck on it, honey."

Patrick did as instructed and sucked the tip of the throbbing organ into his mouth. He teased it with his tongue and drew as much of it into his mouth as he could.

"That's a good, boy!" Zeke gasped as he watched his prick disappear into the boy's mouth. "Take more of it, slut!" He ordered and pressed Patrick's head down further.

Patrick began to gag, but Zeke's hand kept him from backing off.

"Relax yer throat, boy. Breathe through your nose." Zeke instructed.

Patrick did as ordered and the gagging reflex subsided. He took more of Zeke's manhood. As Zeke's throbbing rod slid further down his throat, Patrick could feel his own cock throbbing with desire. He put his hand between his legs and began to fondle himself. Zeke smiled as he noticed what the boy was doing.

"Don't you be playin' with yerself, slut!" Zeke commanded. "There be plenty of time to take care of you later. Right now you serve Zeke. You is Zeke's slut now!"

Zeke's words and tone made Patrick even harder. He felt compelled to obey and submit to this man. He moved his hands to Zeke's thighs as his head bobbed up and down on Zeke's cock.

"Ohhh, yesss!" Zeke moaned as Patrick sucked and licked and deep-throated his pulsating prick.

"Yes! Suck Daddy's cock, you little cock-sucker! Take Daddy's cum, you little whore!" Zeke shouted as he tensed up and thrust his cock all the way down Patrick's throat.

Patrick was making gurgling noises as he fought to keep from gagging as Zeke's cock began to spew cum down his throat. Zeke's copious load was too much for Patrick's throat. His mouth filled with Zeke's love juice and it began to ooze down the sides of Patrick's mouth. And Patrick's whole body shook as his own orgasm took control of him. Patrick's hard little prick began to spew cum into his shorts.

"Good boy! Good boy! Wet yer pants with cum, you little sissy!" Zeke urged as Patrick shook and squirmed.

Then it was over. Patrick slumped against Zeke's thigh. The head of Zeke's cock was still in his mouth. Patrick sucked slowly on it and caressed it with his tongue. Despite the violence of Zeke's orgasm, his cock was still hard and throbbing.

"Yes, yes. That's a good boy." Zeke said soothingly as he ran his fingers through Patrick's hair. "Suck on Daddy's cock like a good little faggot. You belong to Daddy now. You're Daddy's good, little boy, aren't you?"

"Mmmm, hmmmm." Patrick muttered while he continued to suck on his new toy.

"That's right, baby. You suck on Daddy's prick. Daddy is going to keep you and train you to be his slave. You want that, don't you, baby?"

"Mmmm, hmmmm." Patrick mumbled as he hungrily sucked on the tip of Zeke's cock and stroked the rest of its length with his fingers.

Zeke tensed up again and a second load erupted from his throbbing cock into Patrick's mouth. Patrick sucked like a baby sucking on the nipple of a bottle and swallowed all of this second gift. When Zeke's cock stopped giving, Patrick slumped against Zeke's thigh and allowed Zeke's member to slip out of his mouth.

"Ohhhh." Patrick sighed.

"Come, sit on Daddy's lap." Zeke urged as he helped the boy up and positioned him.

"Are you Daddy's boy?" Zeke asked.

"Mmmm, hmmm." Patrick mumbled.

"Say it, baby." Zeke commanded.

"I'm Daddy's boy." Patrick whispered.

"Yes, you are, slut." Zeke smiled.

Zeke lifted the boy's chin and covered his lips with his own.

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