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A pouting peasant girl.

Back and forth, like a panther, and they were all struck silent by her presence. They had become predators and she the prey. Even Henry felt himself leaning forward, his pupils dilating in excitement. To hell with plastic pussy. This was the real thing!

Then she stopped in the middle of the row of chairs, turning toward Henry's side. Her face was pretty, her eyes dark and round. She half-smiled at him as she bent forward, her breasts swaying, reaching behind and smacking her ass, first with one hand, then with the other. Henry heard the guys on the other side gasp.

Then she was turning again, the other way this time, and he saw her own handprints on the white globes of her behind as she bent, showing his row what she had just shown them. He gaped as she did it again, one hand, then the other, using them to spread her pussy and ass open for them to see.

"Holy fuck." Cody gulped beside him. Henry was up against the Asian kid this time. Cody got Carrot Top again. "You have got to be kidding me."

Henry couldn't have agreed more. He'd been to strip clubs before. They'd gone during his senior year in high school, even though he'd had to procure fake I.D. for the venture. He'd been in the company of strippers. He knew how it worked, he knew all the rules. This woman...this girl...she wasn't a stripper. Strippers didn't...

"Want to touch it?" Her voice was low, husky, and it sent a shiver through him as she looked back over her shoulder at his row. "You can touch it if you want."

She took a step toward them in those incredible fucking boots and Henry's jaw dropped when she straddled his thigh, putting her arms around his neck and rubbing her pussy against his leg. Jesus, it was so hot-her cunt was on fire!

"You want to feel a real pussy?" she whispered, grabbing his hand and guiding it between her legs. "Touch it."

Henry did as he was told, groaning as his fingers moved over her lips, parting them and finding wetness. He whimpered when she stood, swinging her leg over Cody's and letting him feel. His eyes were glazed. Henry knew just how he felt. When she stepped over to the other side of the aisle, he noticed how the entire group watched her, how much they all wanted her.

She's a hen in a fox house, he thought as the Asian guy got his feel, grabbing her breast in his hand as well. Why didn't I think of doing that?

"Okay, boys, that's it." She turned to face the room. "No more touching. Got it?"

Like she could stop us? Henry felt that energy emanating from every guy in the room. It was crazy. Even guys who had come twice already were hard again. Henry was too, his cock responding without any thought at all. His body wanted what it wanted. And it wanted it now.

"No more touching during this round." Marcus took a step toward her, putting an arm around her waist. She smiled up at him, her eyes softening, and Henry understood. She was with Marcus. That much was clear. But Henry couldn't help thinking, this round? Did that mean they could touch her during the next one?

Oh please, God, let it be so.

He had to make it to the next round. He just had to.

"Val is going to give you all a little show for the next round."

An air mattress got pulled in from the hallway and put on the floor between the chairs. Henry watched, they all did, as Val unzipped her boots, taking her time, her legs finally revealed, the fishnets torn and held together in places by safety pins. Then she crawled onto the mattress, turning herself over and spreading her legs.

"Ready?" Marcus handed the Fleshlights to the first two pledges-Cody and Carrot Top. Thank god I don't have to go first, Henry thought, although his hand was already moving on his cock. It was getting harder by the minute as he watched Val's hands running over her body, cupping her breasts, tweaking her nipples.


Cody and Carrot Top were already hard enough to roll on their condoms.

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