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Stephanie revealed.

He breathed deeply, the aroma seeming to permeate his body, his excitement and arousal evident in his trousers, despite their loose fit. None of this was lost on Veronica. She raised one booted foot and gently nudged the semi hard erection, teasing it with the toe of her boot. The suppressed groan she heard delighted her so she nudged a little more. David's penis hardened. Veronica lowered her foot and stepped back a pace tugging on the leash. "Hands and knees," she commanded and David quickly placed his hands on the floor a little disappointed that all he could see now was the toes and heels of the boots. Veronica turned and began to walk away... David had no choice but to crawl after her. It was that or be choked and choking was not one of his desires.

Across the entryway and down a long haul they went stopping only when Veronica came to the door that led to the dungeon. She assessed the ability of this boy to negotiate the stairs on his hands and knees and decided that he was more likely to fall down then crawl down. It was not her intention to maim him so with a tug on the leash she indicated he was to stand. Once this was accomplished she proceed to head downward into the dungeon. She led David to the middle of the room where a chain and ring hung from the ceiling. Reaching up she attached the leash to the ring then stepped back. Nothing was said for sometime. To David it seemed like an eternity, he felt the desire to fidget. Just when he was about to disobey and move veronica spoke.

"Undress little one," her words softly spoken, in contrast to the commands she had given on his arrival. "Do it slowly so I can savour the moment." David's normally dexterous fingers suddenly felt as heavy as lead, felt as if they had thickened in size. He silently thanked the Mistress for her foresight in instructing him to wear loose clothing with no zips or buttons. He removed the shirt he had worn, a voluminous item that was secured by velcro. He carefully folded it and placed it on the ground at his feet. Next he slid the trousers down, embarrassed and ashamed that his erection was now full. As he stepped out of the trousers and began to fold them he felt the caress of a hand across his buttocks. He jumped slightly... he had been so intent on his task that he had not heard her move and her touch had surprised him. The low chuckle he heard reassured him that she was pleased.

Veronica began a leisurely inspection of David's body, her hands and fingers caressing, probing, and exploring. She took his penis in her hand and felt the weight of it as she admired its length and girth. At the same time she cupped his testicles and squeezed them a little. "Mmmm very nice," she murmured. "I am so glad you were honest in your description of yourself."

After she had completed her inspection she took a pace backwards. "David," she began, "From this point on you will be assessed to see if you have what it takes to be a good submissive, more importantly MY submissive. I will do with you what I will, within the boundaries that W/we have already established. You have been given the safe word to use if at anytime you wish to stop. Now before I begin I must ask you this. Do you wish to proceed?"

David took only a moment to consider the question, despite the fears in his mind he knew that he needed to know if this was what he wanted. So after only a short pause he answered, "Yes Madam Veronica, this humble submissive wants to proceed."

"Excellent!" Veronica approached him again and released the leash from the ring and started to walk towards a table set to one side.

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