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What would you do to keep love alive?


Rachel's pale green eyes glinted in her freckled face as she smirked. "An excuse for me to drag Han out, methinks?"

I laughed. "I thought she was going out with you anyway?"

"Well, after last night...?" she shrugged and tossed her long copper hair over her shoulders, "Maybe she's not up to it?"

"She was up earlier than you," I returned, amused.

"That's because I drunk her under the table," Rachel answered proudly, making me cackle.

"You mean you ended up under the table."

Surprisingly, Rachel smirked. "In a sense..." she said mysteriously and I raised an eyebrow, "Well, we both ended under the table, but that was before we got drunk..."

I opened my mouth in a gape of astonishment and she giggled.

"You dirty tarts!" I laughed, recognising that my shock was not that they liked each other that way but more that they'd actually done something about it. Hannah had always been the shy, quiet one and for her to get the nerve to do something like that was a major thing.

"She actually...? You two...?" I whispered, shaking my head in wonderment.

Rachel grinned. "Well, she needed a little persuading at first," she murmured quietly, with a glance to the kitchen door, "but once she gets going..." she bared her teeth and made clawing motions, and I doubled up with silent laughter.

"Anyway," she said, once we'd stopped giggling, "I need something loaded with calories and two fat painkillers, and then I'm off into town. Need some more Ann Summers stuff now..." she winked.

She gave me a hug and walked into the kitchen, leaving me still shaking my head and laughing in the corridor.


I was sat on my bed, carefully picking a tune on my guitar, when the doorbell finally rang. I jumped up and slid in front of my mirror, checking my reflection was suitable. It'd been so long since I had seen him and I wondered if the short, black skirt and cross-backed top were still his favourites or whether now preferred something different. I smiled, knowing that really it had only been two months and if he was still seeing me, his tastes hadn't changed one bit. I ran my hand through my short hair once more and wandered out of my room to get the front door.

"Hi honey," he said, his eyes sparkling, and overcome with emotion, I threw myself into his arms. Fraz held me tight and buried his face into my hair as I fought not to cry: finally he was here. Here. I pulled away from his embrace and pressed my lips gently against his, and he returned the kiss with warmth, his hand gentle against the back of my head.

"It's so good to see you," I whispered, looking into his gorgeous brown eyes, my heart lighter than it had been in weeks, and he bent down and kissed me again, this time more passionate, his tongue slipping in between my lips to dance hungrily with my own. I cupped his face, leaning into the kiss and his hands slid down my back to rest on my buttocks.

"That's my bum," I smirked, raising my eyebrows as we broke apart finally.

"I know," Fraz grinned slyly, giving my bum a squeeze, "You look great by the way."

"I can tell," I replied with a smile, pressing my thigh against the hard bulge in his jeans.

He grunted and closed his eyes briefly, his hands moving lower until they found the edge of my skirt and slipping under it. My heart quickened as he slid his hands up my thighs to rest them on my bare ass.

"No panties?" he murmured deeply and I laughed.

"Almost," I answered, "String."

"Mmmm..." he sighed and then opened his eyes suddenly, seeming to remember we were stood in the open doorway. He grinned and slapped my ass with both hands.

"Inside," he said as I giggled, "Now."


'Romeo & Juliet' filtered through the air as Fraz's fingers worked on the guitar, pulling songs from its strings that I couldn't even hope to play yet.

"That guitar loves you," I murmured almost sulkily as I remembered my vain efforts earlier and he laughed, putting the acoustic back into its corner and crawling o

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