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Happy marriage is undone while a man is in a coma.

"Push your tongue inside me." Mickie said in a voice just above a whisper, "Push your tongue inside my pussy."

Lillian was a little taken aback by the request at first but she quickly realised it was the least she could do. After all, Mickie had shoved her tongue as deep inside her pussy as possible and given Lillian the tongue fucking of a lifetime. If Lillian was to stand a chance of returning the favour she was going to have to do more than just lightly lick the brunette's pussy. Hell, if Lillian really wanted to return the favour she should probably pull out every trick Mickie used on her while she was eating her out.

With that in mind Lillian lined her tongue up against the entrance to Mickie's pussy and then pushed her way inside, slamming it in as far as it would go in one powerful thrust.

Mickie cried out in pleasure, and then began moaning even louder than before as Lillian began tongue fucking her.

These weren't the shy licks Lillian had started off with either, these were powerful tongue strokes, the blonde quickly picking up a rhythm until she was pounding Mickie's pussy with her tongue.

The juices which Lillian had been beginning to like while she was licking Mickie's pussy now were slowly sliding into her mouth and down her throat and they just seem to get sweeter with every drop. Soon Lillian was wrapping her mouth tightly around Mickie's pussy lips and hungrily slurping at the other woman's hole in an attempt to get more juices. It worked and Mickie's cunt cream began to flow like a river, Lillian gulping them down as fast as she could as she became lost in eating her first pussy.

Now this was far more satisfying Mickie thought to herself as Lillian really began to eat her pussy.

The shy little virgin licks had been a lot of fun but Mickie was now craving a tongue fucking, and a tongue fucking is exactly what she got.

Without needing to be told Lillian continued picking up the pace of the tongue fucking until she was pounding Mickie's pussy as hard as she possibly could with her tongue, her mouth sucking at her fellow diva's cunt with the power of a vacuum cleaner.

In response to this Mickie tightened her grip on the back of Lillian's head and began forcing the blonde to bob her head up and down, driving her tongue deeper and deeper into her cunt, controlling the pace of the tongue fucking she was receiving with just one hand.

When Lillian didn't object to that, and her hormones got the better of her, Mickie began thrusting her hips up and down, shoving her pussy into the blonde's face to get that tongue even deeper into her.

Finally Mickie began cursing like a sailor, her words only driving Lillian too tongue fuck her harder.

"Oh my God yes, fuck yes, that's it, just like that, eat my pussy, eat my pussy you little dyke! Mmmmm, yes, you're a pussy eating slut now aren't you Lillian? Yes you are, yes you are. And I turned you into a pussy eating slut didn't I Lillian? Yes a pussy eating slut. My pussy eating slut. You're my pussy eating slut now Lillian. From now on your going to be eating my pussy whenever I fucking want because you're my pussy eating slut!"

Mickie's rant ended in a scream as she came almost violently when Lillian suddenly twirled her tongue inside her cunt. That scream only became louder as the blonde brought the brunette to orgasm after orgasm.

As Mickie's eyes rolled in the back of her head and her eyelids fluttered Lillian's eyes and eyelids were doing the exact same thing as she tasted something even more delicious than cunt cream, girl cum. Lillian liked to swallow guy cum but she quickly discovered she loved swallowing girl cum. The blonde swallowed much of the delicious tasting liquid as possible and when there was no more to swallow she twirled her tongue inside the source of that sweet juice until more floated down her throat.

This cycle repeated itself over and over, Mickie experiencing several good orgasms from Lillian's mouth until the brunette decided it was time to move on.

It was a hard thing to do because Mickie

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