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New Arrivals at Killian's Cabin.

She would never ever admit to that, she knew, but she was a bit more lenient with herself. She knew there would be trouble now that the woman was no longer drugged. "What is it, Ms. Olson?"

Shane smiled crookedly, "I told you Doc, you can call me Shane. And my question is, do you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, something in between?" She wiggled her eyebrows playfully.

Liz had to bite her lips to keep from smiling at the silly look on Shane's face. "What is it to you exactly, Ms. Olson?"

"Shane, please. And it's a very important thing a patient must know." Shane responded very seriously.

"Oh? How is that?"

"Well, you see, a patient feels tremendously better when he or she knows that their sweet doctor that had been taking care of them the entire day has a nice home with a loving partner to go back to." She fluttered her eyelashes playfully.

Liz took on a serious face, "If I weren't your attending doctor, I would tell you exactly what you are full off." Clearing her throat, she made her way out of the room before she would burst into giggles. She was actually starting to enjoy their silly game.

Shane couldn't help the deep chuckle that escaped her throat when she heard the doctor's serious yet playful words.

The following day, Shane was already out of bed and sitting on a straight-backed armchair she found in the room.

"Well, don't we look better today." Said Liz when she entered the room.

"And you look just as delectable as always." Shane couldn't help herself. It was pure reflex.

Before the doctor could turn around and leave, Shane was out of the chair, grabbing Liz's forearm softly. " don't even begin to realize how much that hurt."

"What do you think you're doing, huh? Do you want to open your stitches? Get back in that chair. Slowly!"

Shane smiled in embarrassment, "Yes ma'am."

When she was tucked safely in her chair, Liz bent down to examine the incision. Shane had to literally bite down on her lips to keep from commenting.

"You're lucky you didn't snap anything open."

"Yeah, sorry about that. But I couldn't just let you leave before I asked you something."

Liz scratched her forehead. "What is it now?"

"Well, since you didn't answer my question from yesterday, I feel obligated to ask you another."

"And what would that be?" Liz sighed dramatically.

"Will you go out with me?" Shane smiled charmingly.

Liz chuckled, shaking her head. "You're incorrigible, you know that?"

"Oh, you have seen nothing yet." Shane said proudly, buffing her nails on her pajama top.

Without answering, Liz turned to leave the room.

"Wait! You didn't answer my question..." Shane pouted.

Liz licked her lips and smiled, "No Shane. The answer is no."

"Aww, come on." But Liz was already out of the room. "Hey, she called me Shane." Her smiled grew bigger and bigger until her face felt like it would burst.

Shane's attempts at wearying Liz down seemed to be working since even though her answer was a definite 'no' each and every time, they had grown closer and Liz even seemed to visit more often.

When she asked her out for the thousandth time, Liz shook her head in wonder, "When are you going to stop asking me that?"

Shane smiled roguishly, "When you say yes."

Liz chuckled and moved on, taking a pile of charts in her hands before going on her rounds. Liz couldn't help but be flattered by the relentless pursuit but ethically, she knew she had to stay away, knew there couldn't be a crossing of any boundaries.

A couple more days passed quite uneventfully, with the doctor and patient getting closer. Though Shane continued pursuing the doctor, outrageously flirting with her, Liz stood her ground, refusing to budge. At times, just to cool Shane's overenthusiastic reaction to her, her face would turn blank and a coldness she barely recognized as her own emerged to the surface. Shane seemed to have the ability to bring out the best and worst in her.

Shane was slowly getting better

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