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A lonely housewife takes matters into her own hands

"I am going to do it," Askook announced as his way of saying he was close to cumming.

Bridget and Laura backed off and Laura stroked the hot throbbing penis. "Aggh," Askook screamed when he ejaculated. Laura continued stroking him and stream after stream of semen shot from his shaft across the inside of the wagon. Bridget counted eight voluminous ropes of his seed and she was thankful that she had not received such a load in her mouth. Askook was shaking slightly as his ejaculation subsided. Laura then took his phallus in her mouth and sucked out the remaining seed. Askook trembled as she drained him dry.

He was still hard when Laura had him lie on his back. Next she mounted his and slowly descended on his mighty shaft. She gasped as it filled her womb and touched new areas within her. She moved slowly at first and then rode him in search of her orgasm. Laura took Askook's hands and placed them on her breasts as she pleasured herself. Askook like the feel of her breasts and they way her nipples hardened in the palms of his hands. Laura felt her loins tingle and she knew she was close. A few more thrusts and then she lost it. "Oh God, hold me," she cried out as she fell forward onto Askook's chest.

He felt the warm moisture surround his shaft and his hands instinctively moved to her buttocks. He caressed her lovely bottom as her body shivered with the intensity of her climax. Laura remained on him for several minutes before she rolled to the side and let out an enormous sigh. Bridget stared at the still erect penis and decided to take her turn. She too mounted Askook and began her gradual descent on his shaft. She placed one hand on the base so that she didn't take it all right away.

Bridget could feel her vagina stretch gradually as she worked her way down the shaft. Eventually she removed her hand and allowed the entire length to enter her. She gasped loudly when it filled her and remained still for nearly a minute as her body adjusted to the intrusion. She began to move slowly and relished the full feeling in her womb. The shaft rubbed against the sensitive hard flesh in her vagina and stimulated her clitoris at the same time. Bridget knew she was going to have a massive orgasm.

Bridget threw her head back, grasped her breasts and cried out as she climaxed. Askook felt that every animal in the wilderness heard her cries of passion. Once again he felt his shaft swimming in warm moisture. Bridget stayed on him until her crescendo subsided and then she rolled off of him and collapsed in the wagon. Laura moved over to Bridget and cuddled with her. The two women kissed and caressed each other as Askook watched. His buckskin was off now and his imposing manhood stood out from his muscular body.

Laura moved between Bridget's legs and began licking her again. She told Askook to put his shaft back in her from behind. Anxious to ejaculate again he moved behind the dark haired beauty and entered her. Askook found that he liked being in this position as he could look at the woman's lovely bottom and watch his shaft slide in and out of her womb. He also liked seeing Laura lick the yellow hair and make her squirm. Laura used her hand to stimulate her clitoris while the massive phallus rubbed the hard flesh. She was close to simultaneous vaginal and clitoral orgasm. Laure cried out as another intense orgasm rocked her sensuous body. Her cries were muffled in Bridget's womb but they were heard inside the wagon. Exhausted Laura fell forward and collapsed on Bridget. Askook's penis slipped from the woman and was wet with her juices.

His need overtook him and he rolled Laura out of the way and entered Bridget who was still on her back. Bridget groaned as the rock hard rod entered her for a second time. She had been so close to cumming with Laura that she orgasmed within seconds of Askook entering her. Bridget wrapped her legs around the Indian's torso and thrust up at him several times before she collapsed under him. He kept moving in her but she begged him to stop and let her rest.

Laura took o

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