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Threesome with Greg Proops and Jonathan Mangum.

"For all I know, he might not even ask you to be involved. The only reason I even brought it up in the first place is because I like you."

Tyler's heart beat quickly at the words, hammering against his thin chest, and as Jolene took a long, lazy drag on the blunt, Tyler noticed the way her features relaxed. Her lids were half-mast now, long lashes nearly brushing against her cheeks.

But instead of exhaling and blowing the smoke out into the air, she held it in. Rolling onto her side, she positioned her mouth against his, then slowly blew the smoke into his mouth so that he could suck it in.

Having never inhaled pot before, Tyler choked and then coughed, but Jolene's lips remained plastered against his, sharing the fumes that lingered in his mouth before slowly traveling into his lungs.

At first the smoke created a burn in his throat, but soon his body was buzzing with a high, haziness enveloping him as a lightness took over his body.

Pulling back to look at him, Jolene rested her cheek against the pillow, watching him with a thoughtful silence as she reached out to grab his hand. Their palms met softly, fingers linking as they lay on the bed. Beyond the walls of the bedroom, Twitch's party continued on, rap music blasting and people laughing as they drank beer and got high.

But in Tyler's world, everything was silent and peaceful. And as Jolene's bare body brushed against his softly, Tyler realized he was happier than he had ever been before.

* * * *

Slick with buffing wax, the hallway floors of Browning Community College squeaked beneath Lucas's feet. Smelling faintly of lemon cleaner, the admissions building was spacious. Instead of lockers along the walls like in high school, there was only the occasional flyer, reminding students of upcoming registration dates or advertising special events.

Gone was the carefree, take it as it comes high school vibe, and in place was a structured atmosphere, one that reeked of responsibility and adulthood.

In a way it was absolutely terrifying to Lucas, and he began to consider forgetting the whole thing and making a hasty retreat for the doors.

Not only was this whole college thing completely overwhelming, but he had totally bombed high school, so what chance did he have of making it through college, where the level of expectation would be far greater than anything he'd ever known? He was in over his head and he knew it, so why even waste his time with attempting to enroll.

Presenting itself as a knot in his stomach, the fear was beginning to dig in its hooks, and soon the desire to flee was so strong that his feet actually altered their path. No longer continuing forward, Lucas was now retracing his steps.

As he was walking towards the door, a movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention. Shifting his gaze, he noticed a womanly form, and on noticing she was bending over a water fountain, his eyes fixated on her legs.
Long and shapely, they were accentuated by a pair of black leggings that seemed to be painted on. Her tunic, which was loose fitting and designed to hang off her shoulders, was sexy in a subtle way. But for all he cared she could have been wearing a potato sack, because her black, waist length hair became all he could focus on.

Hardly realizing that he was changing his course, Lucas cut a path towards where the woman was standing. On reaching her bent over form, he stopped just far away enough so that his presence wouldn't be creepy, and yet also close enough to smell her honeysuckle scented perfume.

Checking her out up close, Lucas noticed the way her long hair hung over shoulder, obscuring her face as she continued to drink from the fountain. Since she was wearing an off the shoulder top, part of her back was left exposed, and this gave Lucas the chance to see her spinal tattoo.

As for just how far it traveled along her vertebrae, he didn't know, but as she shifted her stance so she was no longer bending, Lucas averted his eyes and waited for her to turn.

Eager to see her face, Lucas watched as she tossed he

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