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Jessi meets a new friend.

Emma could taste the precum really flowing from his cock in her mouth and expertly slid her tongue up and down his cock as it flew in and out of her mouth, hitting her deep in the throat.

"Yeah, that feels so good. You like sucking my cock, baby? You like selling your body like a little slut. You look like such a whore sucking on my cock with your tits out to pay for your daughter. You like being a little whore, my darling?"

Emma just gurgled and moaned, which was exactly what Dr. Edwards liked to hear from his patients on his alternative payments plans. No words. Just gagging and moaning.

It was then that Dr. Edwards was ready to take this a little further. He pulled his large prick from the warm envelope of her mouth and helped her to her feet. Her tits swayed slightly as she stood, her pink diamond hard nipples pointing straight ahead at him.

"You know, darling," he began, stroking his engorged cock as he spoke, "I could take another $500 off your bill if maybe you wanted to service me more. Maybe you'd like to let me use that little slut pussy of yours. You can ride my cock for a cheaper bill like a little slut. How's that sound, my dear?"

Emma immediately responded by slipping her thumbs into the waistband of her sweat pants and began peeling off her sweat pants. She turned around and bent over slowly as to give Dr. Edwards a little show as she stripped. She rolled the elastic band over her round ass, revealing a barely there black G-string. As she bent over completely at the waist, Dr. Edwards could see the little G-string nudged snuggly between her hairless pussy lips, tiny droplets of her pussy juice running down her inner thighs.

"Mmm. Looks like riding my cock is exactly how you want to pay off your debt. Isn't it, my darling slut?" he said, as he reached out his hand to caress her smooth ass cheek, briefly trailing his finger up to rub her rosebud.

"Oh, Dr. Edwards, I've wanted to ride on your cock since the first time you've ever treated me. It was all I could think about every time you'd put your hands on my body," Emma cooed at she pulled off the g-string.

Still bent over, Emma reached behind her and spread her pussy open for Dr. Edwards, showing him inside her most secret cavern. "Put that big cock inside me, doctor." she purred.

Dr. Edwards wasted no time and gave her exactly what she asked for. He wasn't gentle about it either. He slammed his cock into her wanting pussy with almost no effort from her slick juices coating her wanting fuck hole. Emma screamed out from the abrupt invasion. It was so tight! Her muscles squeezed and milked his aching cock making him moan out loudly. Lucky for Dr. Edwards, he had his office sound proofed to avoid any suspicions when he had patients paying their bill or discussing their options in his office.

Dr. Edwards continued to slam in and out of her pussy, making sloppy slurping noises and her pussy gushed its juices. His balls smacked against her clit again and again; Emma was screaming out as orgasm after orgasm hit her. Her inner thighs were quaking uncontrollably. Dr. Edwards smile to himself, familiar with the feeling of the unique way pussy muscles would squeeze his fuck stick during a patient's orgasm. Dr. Edwards reached up in front of her and grabbed onto her tits, tweaking her nipples and pinching them hard. Emma's cum was running down her legs and all over Dr. Edwards groin, dripping down to his balls.

"I'm getting really close, my dear slut. If you want, I could... (Grunt) Bring down the bill to $2,000 if you were to... Uhhh! Let me cum in the sweet little asshole of yours. What do you say, darling?"

Emma reached her hands up higher behind her and spread apart her cheeks as far as they'd go, showing Dr.

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