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Broken In.

You will both connect as you see him opening up emotionally to your heightened sensuality."

As Lynn saw my lights of cognizance start to turn on she asked, "Do you have a computer with an Internet connection at home?"

"Yes I do, why do you ask, Lynn?"

"Here, jot down your email address for me Kristy. I have some info and links I want to share and I think you would be more comfortable reading and thinking about some things in private. Excuse me a moment dear, I'll be right back in a few minutes."

I watched Lynn bustle out of the room. As she rounded out the door I could see a smirk on her face and some added excitement in her step.

That was strange, I thought as I wrote out my email address on a bank business card and put it on the table. As I waited I looked about Lynn's study and a couple of pictures caught my attention.

In one picture, Lynn was standing, stretching up in heels and craning her neck to kiss Ron who is a good 9 inches taller than her. What caught my attention was that Ron had both hands under her mid thigh length skirt and was obviously enjoying squeezing and rubbing Lynn's backside.

In another picture Lynn was lying on the sofa in the same skirt with one leg bent with it leaning towards the back of the sofa. Her husband Ron was kneeling on the floor, leaning over Lynn giving her a passionate slow kiss.

The eye grabber in this photo was that Ron had one hand down between her parted legs and the other hand cupping her left breast through her blouse. I looked closer at the 8x10 black and white photo and noticed that she had at least 3 buttons open and was noticeably bra less!

I was starting to get warm looking at the photos when Lynn whisked into the room with a gift bag in one hand and the ice tea pitcher in the other hand.

I turned quickly away from the pictures, feeling like I was caught at something and must have been blushing because Lynn said "Why Kristy, you look warm and flushed can I get you a refill on you iced tea?"

"Ye -yes, why yes that would be great," I stuttered.

I could see mirth and mischief dancing in Lynn's eyes as she leaned over and filled my glass.

"So what do you think of those photos? I saw that you looked, ah.. interested," Lynn queried.

"I... I uh think they are uh.. uh, really good, uh ya uh.. expressive," I sputtered as I nearly choked on my iced tea.

Lynn went on, "Now Kristy we are both grown women, now honestly tell me what did you think and feel when you looked at those photos of Ron and I."

I was statue silent, but I know I burned crimson on my cheeks. Lynn continued, "Do you think I look sexy in those photos? Alluring? Anticipating, lusting?"

My mouth went dry and I could only nod as my gaze was locked with Lynn's. After several thunderous heartbeats I dropped my eyes to look at the gift bag in Lynn's hand.

She sat down next to me, and flashed me that big smile again and said, "This is a small gift I want you to have as a help for you and Richard. But you can't open it until you finish reading the material I am sending you in your email, deal?"

"Deal," I said shakily, quickly regaining some of my composure. We talked some more about happenings in the community and I asked about Lynn's favorite workouts at the gym.

Lynn laughed and said, "I only go once a week and sometimes not even that often, just a little Stairmaster and some elliptical."

"No way! You're fibbing to me Lynn. There is no way you can have that great a figure and work out so little."

"Kristy, I do work out far more than that - it's called sexcersize. It's the best conditioning for keeping you young and active!"

I looked quizzically at Lynn, "Sexcersize? I've never heard of such a work out. What is it?"

Lynn just laughed, "It's where you get your cowboy in the sack almost every night and for the next two or three hours you rock his world with the most intimate mind blowing playful sex.

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