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Mother falls in love with wounded Marine.

He smiled as he felt the knickers bunched in his pocket, unaware that he was being watched. Standing at the staff room widow, smoking another cigarette, Mrs. Phillips watched Mr. Keitel make his way down the corridor. She had not seen who he had been with. 'Well, well'" she thought as she puffed on her cigarette, 'who would have guessed? Someone is very lucky,' she thought as she watched him breast the flow of children in the corridor, aware of the dampness in her own knickers. 'Half the women in this staff room would like to have a shot at him. A very lucky woman indeed,' she said aloud, turning back from the window.

Such close calls did not stop them. He took risks with her. Sailing close to destruction seemingly turned him on and whatever turned him on worked for her. She would happily follow wherever his fingers took her. He loved to surprise her, taking her to the edge. His audacity would make her gasp. He sometimes summoned her from whatever class she was in and in front of the class would give some 'urgent darkroom work' to do for him. After ten minutes he would knock on the door and ask if all was OK and she would say, 'No, it wasn't working' and he would set the class reading while he slipped inside to help her.

She knew by now which clothes to wear for him, which gave him the best access to her body and he would push her skirt to the floor and pull her blouse up over her breasts. He would free her breasts while his hand worked its way between her legs and he would make her come, hard and fast, matting her juices into her pubic hair and up across her stomach. She would groan and try to keep quiet as his fingers worked inside her. Unbuttoning his trousers and pushing them down she would free him, stroking him hard until he came or until he bent between her legs and pushed himself inside her.

When she was in his class and he was teaching she would squirm on her seat knowing exactly what he was thinking as he walked up and down the aisles talking to the class, pausing to lean over to explain something to a classmate, knowing that he was looking at her.

He once walked down the aisles distributing their marked homework books. Hers was last and he smiled as he walked back to his desk. She casually opened it found she was staring at a full page picture of herself, naked, her sex puffy and obviously well fucked, sitting at the same desk, smiling back dreamily and contentedly. She almost shrieked and closed the book quickly. He was smiling at her from behind his big desk, one eyebrow raised in quizzical humour. Sitting beside her Jackie looked up from her book.

"What's wrong," she whispered, "crap mark?" Blushing furiously Gwen shook her head.

"No, just remembered something I haven't done, and she carefully opened the book to turn to her homework.

Later that same lesson he called out certain students one by one to discuss their homework. Almost lost behind his big desk they would talk quietly so that the rest of the class could not hear just how well or how badly they were doing. When he called her name Gwen went up with her book, hesitantly, her heart beating. The whole class were reading, a quiet drone of hushed conversations as they worked. She placed the book on his desk and turned immediately to the picture as she bent over his shoulder as if reviewing her work.

"Nice work," he said quietly and she laughed, her thumb stroking his back, out of sight where her hand rested on the back of his chair. He pulled the picture out of the book and placed it in the centre of his desk before turning to her homework. He began a low monologue about it, discussing bits and pieces as he had done with the others. She could not take her eyes from the photograph.

She started as she felt his hand on the back of her thigh, moving upwards into the darkness under her skirt.

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