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New master and pet relationship is formed.

I looked round at the others on the bus and they seemed to be oblivious as to what I was doing. This spurred me on and I slid my hand up her soft thigh and stopped just short of her pussy. This caused her to groan a little, and then I moved my hand up and was shocked to find she wasn't wearing any panties. I cupped my hand over her bare pussy and could feel she was already getting wet from the unexpected situation. I looked in to her eyes and smiled to try and reassure her, and then I moved my hand back and forth a little causing her to squirm a little.

The bus lurched to a stop and a handful of people got off and a few more joined us, then a few seconds later the bus pulled off. This had two affects, one pushed her tight against me and the other caused her legs to part a little more as she fought to keep from falling. As soon as I felt her legs part a little more I seized the opportunity and I slipped a finger in to her wet pussy causing her to gasp softly at the shock. I slowly and gently started to work my finger in and out of her pussy causing her to grip my hips a little tighter. I looked in to her eyes and they had softened to a blissful look of satisfaction. I couldn't believe I was actually fingering her pussy, on a bus, while so many people stood around us. I moved my hand a little and then placed my thumb against her clit, this shocked her and she crushed her covered breasts against me hard. I smiled to myself and then inserted a second finger in her dripping pussy.

I could feel her hands tighten on my hips as I started working my two fingers in and out of her willing pussy, I moved my thumb in gentle circles causing her to stiffen and groan against my chest. Her juices were flowing now as I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy, I could feel them coating my hand as I worked a little quicker. The bus came to its next stop and more people got off but none got on, I was a little concerned by this as we were not being crushed as much, but I didn't care, the thrill we might be caught just heightened our sexual pleasure. As the bus pulled away from the stop this pushed her tight in to me and my fingers buried themselves deep in to her pussy. My thumb worked her clit a little harder and I could hear her breath get more and more ragged, she was close. This pushed me on and I started finger fucking her harder and faster, her legs seemed to buckle slightly, but I continued my assault on her pussy, her juices soaking my hand in the process.

Her face turned up to mine and almost pleaded with me to allow her to release herself. I worked my two fingers in and out of her pussy as hard and as fast as I could under the circumstances, then she moved a hand to the back of my head and pulled me down and kissed me hard. I pressed my thumb a little harder against her clit, and then pushed my fingers in as deep as I could; this sent her over the edge. Her kissing got intense as hell, she practically sucked my tongue out of my mouth as her pussy clamped tight on my fingers and her whole body shook as she came hard. Her fingers dug in to the back of my head as she kept our lips crushed together, fighting to keep control of her body as her orgasm swept through her. I felt her other hand grip my hip harder as she shook from the intensity of her orgasm, and I gently worked my fingers in and out of her pussy as she started to relax.

She pulled back from our kiss and her eyes were glazed with lust and exhaustion, I continued to gently work my fingers in and out of her pussy as she brought her breathing under control.

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