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Ever wanted to go down (on someone) in a submarine?


Lynn repositioned her hand inside the back of Jan's loose toga and caressed her back. "True, but it's exciting to be so naughty."

Mark touched his wife on the shoulder part way through the number. "Mind if I cut in?" he asked.

"Okay," Jan replied, expecting him to take her hand. Instead, he turned to Lynn. "Would you like to finish this song with me?" Wordlessly, Lynn accepted his hand and let him pull her to him.

Jan was nonplused until she felt a hand on her curvy bottom. She looked around at Carl and saw him smiling down. "Let's dance," Carl suggested.

The three couples rotated during the next several songs and hands explored each other's bodies at will. The women ignored the times when their loose garments slipped away, exposing a breast here, and a pussy view there. The familiar press of a stiff cock against a leg caused the horny ladies to make quick explorations between the men's folds.

As the evening moved along, the emcee announced various games, including a dirty dance contest. "Go ahead, you just might win," Mark urged Jan.

She shook her head and kept her seat, but Kate took her turn. She whirled to the insistent beat of the loud drums, giving the crowd plenty of opportunities to ogle her tanned figure. Soon, the top of her toga fell to her waist and she continued to twirl. Her breasts swayed and Jan noticed her erect nipples as they bounced in front of others in the crowd.

Kate sprawled on the dance floor and pulled her legs open. Her toga bunched around her waist as she began to squirm and stroke the insides of her legs. Her hips undulated with the erotic beat and she let her fingers rub her bare mound in rhythm.

As the final bars played, she made herself climax, letting clear liquid seep from between her inner lips. The crowd applauded and the young man they had seen on the beach with his girlfriend fell to the floor, pretending to lick at Kate.

When Kate saw the young man so close, she gripped the back of his head and literally pulled his face up between her legs where he did, indeed, eat her sweet nectar.

Once her turn was over, Todd stepped over the young man and pulled Kate to her feet. "Fantastic show," he told her with a grin, "You'll win for sure, unless one of the other girls goes one step further."

"Sorry, man, I guess I lost control," the young man said as he finally stood.

Todd turned to him and grabbed his arm. "Hey, buddy, no problem. Wasn't she sweet?"

Embarrassed, the young man nodded. "Yeah, great. I'm glad you're not mad at me."

"I'm Todd and the lady you just sampled is my wife, Kate. Want to join us?"

"Uh, I'm Josh," he mumbled, "My fiance, Mindy, is over there waiting for me. Guess I'd better get on back, but thanks."

Todd grinned at Josh. "Oh, I meant for you to get her to join us also. If she's upset with you, we'll fix it with her."

Todd followed his topless wife back to their seats. Kate hadn't bothered to cover herself. A minute later, Josh and Mindy walked over and pulled up extra chairs. Mindy was the petite blond they had seen several times on the beach and along the walkways. Mark recalled that her pussy was smooth-shaven, but the shadow indicated she was a bottle blond. Josh introduced Mindy and she produced a slight smile, but said nothing.

"Mindy, I hope you're not upset with Josh," Todd advanced cautiously, "It's easy to get carried away at a place like this."

Mindy was silent for a few moments, then, "Well, I guess I'm okay if you are," she told Todd, "I was mortified when I saw what Josh did."

"Hell, he helped ensure that Kate will win the dirty dancing contest!" Todd boasted, "She's won two other times at different resorts by doing less."

Another round of drinks arrived and Mindy soon forgot the incident. "You guys seem to be enjoying the place," Mindy ventured, "We've seen you down on the beach several times."

"This is our first experience with a clothing optional resort and a nude beach," Jan volunteered, "It's the first time for Lynn and Carl too."

"Same h

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