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The Moon - 3755 C.E.: Brigadier Svenssen reviews security.

"Heidi," he said, lacing in fingers and placing them on the table. Heidi hated the way he kept saying her name.

"I want to explain. I'm not trying to condone what I did, but I just want you to know that I'm different now. God, I was so young and arrogant. I thought that every girl would want to get with me. I know that my apology isn't worth much now, but for what it is worth, I've felt guilty for it every day since."

Heidi found that hard to believe. "Why now? Why did it take you four years to come say something to me?" She tried hard to keep her voice calm, not wanting him to know how much this conversation was affecting her.

"I tried to before. I've written you letters that I've never sent. I've come as far as your front door, but never had the courage to knock."

Heidi stared over at him. He was so perfect. She remembered when she used to hate him for being perfect, for having the perfect life. She had resented him and everyone like him. In a way she still did.

She wanted to punish him, to tell him how much she hated him still, but what was the point? It wouldn't make her feel better, not in the long run.

"I forgive you," she said. They sat there for a moment or so in silence. Heidi stood up and walked to the door.

Jake just sat and watched her, "I have to close up now," she finally said when he still didn't move.

"That's it?" he asked.

"What else is there?"

Jake stood up and walked over to her, about to leave through the glass door, but then something stopped him. He abruptly turned around and opened his mouth, then seemed to make a decision.

"When I think about that night, I don't just feel guilt. I remember how beautiful you were, how innocent," he was standing so close that she could feel his breath, he cupped her soft, wispy hair.

Then all of a sudden he was kissing her. And she was letting him. He wrapped his arms around her petite frame, and she stood on tiptoe to better reach his searching mouth.

The kiss was gentle and soft, but intense all the same. Jake pulled back and gazed down at her flushed face.

"Come home with me tonight," he asked, stroking her hair.

That seemed to wake Heidi up from a trance. She pushed him away from her. "No!" she said, shoving him out the door so she could lock it shut.

"Why?" he said confused, after the way she had just responded to his kiss.

"I have to go home," she said, walking back to her car.

"You don't have to," he followed her.

"I have to go home now!" she said sternly, opening the car door and slipping in without looking at him again.

"Can I see you again?" he asked through her rolled down window as she started the engine.

"I don't think that will be a good idea," she said as she pulled away. Jake stood staring after her, and Heidi watched his figure in the rear view mirror until she turned the corner.

She wasn't quite sure how she felt about tonight. Why hadn't she said something more? There was so much that she should have told him, but found that she just couldn't. Now she would never see him again, her chance was gone.

"Sorry I'm late," she said as she opened the door to her apartment.

"Hardly late at all," her neighbor Ben said with a kindly smile as he stood up from the couch and walked over to greet her at the door.

"How was he?"

"An angel. He's in bed now." He said as he made his way to the door. "I have to get going, an early day tomorrow."

Heidi felt guilty. Her babysitter had cancelled at the last minute, so she had been forced to ask Ben to come over. He was such a nice guy, she knew he would do it all the time if she only asked him, but she also knew how busy he was and didn't want to bother him too much.

"Thank you so much," she said sincerely.

"Not a problem," he said as he exited the room, "See you later," he closed the door behind him.

Heidi set down her bag and walked over to her son's room. Opening the door she peeked through the crack just until she saw his little blonde head lying peacefully on his pillow.

Quietly closing the door, she walked back to the

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