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Black butch meets her elegant lover again.

This run had been cooler with the shade and she wasn't sweating nearly as much. The thoughts of Jake eating her pussy had kept her pussy very wet.

She rocked from side to side and then back and forth. A grin spread across her face as she felt and heard the wet towel squish under her ass. She wondered how much of that was sweat and how much was from her sopping wet pussy. She would definitely have to remember to clean the seats in both trucks.

Jan giggled softly. For the first time ever, she was thankful for vinyl seat covers. Jake clearing his throat, made her look down. With a smile, she took the two bottles of water and put them in the console.

"How are you doing?" Jake asked softly.

With a grin, Jan replied, "Never better. I've had three of the biggest orgasms of my life and I found out Todd has hidden talents I never dreamed of. Not to mention, Mike's extremely long tongue and totally virgin status in that area."

Jake chuckled. "So you got Mike's cherry for eating pussy, huh."

"It kind of surprised me from the way he acts and talks."

"Yeah, the brashness and bluster of youth is something that takes time to get over but this will be something he'll remember the rest of his life."

"Me too," Jan whispered and then giggled.

"Drink some water and rest, I'll take a rain check on the oral until we finish." Jake told her and then winked. "I like to take my time and do the job right."

Jan giggled and said, "If you do the job any better than the last two then I'm going to die or at least sleep for a week."

"With age comes experience and that's something I have in spades," Jake said with a grin.

"That sounds interesting," Jan, whispered as Jake turned and headed for the back of the truck.


The last run was hard work for the guys as usual but the shade helped, along with a breeze. At the end of the last row, Bubba and Mike hopped up onto the truck and Jan headed for the starting point by Jake's truck. Now, it was time to rest and cool off before tarping the loads and heading out to deliver the hay.

Jan parked by the first truckload and shut the motor off. The guys were all sprawled out on the hay as Jan got out of the truck. She grinned at the slick shiny dampness on the seat cover. She used the one dry edge of the towel to dry it off. The rest of the towel she could ring out.
At the back of the truck, she opened the cooler and got out a fresh bottle of water. "Hey, anyone up there want some water or a coke?" She asked and then tossed up water and cokes as requested.

She took a moment to get a fresh towel and to wipe her body down. The rough towel felt good as it ran over her skin, especially when it touched her nipples or her outer lips. Running it up and down in the crack of her ass made her shiver. Her whole body seemed more sensitive, more alive.

Turning around, she saw Todd and Mike watching her closely. With a grin, she grabbed four towels and tossed them at the two guys. When one towel hit the edge of the hay and fell to the ground, Mike said, "You throw like a girl."

Laughing, Jan looked down toward her feet and then replied, "Duh. I am a girl, dummy."

"And a damned beautiful one, at that," Todd said with a grin.

"Thank you, kind sir. Now, hold these while I climb up." She told Todd as she tossed her water, a coke, and her towel up to him.

The hay was prickly and rough on hands as she climbed up. The smell was fresh and sweet in the afternoon air. Four sets of admiring eyes on her naked body as she made the top of the pile made her flush with pride. She felt beautiful for the first time in her life, not just pretty but beautiful.

The four guys were sitting with their backs against the truck cab, their legs stretched out in front of them. Jan got her towel and with a smile, turned around, and bent at the waist to spread it out on the hay. A soft groan, two soft whistles of appreciation and a deep sigh told her just what affect her display was having.

Straightening, she got her drinks and sa

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