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Beau and Theia enjoy some down time.

I think of your friend watching your sperm dripping and bubbling out of my most private hole, as he moans and ejaculates into his cupped palm.

That's all it takes. I cum hard, moaning and pressing my crotch against the heavily vibrating metal surface. I feel my asshole pulsing and contracting around the hard plastic plug.

I'm just coming down from my awesome orgasm, when the old lady who lives on the floor below us wheels her empty cart into the laundry room.

"Good morning, dear," she says, as I climb off of the machine sheepishly. I seriously doubt if she can guess why I was sitting there, but I also wonder if she could hear me moaning as I came. I feel bad for her in a way. As our downstairs neighbor she must endure all kinds of noises coming from our apartment. But if she does hear anything, she rarely complains. Even now, she's smiling at me benignly, pushing her cart through the door. I go over and hold the door for her.

"Good morning, Mrs. Lopez," I smile and watch her shuffle over to the machine, which has now stopped.

"Thanks, dear. You and Gavin have a lovely weekend," she says to me, as I head for the door with my empty basket.

"Thanks, you too," I reply as I leave.

I plan on it.


After that fantastic release, I'm much more relaxed. I manage to write a new chapter and fix myself lunch without too much distraction. I'm just finishing up making our bed, when the buzzer for the downstairs door rings.

"Yes?" I say, pressing the intercom button.

"Hey there... Melia? This is Rob. I'm downstairs." His voice is deep and a little slow. He sounds a little like a friendly giant.

"Oh, hi," I say warmly through the intercom. "Come on up. Apartment 4." I press the button that buzzes him in.

I pull my long black hair out of its messy bun, and fluff the curls in the mirror, before padding over to the door. I open the door as your friend drags his suitcase up the final few stairs and onto our landing.

Big friendly giant was a surprisingly accurate assessment. I've seen pictures of Rob before but somehow I was not prepared for the sheer size of him. At about 6' 5" Rob towers almost a foot over me, making your long lanky frame seem short by comparison. He's not a muscle-bound guy by any means but everything about him just seems big: big head, big hands, big shoulders, big feet. However, for such a big guy, there's nothing that seems intimidating about him, in fact his kind droopy eyes and his thick lips give off a kind of sweet, doofy impression.

I watch him struggle with his big black suitcase, which is to scale with the rest of him, he rolls it to our doorstep and looks down at me for the first time. He holds out a huge hand, as if to shake my hand. It's an awkward but friendly gesture, so I offer him my hand.

"You must be Melia," he says, "Thanks so much for letting me crash on your couch."

"It's our pleasure," I reply warmly, "Come in. I've been looking forward to meeting you. Gavin is always talking about your crazy college adventures."

Rob chuckles awkwardly. It was a bit naughty of me to say that, given what you told me about some of your "adventures" this morning, but I get the sense that even if I said something totally innocent he would still be a little awkward.

Rob follows me down the hall, knocking a picture frame off the wall with his wide shoulder.

"Oh, shoot," he says, as he stoops to pick up the frame and hands it to me. "I'm so sorry. I can be really clumsy."

"It's no big deal," I say, taking the picture from him and smiling reassuringly. I lead him into the living room and gesture to our couch. "Welcome to our very humble abode."

"Thanks," he says.

I've made up our old couch like a single bed with a pillow and a blanket, but now I'm beginning to wonder if he'll even be able to fit on our couch comfortably. I'm annoyed we didn't anticipate that, but I would have had no way of knowing he was this tall, and it's not exactly something you would think about. You can sleep anywhere.

"Are you going to be okay sleeping here?" I ask, concerned.

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