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Two long time friends try each other out...

I knocked out two officers and Captain Silver knocked out the other two. The enlisted men there were really rooting for me to win since chess was an intellectual game and I just busted these officers.

Actually they sucked at chess and I made them look dumb. All eyes were on me as I sat down with the Captain to start our match. He was good, but I could tell I was better soon after we started playing. The game took a little over an hour before I checkmated the Captain. He was a gracious loser, but he knew that he lost face, big time.

The next weekend we were in port, but I had weekend duty so I was stuck staying on the boat anyway. Saturday came and right after dinner, the Captain announced that there was going to be a backgammon game in the mess at 1900 hours. Now backgammon is really one of my favorite games. It has skill and luck and is great for gambling, which I am maybe too fond of. I signed up and proceeded to play. There wasn't as many spectators as the chess match, I think only 20 people even knew how to play. I breezed through all my matches and found myself once again sitting across from Captain Silver.

He was real cocky tonight saying how I got lucky last week and a bunch of other trash talk. He said to make things even more interesting we should make a side wager. We agreed to play for a dollar a point. Now in backgammon playing for one dollar could cost you 192 dollars. It would be rare but it could happen. He started out by winning the first three games, just loving the fact that he was ahead. Then my luck changed and I won the next 5 straight and the tournament, plus 15 of his dollars. He was pissed and said he couldn't believe my luck. He did say that I was the best player he ever went up against and that he'd like to play me more sometime. I loved it and was the big hero again.

Monday came and we went to sea. We didn't have a destination, we were just going out to sea. We were to be gone for a few weeks, just so we could get our sea legs. We had been at sea for five days and let me tell you, it was fucking boring. The worst part about being at sea in the Navy, is that there is no alcohol allowed on board, plus no women. I would have given my left testicle for a drink or a good buzz. Captain Silver came into the mess hall where I was washing dishes and asked me if I wanted to play some backgammon later.

I said sure thing and he told me to come to his cabin at 2000 hours and we would play, but that I was gonna get my ass kicked this time. I laughed and said I'd be there. To fully understand the mentality of this situation, you have to know that enlisted men don't socialize with officers and this was very unusual, but I thought I could suck up a little to get easy work assignments and maybe win some money. Hell I'm a likable guy and this looked like an opportunity to score some points with the Captain.

I knocked on his cabin door at 2000 hours sharp. I've never been in it before, but it was much better than what my enlisted fellows and I had for bunks. It was the best cabin on the ship. We started playing for a dollar a point again. The game went back and forth, I'd win some he'd win some. I was up dollar wise, but only by maybe 5 bucks. I noticed the top of a bottle of whiskey he had semi hidden by his bed.

I was feeling comfortable with my relationship with the Captain by now and when he raised the bet, I said instead of me winning money on this bet, how about if I win, I get a shot of that booze for every dollar instead. He smiled and said no problem sailor, but this is between you and I. One of the perks of being a Captain I guess, who could get him in trouble anyway. I won and he poured me three shots. He drank some too. He drank many shots after that first one. We played for awhile, maybe two or three hours more and I for one had a real good buzz on. I could tell the Captain was getting fucked up too.

Being a captain, means you are the most powerful man on the boat, the king.

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