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The response.

" She smiled back.

On the way to her house, we stopped at a grocery store so I could pick up everything I need to make my own spaghetti. "I don't use that bottled stuff, it's so bland. I make my own." She laughed again and we continued on our way to her house. I stepped in marveling at how cozy and warm it felt. She showed me around and asked if she could help with dinner. I set everything down in the kitchen and went back into the dining room. "No, you just relax..."

I headed for her bathroom and motioned for her to follow me. I sat on the edge of her tub and started running the water, "bubbles?"

"Under the sink." I reached down and poured some into the tub. She smiled, shaking her head. "If you treat every woman you meet like this you'll never have a free night..." She chuckled as she eased me out of the room closing the door behind me, teasing me by unbuttoning her blouse as I left. The light from under the door dimmed, I could tell she had lit several candles and turned off the light. Soft music filled the room. I walked away reluctantly and began cooking dinner.

Almost an hour passed before she left the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her wet body as she went into her room. I just finished setting the table as she came out wearing a beautiful black dress that ended just above her knees. The candles I'd placed on the table dimly lit the room. I pulled her chair out for her and held her hand as she sat down. I sat across from her and watched, smiling, as she ate.

She moaned, "This is delicious."

"Thank you." I continued to watch her eat, barely touching my own plate.

After both of us finished our meals she said, "Thank you; that was great." She began to slide her chair from the table.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I was going to clear the table."

I shook my head, "I got it..." Smiling at her I took our plates from the table and rinsed them quickly in the sink. "Close your eyes, I've got a surprise." I called from the kitchen. I peeked around the corner to see if she really closed her eyes before leaving the kitchen. I set a glass in front of her and pulled her hands away.

She gasped slightly, "Wow! That looks so... you made this for me?" I nodded and scooped a small portion of the Mousse onto a spoon and fed it to her; savoring its flavor, she moaned quietly.

"Good?" I asked. I handed her the spoon as she nodded. I stood behind her smiling. My hands, acting of their own volition, rested gently on her shoulders, startling her slightly. Then I began rubbing her shoulders gently. Her cheek brushed against my hand as I rubbed her shoulders. I slowly worked down her arms, playfully rubbing her hands. As I did this, she turned her head and kissed me softly.

She pushed a chair out with her foot and told me to sit. "Would you mind?" She set her bare foot in my lap again.

"No, I wouldn't mind at all." I smiled as I began to massage her soft foot again, tickling playfully occasionally. Her deep breathing was broken by fits of laughter every time I tickled her sexy little feet. I had lean forward as my hands climbed further up her leg as I massaged. When I reached the spot where her dress ended, I stopped and my hands slid down her leg, caressing her soft skin until I reached her foot. I decided to push my luck and kiss her toes playfully to see how she would respond. I leant down and softly kissed her big toe, a very soft moan, but nothing else. Ecstatic I kissed each of her toes, which she wiggled as I did. I did the same to her other leg. When I finally finished her eyes opened, I single tear ran down her cheek.

"You've been better to me today than every man I've met..." I looked warmly at her, gazing deeply into he eyes. I moved forward, resting my hand on her cheek, I wiped the tear away with my thumb.

I whispered softly to her, "You deserve it.

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