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My first time with another guy.

.. a cuckold! I told him not to say that.

"I was impressed by all the luxury that surrounded him. His Jaguar! I think he said it was an XKR-S or something. The leather seat was so buttery soft! I pulled my dress up, and my panties off to have my bare skin on them! I felt sooo good on my bare bottom! He had a Townhouse uptown, that had to be 3000 square feet.

"That's my business, so I know! It had four bedrooms and three full baths. His bedroom was beyond luxurious, and the baths had all gold faucets. I think he is an executive vice-president for a large corporation-he sells! He has international customers and travels all over the world. Mark, I have to be honest, the thought of being his wife was very attractive, and exciting to me.

"He pulled out a four-hundred-dollar bottle of wine from his wine cooler, and then, like after um ... um, well, we had it with a bunch of cheeses, and strawberries-large succulent strawberries! He was talking about you, calling you ... that word and impugning your um, manhood. I thought that word went out with Shakespeare!

"I told him to stop, I told him that you were a strong man-an athlete and didn't like me with other men. I explained our date nights and the freedom you allowed me at certain times. That we had rules for those occasions, but that I was, uh ... breaking them!

"He was intelligent and well educated, and he could talk at length ... on any subject! I was falling in love with him, Mark! He took me out to breakfast at his country club; they had linen tablecloths, and real silverware! We had champagne and omelets cooked to order at the table. Waffles and bacon cooked to perfection, and every kind of berry, and fruit. I stuffed myself ... I was so hungry after our ... our ... well, afterward!

"He was courting me, Mark! He was pulling out all the stops with me! He wanted me, and it seemed like I was not just another stray piece of ass to him. My eyes were filled with stars, and he was making me fall in love with him. We talked about my divorcing you, and I said yes! Mark, I was temporarily insane! He took me sailing on his Twenty-six-foot sailboat. I was thrilled to be out on the water, and quickly became a good sailor!

"By Monday morning, he had me ready to call a divorce lawyer! I made an appointment with one of his lawyers for later in the week. But at breakfast on Tuesday, he started telling me how you didn't deserve a woman like me, and started demeaning you to me. He called you a wimp, and a weakling, and I started to wake up!

"I told him that you were a life-long athlete, and an amateur boxer, and I told him that he would never have the guts to say those things to your face. Mark, darling, the spell was breaking, and the only thing I wanted to do was to be home with you. But I was scared! I was scared that you wouldn't take me back. He kept calling me, and I continued to see him as you know for a few weeks-for some weeks." She had a serious look on her pretty face as she paused, then she said,

"That's all I can say, Mark. I was really falling for him, but Mark honey, he is not the man you are ... not nearly! I came to realize that! Lying in Tabby's room, I was missing you. You were just a few feet away, but it was like you were a million miles away! I finally told him that we were through, but he doesn't know the meaning of the word 'no'! It was when he was demeaning you that I decided what and who I really wanted."

She looked at me with her pretty eyes darting back and forth between mine, hoping for a positive response from me.

"Well, thank you for that Donna! I think, Tom, Harry, John and I might have to pay another little visit to the boy! Maybe we can improve his image of me!"

"Oh Mark, don't hurt him! Well, you can hurt him .

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