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A spoiled princess makes a dark bargain.

She had long, muscular legs, pleasantly wide hips and the perfectly rounded booty from hell. Her skin was caramel-toned, and she had long, smooth black hair. The gal wasn't just a pretty face, either. She played varsity soccer for an Ivy League school and had legions of male and female fans in the college sports world. Yeah, the gal was fine. And she had brains, too. In the undergraduate civil engineering program, she was ranked at the top ten percent of her class.

Jeff introduced us to her one night at the dorm. I was watching Law & Order : Criminal Intent on TV while listening to Linkin Park's hit song "Numb" playing on Youtube. Matthew was reading a copy of Marvel Comics Wolverine and Lionel was playing the video game God of War. We were all shocked when Jeff walked into the room with the sexiest-looking female we'd seen in a long time. Yeah, the gal looked good but I thought she was trouble. Don't ask me how I know. I'll tell you. I know a troublemaker when I see one. The summer after I graduated BC High, I was eighteen and trying to have some fun. To that end, I dated this chick named Isabella Gaetano. An Italian beauty from a elite Rosemary College, an all-female Catholic school in the Boston area. She was tall, stacked and had both beauty and booty. Oh, and brains too. Unfortunately, she forgot to tell me that she was a psycho.

I've always been fond of the ladies. I like them all. Tall and short, skinny or thick, muscular or bony. I've dated all kinds of females. My preference is for a gal who is tall, thick and stacked, with a big booty. It doesn't matter if she's Black, White, Asian or Latin. If she's feeling me, we'll get down. Women are beautiful. Mysterious, dangerous and unpredictable, but beautiful. I've had fun with lots of them. However, I've also been known to have some fun with certain, um, gentlemen. I was introduced to the love that dares not speak its name by a tall, good-looking Haitian brother named Aaron DesChamps during that same wonderful summer. Aaron and I had a lot of fun together. We did it in the shower of his parents Back Bay town house, and we also hooked up in my recreation room in my parents Milton mansion. All this, of course, I kept from Isabella. I used condoms, so I wasn't endangering her. Unfortunately, someone spotted Aaron and I exchanging a midnight kiss at a night club in Boston and told Isabella. You can guess the rest.

Isabella is one of them jealous types. I've never been the jealous type. If someone isn't feeling me, I move on. No guilt. No anger. Life is short, have fun when and where you can. And do it often. Isabella caused so much drama that I had to dump her. Unfortunately, she just wouldn't let it go. She told all of her girlfriends and also made some insinuations to my parents. I vigorously denied her allegations, of course. I don't know why I ever bothered with Isabella. She wouldn't give head. And she considers her ass off-limits. I'm a butt guy. It doesn't matter if I'm with a male or a female. If they won't give up the booty, I drop them. Plain and simple. Using one of my dad's lawyers, I obtained a restraining order against Isabella and continued my affair with Aaron until he left for Northeastern University in the fall and I moved into Hoover College.

Yeah, dealing with psycho women isn't fun. Ever since that unpleasant experience with Isabella, I've been real careful around women. If they show a hint of being crazy, possessive or jealous, I tell them to hit the road. My experiences with men however were pleasant. Many men are totally down with casual sex. Unfortunately, most women aren't. That's too bad. Anyway, I now have an affinity for spotting psychos of the opposite sex. And when Jeff introduced me and the brotherhood to Nicole Rameaux, I made her for one of them immediately. Convincing Jeff of that was another matter.

Nicole Rameaux was a member of the Powers That Be, as I suspected.

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