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He was a lucky man, manager for Nude Miss America.

"How on Earth did it..." she tried to say, but, the lump in her throat kept most of her words trapped in the back of her throat.

"It just did," Hector's smile widened and he snapped his fingers. "That's how it always goes, when you mix good booze, rich, well-dressed guys, and horny young women."

Marlene didn't respond; instead, she tried to keep her eyes away from his expanding crotch, as he quite emphatically rubbed himself over his tenting pants.

"Don't like what you see?" He asked her and unbuckled his belt.

"I'm married," she said, as sternly as she could.

"So?" He shrugged and unbuttoned his pants, slipping his hand inside.

"I don' this kind of..." Her voice withered, when he pulled his hard, throbbing cock out; she automatically compared it to Jon's and it was with remorse she pointed out to herself the great difference there was.

"This little drop of drool, though," he grinned, when he ran his thumb softly across her lips, "says otherwise; at least, it shows you're at least interested..." he winked at her, nodding toward his cock, which he was stroking slowly. "Besides, half the people in this room are married; I don't see them being bothered with this tiny fact."

"Are you..." She didn't have to finish the question-it was with pride he lifted his right hand, showcasing his golden ring. "Then, why are you..."

"Simple," he interrupted her. "For the excitement."

"For the cheap thrill," she reprimanded him.

"Cheap thrills are the best!" He guffawed-no one paid any attention whatsoever to him.

"Well, I'm not...into this kind of thing; I love my husband and I'm not..."

"Come on," he grabbed her arm, quite forcefully, and thrust it on his prick. "Just touch it, feel it. It won't bite."

She wrapped her hand around his shaft, unable completely to close her fist around it. She licked her lips hurriedly, then wiped them with her forearm. She was, indeed, drooling softly and could not possibly explain it to herself-didn't want to explain it.

"There you go," he sat back on the booth and sighed heavily. "Just a bit faster, if you please." He ran his fingers through her hair, gently caressing her neck.

Marlene, mesmerized by the atmosphere surrounding her-Jennie was already bent over between the two men, getting reamed on both ends, while the five model-esque women were pleasuring the club's owner and three of his friends-stroked Hector faster.

Without a warning, her head was pushed downward and she found herself buried in his crotch. Her nose was immediately attacked by the scent of his prick, as her half-open lips almost touched the base of his dong.

This time, however, he didn't have to tell her what to do next; overwhelmed by the suddenness of it all, she stuck her tongue out and got the first taste of his cock; gradually, and with his hand gently pulling her hair, she ran her tongue along his tall-standing prick, reaching up to the purple head, and swirling her tongue around the sensitive mushroom tip, inwardly smiling at the way his body jerked.

She wrapped her lips around the head tightly, stroking the shaft with both hands, as she repositioned herself on the booth on all fours, her ass high up in the air and exposed for all to see, as her short dress had rose all the way up to her waist.

"So much for your reluctance," Hector mocked her and pushed her head down on him, suddenly forcing her down on his dong-Marlene gagged as soon as his prick hit the back of her throat and squirmed.

His strong hold did not let a lot of room for movements and thus Marlene tried her best to suppress her reflexes-desperately tried to calm down, while he relentlessly pushed her head down, her throat quickly getting filled by his girth.

Marlene squirmed and her eyes popped wide open, when a pair of rough, warm hands tenderly caressed her ass, spreading the cheeks; she moaned on Hector's cock, when a faceless tongue connected with her cunt and licked her slit.

"What a magnificent cock, huh?" Jennie asked her, as she c

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