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A slave learns about asking for permission.

Peep began by licking the head, her tongue working around and around. She kept her hands on her thighs, using just her lips and mouth on him, taking him in a bit at a time, wetting him with her saliva. Mother watched, her eyes flickering from Tom's face, which was beginning to belie his pleasure, to Peep's, the girl looking adoringly up at him as if she were worshipping his member.

Mother glanced over at Blue, who was watching them both as well, his eyes moving with the motion of Peep's head over Tom's cock. She smiled, sidling over to him and pressing into his side.

"Isn't it a lovely show?" Mother whispered. Tom was moaning now, thrusting into Peep's waiting, willing mouth.

Blue nodded, his eyes never moving from them. "Yes, Mother."

She leaned in to his ear. "Mmmmmm Blue," she purred, her hand sliding down the front of him, finding out just how hard he was. "You need someone to blow that horn."

He smiled, a slow, lopsided thing, his eyes flicking down to her face and then back to the action, Peep choking and gagging on Tom's cock now, tears coming out of the corners of her eyes, and still she took him, over and over. The young man was up on his toes, trying to get as much of himself into her as he could, and Mother could hear his moans of pleasure mixed with a hint of frustration.

"I would never refuse you, Mother," Blue said, his eyes falling from hers to her breasts, pressed up in her black corset.

"I'll be right back," she said with a wink, moving toward Peep and Tom. She knelt down next to the girl for a moment, watching her trying to swallow him, her cheeks bulging, saliva running down her chin. Mother's eyes were bright and shining as she touched Peep's shoulder, pulling her back.

"Very nice, darling," she praised the girl, who looked at her with dazed eyes. Mother looked at Tom's cock, a bright, angry, throbbing red, pulsing with his blood. The young man was panting, sweating, his muscles tight and hard. Mother stood and backed him against the wall with her body, putting her knee between his thighs, her lips inches from his.

"You see, Tom," Mother explained, feeling his ragged breath against her face. "These lovely leather straps?" She gave them a tug and he groaned, bucking against her, his eyes closing. "They won't let you cum. You can stay hard practically forever... until I decide it's time for you to finish."

Tom's eyes flew open and he stared at her, aghast. She smiled at his final understanding and patted his cheek with her hand.

"Did you fuck my little Peep?" Mother asked him, pulling the straps again. He grunted and shuddered. "Answer me, dear."

"Yes," he moaned as she began to move her hand over his shaft, still slick with Peep's saliva.

"Well, then, you shall fuck her again," Mother said, pursing her lips. "For my pleasure, this time."

Mother helped Peep to stand, her hands roaming over the girl's body, cupping her breasts and slipping down her smooth, flat tummy to probe through the soft, downy hair between her thighs. "Oh, my," Mother exclaimed, her fingers pushing in deeper. "You are so very wet. Did you like that big, hard cock in you?"

Peep nodded, her eyes downcast. "Yes, Mother," she whispered.

"Do you want it inside of you?" the older woman asked, making Peep rock with the motion of her hand between her legs.

"Ohhh," Peep moaned, leaning her forehead against Mother's shoulder as the woman fingered her. "Oh yes, Mother... please."

Mother removed her fingers, lifting the glistening digits to Tom's mouth and spreading the wetness over his lips. "That's honey," she murmured. "From my little honeybee." She watched as Tom sucked her fingers, feeling an ache between her own legs as he did.

"She's a good little worker," Mother murmured, edging Peep back, closer and closer to Tom. "And she's going to work your cock until you can't stand it. Are you ready, Tom?"

He moaned in response as Mother took his cock in her hand, bending Peep over with the other and aiming him at her pink little hole from behind.

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