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Marlo was just a bit taller, perhaps five foot eight, blonde, blue-eyed, and had full, red lips to die for. Men paid more attention to Marlo's perfect figure, though, the hourglass shape and flat stomach were the envy of many women at the company. Ashley was no sore to look at, of course, but Marlo had the bearing of a confident, single woman that attracted all the men. "I'm not easy, Ashley."

"That's not what I meant," Ashley said quickly. She had no intention of offending her new friend during their first lunch together.

Marlo laughed, almost spilling her coffee. "I'm just messing with you." She put her cup down gently and looked Ashley in the eye. "Its been a long time since I met a man interesting enough to go out with, much less have sex with."

"Okay," Ashley said. She would leave it at that.

When she finally reached home Ashley couldn't wait to take a warm bath. She didn't expect Peter to be home for another hour and a half, giving her just enough time to relax before throwing something in the microwave. They both had such busy lives nowadays; it was a wonder that they found any time to spend with each other.

Tomorrow would be better, though. Ashley would get home from work early so she could spend her third wedding anniversary with her husband. He'd already promised her a candlelight dinner and a bottle of champagne at their favorite restaurant followed by a night of wonderful lovemaking. It was a shame that her birthday was so soon after her anniversary, she would have loved to spread the pampering to different parts of the year. If everything went according to plan, though, she would soon have Mother's Day.

Ashley threw her jacket on the sofa and her purse to the coffee table. She considered watching the television to catch up on world event but the soothing bath was too great a temptation. Ashley started to the bedroom to get undressed.

As she walked through the dark hallway Ashley glimpsed something in the dining room. For a quick moment she was worried that a stranger had entered her house. A thief, a killer, a rapist, she questioned, giving her goose bumps. Her fears left her, though, when she heard his voice. "Welcome home, honey," her husband said.

Surprised and relieved, Ashley turned to see her husband lighting three tall candles on a neatly set table. A delicious looking meal sat on two plates, both paired with their own half-filled glass of wine. From his pocket, Peter pulled out a remote control, pressed a button, and started a CD of soft music Ashley loved. With a smile, he walked over to her, took her hand, and led her to her seat.

Still skeptical Ashley sat down and waited for her husband to take his seat before asking, "You do realize that our anniversary isn't until tomorrow, don't you?"

Taking a knife in one hand and a fork in the other Peter answered, "Of course. It's marked in a big, red circle on the calendar on our fridge. You should say grace."

She looked at him more sternly now, trying to hide her smile. "What's all this?"

"This," he said, "is an early start."

Peter had always been horrible at unsnapping bras. A few seconds went by before his giggling wife showed mercy and undid it for him. Her curly hair moved gracefully and fell right into place over her shoulders when she turned to look at her husband. The light from the three candles the couple had moved into their bedroom danced in her light green eyes, an effect almost as inviting as her sexy smile.

Peter took the straps of that bra and pulled them down to reveal Ashley's C-cup breasts. The nipples already stood out, just smaller than a new pencil's erasers and the same shade of pink. The darkened areas around her nipples were small also, small enough to hide under the palms of her hands if Ashley wished. Not now, though. Ashley welcomed the thought of being exposed to the man she loved.

As she unbuttoned his shirt Peter undid his belt, pulling his pants and boxers down while she pushed his top over his shoulders.

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