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Three times the charm for Scott.

I do not understand how thirty eight percent of us have not had an orgasm, baring some physical problem that is just stupid. We have fingers, there is absolutely no reason not to have an orgasm, although I'm not as surprised as I would have been before I came to chat. I can't believe how many women have said they don't masturbate. I truly believe that one of the keys to great sex is knowing our bodies, you can't get there if you don't masturbate. I also believe that having an orgasm is something we have to learn, it just doesn't happen for most of us on it's own. Maybe that is the price our maker extracted from us in order to feel so much more then a man can feel.

If you aren't having orgasms it's time you do, take some time for yourself, get naked, lay on your bed, relax and have some fun. You may not get there the first time but keep trying, I assure you it is well worth the effort. If your partner isn't giving you orgasms, it is time to communicate. I think the best communication you can have with him is to show him how you masturbate. He'll love it. Of course if you don't masturbate, if you have no idea what you do or don't like during masturbation, how in the hell are you going to teach him.

Enough lecturing back to my point. It's so much different for me now, I just love having sex, not just the orgasms, the whole experience but it is the orgasms that make it that way. Take away the orgasms and I agree with Ann Landers, give me the kissing, the snuggling, maybe a little petting, the rest I don't really need, let him use his hand. Add those orgasms back in and it's hard to stop me. I can be in the biggest fight ever with my partner and still want sex. My last lover, Diane, confused, think about how it was for our friends. Sarah my intended life partner is for the most part this way. She did shut me out for a short time while we were fighting about her parents, but in the end our sex drives got us beyond the fighting, bringing us to a point, one night after an amazing session of love making, where we started to work out a solution to that problem.
What is it about us that makes us this way, being lesbian. Not a good answer, I was this way before I admitted who I am. What we do share in common is what I call orgasmic ecstasy. What is that, nothing more then we have these very intense orgasms. Call them what you well, full body orgasms, mind blowing orgasms, all I know is that I just love having them. Why are our orgasms so intense? Because we all have multiple orgasms. I truly believe that to reach the point I call orgasmic ecstasy you have to have multiple orgasms.

Why am I writing this, because some, maybe lots, of you say you don't have multiple orgasms, you can't your to sensitive. I disagree, everything I read says any women can have multiple orgasms. While I was looking for that description of orgasms, I happened upon a page at a site that tried to teach women how to have multiple orgasms. Here is what the writer said about how she learned to have multiple orgasms. I quote from her article titled "Multiple Orgasms" by Betty Dodsom, Ph.D. By the way she teaches a course on masturbation, that might be a fun job. How would that work, a two hour class for the women, an hour break to practice, and then an hour course for men, not that men need it but it could be fun watching.

"My adult masturbation was quite modest in the beginning.

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