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Mother in a law is all he wants.

Both Scott's hand grabbed her blonde curls on each side of her head as his hips began thrusting forward, fucking her mouth for his own pleasure.

Alyssa tried hard not to gag as the force of his cock hit against the back of her throat and made her gasp for air each time. He tugged and pulled her hair harder with each push, laughing and moaning sadistically as though he was expecting her to enjoy this as much as he obviously was. His hips thrust the weight of his body towards her as his cock plunged in and out of her mouth. Scott's hands pulled her face forward and shoved her nose against the thick mass of hair covering his pubic mound. Alyssa could feel his dick throbbing on her tongue as he continued to force her to suck his thick cock. She closed her eyes tightly and prayed that he would not force her to swallow his nasty cum.

Tom's hand still slapping her ass was becoming hotter with each blow. Alyssa could feel the heat from her now blistering red cheeks burning deep inside her muscles. Bob withdrew his tongue from her ass only to replace it with two of his rough, calloused, thick fingers. The force he used as he shoved them inside her tight little hole again made her lunge forward away from him, so he grab her hips, pulled her back onto his knuckles while his other hand reached for his buckle of his belt.

"Tom, I think it is about time Alyssa knows the true meaning of being a three input girl." Bob cackled.

"Do ya' really think so?" Tom laughed back.

"Well guys, not sure what the other two holes feel like yet, but the bitch can deep throat like no whore I ever paid for can." Scott assured them.

Scott pulled his cock out of her mouth as Tom and Bob slid their jeans off and tossed them aside. Alyssa stayed up on her knees for a few moments then slowly tried to move off the bed. Scott still stood above her at the head of the bed and quickly grabbed her hair again and yanked her back up onto her knees. His hand stung into her cheek as he slapped her for being so stupid.

"What the fuck? Bitch! Com' on now, where the fuck did you think you were going Alyssa? We aren't even close to being done with you yet." Scott said in an evil tone.

"Well guys, all I know is I want her fucking pussy before you two pigs make it so fucking nasty and slimy that she won't be worth fucking." Tom laughed.

"Don't worry bro. I was thinking we would just fill her cunt with so much cum that she will be nice and slippery for what ever we decide to fuck her with." Scott mused back to his cohorts.

"Bob," Scott said, "lift the cunt off the bed, but hold her tight. Don't want the little whore to think we are done playing with her."

"Yeah, I want the bitch to straddle me so I can slide my 9 inches deep inside that tight little cunt. Can't wait to see if she can take it all the way without flinching." Tom laughed while he moved onto the bed.

Tom adjusted the pillows behind his head while he moved to the center of the bed. He reached up and grabbed her wrists while Bob shoved her down onto Tom's stomach. Tom reached his hands down to her ass cheeks and squeezed them tightly as he moved her pussy over the tip of his thick shaft. Alyssa could feel the pulsating tip resting on the tender tissue just above her clit. Tom's clumsy hands opened her lips with one hand as his other hand pressed against her ass shoving his cock with one quick thrust into her pussy.

"Oh my God!" Alyssa shrieked as his long, thick, cock forced it's way deep into her cunt. She felt the most horrendous pain as his hips rose off the bed shoving it faster and deeper. "Please stop. Not so hard. Please!" She begged softly to Tom. His face was just inches from her mouth. She could only hope that there was some sense of compassion in this man and he would slow the repetition of his thrusts to something that she could attempt to force her body to take.

Without saying a word, or acknowledging her request, Tom slightly eased up on the force he was using.

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