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She wants to give her husband a good night's sleep.

- He is my son, - she answered. - But it is a hideous monster. He was born in the act a crime against 18 years. It was inconceivable during the rituals and Satan is my burden. It is Tom. I want to ask you, maybe you can help it monitor?

- How to monitor it-surprised.

- You do not have to do almost anything - a woman said.

- OK, I agree-Juliana said.

- Now it is the age when replace missing toys. Strip their clothes - even the old woman said.

Juliana look to it, even little hesitate strip off T-shirt and jeans, Female round and said:

- All strip.

She strip bra and panties. Now Juliana left only with the shoes. The old woman came to the take collar and hook it on the neck and attach to it.

- The need-it Juliana's report asks the eyes - you'll sex doll.

Very well I decided, took a pen and sheet papers, ask a few questions:

- The name and age of what?

- Juliana, 42-year report Juliana.

- What is the height and weight?

- 172 cm and 65.5 kg.

- Chest size, natural?

- 83DD, yes - hesitate answered.

Female stand up and came to her close.

- Need shave off the pubic, and now around Turn around.

Juliana as a shorter, and began to rotate.

- OK, he said, when she turns back to her, then - Hold hands, Juliana, over the head.

- Yes, very well, he is like. one more question do you have a child.

- Yes, but if you already live in isolation.

The woman, gathered all her clothes and burning them to fireplace, and said to her

- To learn more, do not need them. Always be naked.

As out of the room, after some time returned with a cutting machine and cut the hair of hip-bone, leaving the naked skin.

The old woman take her to the door, behind which was the staircase to the basement. They down long dark wooden ladder, when they found a light jungle, then light a small room foot step. Here, the front of her was a large metal door and the cellar. She gently inserted the key and unlock the door. They came to the inside and how long a woman has left Juliana one.

Juliana stopped, and look round room was completely dark. It was horrible the smell she was out. And it almost cost her to turn around and flee. Juliana But wait a moment, listened to. She heard something for the room, breathing heavily. There was a low grunt boar somehow similar to pig mud. She saw a light switch just insidnocaree the door and turned on the light.

Here, in front of the beast as it was never seen to behold. A large, hairy creature with a deformed, misshapen face. It has a human form, but was tangled in densely dark brown fur from head to toe. He is not wear clothes. When he saw her, stand up from the dirty concrete floor mats and stand up how to inspect it carefully so How look it. In the time it saw the beings mass giant penis.

Non spoke it, but he measured in at least 35 cm in length, almost to the road and the monster was as thick as Juliana's wrist. She never saw such a body.

Maybe he did not mind, but the creature knew that Juliana interested in his penis. He suddenly stand up as straight as he could, his thighs nut front. When she saw a spin started to grow straight. Later, Tom look her nude body with great interest as well as worried about it. She felt his teats calloused and external genital organs Brink field. She stood, her legs slightly dilute, delete your fingers gently touched wedge, where the beast sit down against it, grunt amended, and spreader other sounds. Quarry on what you knew it was.

Chain wipe and the monster suddenly stand up on feet. He now came to her. Took on the closer when the chain was able to allow. From now on his penis was fully spreadeagled. Juliana come closer and accessibility from this large, pulsed body. Brute suddenly turn off, probably thought it could do damage.

- Non-Thomas,-calm voice, she said. - I just want to touch it. I want to feel power here below.

Once he realized soul turns back to it and allowed it to assist your hands, gently tip your penis.

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