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Lovers three.

Remember this is a punishment Sally - or should I call you Tara? "

I gasp as I am called by the name he first knew me by, and turn my eyes away from his; my cheeks are flushing in shame. He releases his grip on my chin.

"Go now my guests are waiting, don't disappoint me slut."

I nod mutely and turn towards the back stairs, feeling my Master's eyes upon me, yet when I turn to look at him; he is gone from the hallway.

The kitchen was hot and humid, a writhing mass of people, bustling about with important tasks, a cacophony of yells and bashing pans. I slip into a darkened corner, terrified to step into the mayhem.

"Ah there you are Cherie! "

A soft hand encircles my wrist and pulls me into the light. I bow my head, casting my eyes down upon the butler's shiny black shoes.

"Tsk, tsk," Henri clucks like a mother hen, "now child there's no need to bow your head in my presence."

Tilting my head up and letting out an audible sigh, he reaches for a white linen handkerchief, moistens it and wipes the smeared lipstick away. I gently push Henri's hand away. I look forlornly into his soft brown eyes. He is always so caring, so tender; he is a good friend and confidante since I have come into the house. He has quite literally taken me under his wing.

"What am I to do with you child! Will you never learn? You are certainly testing Sir's patience," he admonishes.

I move to speak, protesting my innocence, but Henri's finger silences me.

"No, no, child you are far too impetuous, learn the rule of silence, bend your will Sally. Then you will know true happiness." Henri looks down upon me sadly shaking his head. "Now take a tray of drinks and begin your punishment."

I looked surprised; not realizing it was so serious that Master had informed Henri. This meant that in a while the unessential staff would be dispensed with, and then the party would really begin. Taking the tray in my hands, my nerves make the glass tinkle sharply. Henri rests his hands reassuringly upon my shoulder and presses his warm lips against my cheek, before pushing me through the door.

The reception room was gaily lit, adorned with silver and gold decorations; cherubs heralding a new enterprise and angels smiling benignly down upon the guests. The men were dressed in tuxedos, a sea of black and white, which contrasted with the bright vibrant colours of the ladies. I recognise a few of the guests; and the husbands had not brought their wives. I slowly step into the milling crowd, offering champagne to any who would take it. This was not the first time I had been to one of these parties, but before I had been one of those strutting peacocks, adorned in all the finery a lady could acquire with the help of her benefactor.

Sighing heavily, I realise how drastically my life had changed. I belonged to one, and with that came a responsibility that I was ill equipped to handle. I was brought back to reality as another glass was lifted from my tray. I straightened myself and breathed deeply, lifting my head up defiantly, smiling to hide my shame. My false bravado crumples as I see the glances of the men, as they take in my garb. My cheeks are flushing, I am wishing I could button up my blouse, and protect myself from the lascivious stares. I drop my eyes down to the slowly emptying tray to avoid catching the eyes of Master's guests.

A neatly manicured hand stops me. "Why if it isn't Tara?" I look up on hearing a familiar voice. Inwardly I groan as I see Savannah, impeccably dressed with her neck laden with glistening diamonds. Her fingers softly stroke the cold stones; and she smiles at me.

"I thought you had moved up in the world darling!" Her voice drips with sarcasm. "Now I hear you're to be tonight's entertainment!"

Just as I am about to retort, I notice my Master taking Savannah's hand and kissing it, before wrapping one arm around her slim waist.

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