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Sister Purity licked and kissed at Mary's mouth. Her hands quickly unclasped the bra hooks and she pulled the bra off. She bent down and sucked one of Mary's erect nipples into her mouth, letting her teeth lightly graze the tender hard flesh. She sucked harder until Mary was arching against her and moaning.

"Mary, stand up," Sister Purity said breathing heavy and helped Mary to stand. Standing herself, she slid Mary's panties down. Looking at Mary, Sister felt her clit tingle and throb, just the thought of sweet Mary naked had caused many nights of satisfying masturbation. Looking at her now was better than her imagination. Mary's skin was so soft and glowed in the light, her pert breasts where full without being heavy, the nipples sweet exclamations at the peaks. Her waist was so trim and pretty with nice flaring hips. The light curl of hair at the juncture of her legs beckoned. The bobby socks and shoes added to the naughtiness.

Sister Purity leaned over and kissed Mary, then murmured in her ear, "Now darling Mary, undress me."

Mary hesitated then with trembling fingers, pulled the black veil off of Sister Purity. Sister Purity's hair was light brown and cut short. Without her veil, her blue eyes seemed even bigger and prettier framed by curling tendril of hair. Mary looked up and saw Sister Purity nod. Biting her lip, she lifted the black habit up and over Sister Purity's head. Gasping, Mary saw that there was nothing else on under the habit. Sister Purity was completely naked except the silver cross that was on a chain around nestled between two full, wonderful breasts.

"Oh," Mary breathed.

Sister Purity stepped toward Mary and pressed her body against her. She kissed her long and deep, her tongue teasing Mary's lips. She trailed hot kisses across her face to her ear and sucked the tender earlobe. Rubbing her hands up and down her back and then cupping Mary's young bottom and squeezing it, the heat from Mary's body making her crazy with desire. She slid her leg between Mary's legs, parting them and let her thigh ride up to press against Mary's damp labia. She could feel the labia separate and the wetness from Mary's warm inner folds make her leg wet. Sister moaned as she felt the little nub of Mary's clitoris poke at her leg. Getting a little weak kneed, Sister Purity stepped back, her eyes glazed with dark pleasure.

Taking Mary over to the chair, she said, "Sit back and relax, but pay attention to what I'm doing." She pushed Mary into the chair and fell along beside her. Her tongue and lips began to explore and tease every part of Mary's heated young flesh. Sister licked and nibbled along her neck and collarbone, down between her breasts. She sucked and licked the underside of Mary's breasts before finally sucking her nipples. With one hand tweaking and pinching Mary's nipple while her mouth was sucking and biting the other one, Sister let her other hand find the swollen clitoris aching between Mary's thighs.

Mary gasped in pleasure. Her skin extra sensitive, she moaned and writhed while Sister's tongue and lips trailed lower on her body. When she finally felt Sisster's tongue lapping at her clitoris she climaxed almost immediately. She felt a flood of juices seep out of her vagina and then Sister's tongue licking her there. The feeling was too much for her and she began to cry.

Sister Purity nuzzled between Mary's thighs licking and sucking her labia lips, her fingers gently working into her tight vagina.

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