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Back from a trip, the weekend party, and another trip.

Her big ass wobbled with each rotation forcing her thong deeper between her pale ass cheeks, wedging her panties deep into the lips of her pussy and driving her wild. Iris frantically needed to get off, but she knew the Tri-Pi boys would never let her until they were satisfied.

Finally, Iris felt one of the cocks explode against her cheek. She opened her eyes to see jet after jet of ropey cum spraying from Matt's dick, showering her cheek and drizzling down the side of her face. When he was finished, Paul roughly grabbed her shoulders and spun Iris around, until she was facing his thick, black cock. He yanked her forward, pressing the head of his cock against her forehead and emptying his balls across her eyebrows. His hot, sticky jizz ran down into her baby blue eyes, blinding her. Another dick exploded against Iris' opposite cheek, and then another blasted her chin. She felt Trevor press his monstrous shaft against her lips, and Iris bobbed her head once, twice, three times, until he too, came, filling her mouth and making her cough and spit up, until cum and spit poured out of her lips and over her chin.

The moment Iris was sure the fifth and final boy was done with her, she lay back on the bare tile. She yanked her thong out from between her big butt cheeks, and wriggled her underwear down past her meaty thighs. She tossed them to the side, as she buried her fingers into her cunt and began to furiously masturbate. Iris didn't care that her face was plastered with cum and she was spreading her cunt wide open for five boys to see; she just needed to get off. A powerful orgasm racked through her body, and Iris bucked her thick hips upwards, raising her giant ass off the slick tile. She dug her fingers deeper into her pussy, as deep as they would go, contorting her body to get the best angle, until she was supported by nothing more than the tips of her toes and her narrow shoulders, her entire fist jammed up her cunt. Another thunderous orgasm ripped through her body, and Iris finally settled down onto the floor, content.

Someone turned on the shower head above Iris, though not nearly at the power level they had been just minutes earlier. Iris washed her face with the water, wiping cum out of her eyes until she could finally open them. She looked up to see Jack gazing down at her, with a surprisingly confused look on his face.

"Um... when you're done we've got some clothes over there for you." Iris looked to where Jack was pointing, a cardboard box off to the side of the shower room, just outside of the reach of the showers. Trevor was standing in the doorway taping her with his video camera. Iris clamped her hands over her eyes, hiding her face, as her entire lily-white body flushed crimson red.


Iris cleaned herself up the best she could, dressed, and staggered out into the locker room a few minutes later. The boys had all re-dressed, and were stretching and warming up to get ready for their flag football game. However, they all paused when Iris stepped into view.

For her top, the boys had provided Iris with a vintage style cheerleader sweater, white with maroon sleeves, the fraternity's colors. Three maroon Pi's were stitched across the chest. The sweater was several sizes too small, and hugged Iris' modestly sized breasts tightly. The boys had accidentally on purpose failed to provide her with a bra, and Iris' rounded tits strained against the undersized top, her nipples on clear display.

From the bottom up, Iris was wearing a pair of bright white sneakers, and a pair of deep maroon knee-high wool socks.

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